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Maybe the control board is fried? Is your machine plugged into a surge protector? If not, a power surge could have fried the computer on it. Does anything else work on the control panel?

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There are a couple of ways to handle this. One would be to install the iobit driver updater program. Another is to use an unknown device identifier program ( if it is showing up in device manager as unknown) the last would be to go to the website for the manufacturer and see if they have any new drivers.

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Please ignore that other answer. I have reported that as spamming and it should be removed shortly. The tone ring on the crank is usually set at the factory and in most cases it involves installing a new crank shaft. That is a very intense process and involves removing the engine. Depending on the shape the rest of the vehicle and engine is in and the mileage, it might be worth considering getting a rebuilt engine installed. It would have the benefit of a warranty.

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Downloading via Piracy is illegal.

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Contact support and request a new activation code, you can not use the older one, because is already used, ask to resend a new activation code. Hope this help.

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it sounds like there may be a startup error, try taking it back to the place you purchased it from,also you could try taking it to an electronics repair shop,, if its a malfunction you shud have a warrenty and they shud be able to replace it for you,,also you can purchase the same exact model here or find a new one here>>>

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please send me code activation simcity [PL] email

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Is compressor running? Any ice build up on inside back freezer wall? Are fans running?

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please reinstall the game.

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Is the noise a thumping noice? How old is the washing machine? Did it just all of a sudden start making the noise? Have you tried running machine for a cycle empty? If so is the noise still there?
several explanations for noise,
I assume when you say agitating it is a top loading machine.
so 'hard time agitating' meaning the agitator is slow? Or skips?
try running machine with nothing in it and report back.


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sounds like there may be a malfinction this can happen if the unit has been struck by lighting or if it gets to old, you can purchase the same unit here or purchase a new one>>>

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