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If the oil was already mixed with the oil then it is best to siphon out the gas and put the regular back in. A little will not hurt.

Garden | Answered 5 hours ago | 24 views

sounds like your not getting any power from battery at all, who ever replaced the starter didn't connect your cable from battery correctly. one hot cable runs from battery to starter , you can start there, check battery and fuse, in not a mechanic, but I've changed a few starters on Chevy truck, hope this helps, good luck!

2003 Chevrolet... | Answered 5 hours ago | 13 views

Check the drive belt tension. It may have loosened up.

Garden | Answered 5 hours ago | 11 views

If it's a Harley-Davidson Sportster you're referring to. I'd suggest trying a Harley-Davidson Forum:

Or try YouTube:


Motorcycles | Answered 5 hours ago | 25 views

Did you check your manual?

Maybe you rewired it incorrectly.

Pool & Spa | Answered 5 hours ago | 11 views

Most TroyBilt mowers conveniently have belt part numbers on a label underneath the hood. Enter the part number at TroyBilt parts page and it will likely have belt length in the description.

Troy Garden | Answered 5 hours ago | 19 views

Take the watch to a jeweler to determine battery type.

Watches | Answered 5 hours ago | 14 views

Try cycling all the safetys.
  1. Set start switch to RUN (one position back from START).
  2. Park Brake OFF/ON
  3. Steering Arms IN/OUT
  4. Seat switch, rise from seat then drop firmly into seat.
  5. PTO ON/OFF(clutch should clank/clank when energized de-energized.
  6. Attempt to start.

If it still won't run, then either fuel or spark. Check both the fuel solenoid and Start/Run safety relay are energized. Comment below with model number and I'll assist further upon request.

Ariens Garden | Answered 5 hours ago | 14 views

You can try contacting the manufacturer: HIOKI USA CORPORATION : 6 Corporate Drive, Cranbury, NJ 08512 USA TEL +1-609-409-9109 / FAX +1-609-409-9108 E-mail:

Computers &... | Answered 5 hours ago | 15 views

This may be a fairly universal part. Try looking on Amazon under treadmill speed sensor. That’s how I found mine for a pace master. It looks like this:

Sportcraft... | Answered 5 hours ago | 31 views

Sound to me like you need to check the vent for proper air flow. Make sure the pipe to the wall aint kinked. Take it apart and clean it up real good. My homemade crappy movie;

If you need further help, reach me via phone at

Frigidaire... | Answered 5 hours ago | 225 views

I assume that the part number is actually BM80919B. I was able to find the manual for BM80919E and hope it helps:

Garden | Answered 6 hours ago | 20 views

Sounds like the Evaporator drain tube in the Freezer is blocked or frozen over. It will most likely be located behind the panel at the back of the Freezer

Ice Kitchen... | Answered 6 hours ago | 14 views

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