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Its probably the motor for sunroof. Heat from sun is probably tripping the thermal protection breaker in motor. Only way to fix is replace it.

Nissan 350Z Cars... | Answered 4 hours ago | 22 views

You have to hold it down long enough for the safety thermocouple to heat up. If you hold it down for a slow count to ten and it still shuts off, then the thermocouple needs to be changed.

Masterbuilt... | Answered 4 hours ago | 24 views

The ham is precooked, so you only have to reheat it. Cover it, and leave it in the oven about an hour and a half. Alternatively, you can have it cold.

Grilling | Answered 4 hours ago | 20 views

You have a module that has failed or a bad wire. CAN is the bus system used for communication to the other computers. If its CAN-A then it is a low priority communication line. Engine, transmission, ABS. air bags and traction control are usually on CAN-C. Could be the radio, heat ac controls, light system, instrument panel even GPS. Really should let dealer repair it, CAN lines can be very time consuming and could involve more than 1 computer. Just depends what caused it to fail and if it damaged any other computer on line with it.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 4 hours ago | 121 views

Shoot some starting fluid into the throttle body. If it starts, check the fuel system. Pull the plug to see if it is fouled.

Garden | Answered 4 hours ago | 38 views

Check to see if there is an obstruction keeping it from moving. Use a lubricant spray to help the movement.

Garden | Answered 4 hours ago | 27 views

Your LCD plate is broke, disconnected for driver, or driver circuits are damaged.

Siemens Gigaset... | Answered 4 hours ago | 77 views

Possible one of the kill switches are stuck. Move the levers back and forth. If all else fails, connect 12v to the starter main feed to crank the engine.

Craftsman Garden | Answered 4 hours ago | 41 views

Drop it into Mount Doom.

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Lands Phones | Answered 4 hours ago | 25 views

Check the drive belts. They may be to loose.

Garden | Answered 4 hours ago | 24 views

Three, one for each tine of his trident.

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Check for a large vacuum leak, spray around the intake manifold and hoses with starter fluid or carb cleaner to locate, it could also be the Throttle position sensor or Mass air flow sensor or Manifold absolute pressure sensor. A scanner would help locate the culprit if it's not a vacuum leak. I hope this helps. Take care.

Nissan XTrail... | Answered 4 hours ago | 19 views

It may not use a PCV valve. It could be a fixed orifice that requires no replacement.

Kia Sportage... | Answered 4 hours ago | 16 views

Your adjusters may be stuck. Clean and adjust the adjusting pivots.

Garden | Answered 4 hours ago | 40 views

Make sure that the blades are turning. The deck may not be engaged because of a loose belt.

Garden | Answered 4 hours ago | 40 views

You can take to a dealer and have them turn security system off. Every computer on this vehicle stores its own code so all of them have to match before it will start. If you put a new ECU in it to try and bypass the other modules will see that a ECM was replaced and doesn't match the security code stored in the other modules and they will arm the security feature. Far as I know only the dealer can address this.

Cars & Trucks | Answered 4 hours ago | 15 views

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