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These codes indicate the engine is running lean on both banks, check your fuel filter and if good you need to have your fuel pump tested under load, these codes are almost always the pump in my experience but note that if both front O2 sensors went bad at the same time or the intake manifold could have a major leak but the leak would have to have started on both sides at the same time. My hunch is if you change the pump and filter you should be alright, I have problems with aftermarket fuel pumps like carter and napa so I use Ford pumps. I hope this helps. Take care.

Ford Taurus Cars... | Answered 3 hours ago | 19 views

The cables in the roof are probably damaged and rusted. Also some sunroofs only open half way. But you sound like it used to open all the way.

2002 Ford Escape | Answered 3 hours ago | 24 views

I believe it is in thermostat housing, been a long time since worked on one. If there are 2 of them than it is the one with 2 or more wires. The single wire is for temp gauge.

Ford Cars &... | Answered 3 hours ago | 21 views

Did you clean the mounting surfaces to make sure the hub is running absolutely straight? If yes you probably have a defective bearing return it.

Ford Cars &... | Answered 4 hours ago | 12 views

P0301 = Cylinder 1 - misfire detected
P0316 = Misfire detected during start-up - first 1000 revolutions There is an issue with the fuel, air or spark supply to cylinder number one.
A good mechanic will be able to give you more information on what is causing the problem.

Ford Cars &... | Answered 9 hours ago | 21 views

Which computer box ? Your vehicle has a least 4 or 5 or more , PCM - engine / transmission , ABS - anti-lock brakes , air bag module , SJB - smart junction box or body control module , instrument cluster has a microprocessor , HVAC - heating , ventilation , aircon control panel is a computer box .

2006 Ford... | Answered 10 hours ago | 27 views

their is a plastic cover on the drivers side under the car. you will have to take 4, 10mm bolts off and then you push the green clips and pull a same time and the filtler will come off

2002 Ford... | Answered 10 hours ago | 857 views

See this photo (UPPER RIGHT):

horn relay-shtt0elhizu0r22pjzrfwrd1-4-1.jpg


Ford Cars &... | Answered 12 hours ago | 19 views

If I remember correctly, the factory lights are still separate from the wigwag lights. Once the light controller is removed the factory light switch should still operate like normal. You might need to repair the wiring where the light controller was tapped into the lighting, but just like the headlights operating when the unit was a patrol vehicle.

Ford Cars &... | Answered 12 hours ago | 15 views

It will never start until the codes are canceled in its computer brain. Takes expensive specialty tools. A dealer can do it but you have to get it to them. A less expensive way is to call and ask a mobile mechanic if can do it. Not all of them can. Replacement keys fob are not expensive online but they also need reprogramming also.

1999 Ford Crown... | Answered 24 hours ago | 26 views

I think there are several nuts you need to remove from behind the dash then the control comes out the front. You will have to remove the cables to get it out far enough to service the switch. I hope this helps. Take care.

Ford F-250 Cars... | Answered Yesterday | 15 views

There is no reset. The front wear indicator is wired in series with the rear brake pad wear indicator. When the brake pad wears down to the sensor, it grinds away the wear sensor and the circuit opens. That lights the warning light. If the light is on, there's an open somewhere in the front or rear brake pad or wiring harness.

Ford Cars &... | Answered Yesterday | 25 views

Usually caused by a bend brake backing plate or dust shield. Easy to do when you're replacing a bearing. Check to see if it's rubbing on the rotor.

Ford Cars &... | Answered Yesterday | 17 views

Does the car start an run ? I assume so . no headlights no door locks no radio no dash lights... all stopped work at the same time . Wouldn't think battery or alternator being the problem . More then likely a SJB - smart junction box problem . or connections some where . The SJB is ford BCM - body control module .All the thing's you say that stopped working are controlled by the SJB. The first thing too do would be to hook up a ford factory scan tool an check for DTC'S - diagnostic trouble codes .

Ford Cars &... | Answered Yesterday | 37 views

Generally when a diesel has trouble starting there is always a possibility low compressions are the cause if heater plugs weren't the problem. Some engines are more prone to this than others, the worst and least offender in my experience were both Ford.

Usually if the heater/pre heat is a problem and everything else is ok then removing the air cleaner and blowing hot air directly into the intake will provide a normally starting engine.

Many engine "specialists" will say injector condition plays little or no part in the starting stakes - not true! Apart from any other considerations, something must be done about a non-starter and it is quicker, easier and cheaper to check the easy possibilities before sending the engine for overhaul. A good battery and starter is essential to provide the best possible cranking speed and then ensure the injectors are in good order and that means removing them and sending them to the diesel specialist...

Ford F-350 Cars... | Answered 2 days ago | 25 views

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