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Code p0700 is the TCM (transmission control module) giving a code because it does not like what it is seeing done in the transmission. If it is the only code that is set, then the problem could be anything related to the transmission. It could be a valve not working, too much clutch slippage, a bad servo etc. Have the code cleared and when it returns check to see if another code is with it. Meanwhile make sure the fluid is red and add an good transmission additive to the system.

2007 Dodge... | Answered 3 hours ago | 25 views

The reason the light is flashing constantly is because the vehicle is sensing that four wheel drive(4WD) is not working. These 4WD systems use vacuum from the engine to engage/disengage to front axle. The vehicle probably has no vacuum going to the front axle, which would not allow the 4WD shift to complete, which would then leave the light on the dash flashing.
First thing to check is that the vacuum actuator on the firewall is working as it should.


2000 GMC Jimmy | Answered 5 hours ago | 21 views


You could have a fault on the display cluster or it could be a faulty sender in the tank ..

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Format the drive in Windows and the MAC will read it fine ..

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yes indeed

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we dont do homework here

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pressures should be listed on the door jamb sticker. your cables are probably rusted

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we would not have it here

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I can see by your question that you are associated with top secret work for various agencies. That is why you can't divulge the details of what it is that you are trying to power up.
But that's OK.
Here's the answer:

Yes you can. But use a power strip that has a ground connector and a reset or trip switch. Most of these strips are rated at 15Amp, and that is the one you should use.
power strip-ikuiwqqzx3iz330k3mro1o45-2-0.jpg
6 outlet power strip. Reset/Power switch is lit on the left.

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