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NO PC stated (wow1)
NO OS stated, XP, vista,w6/8/10? wow 2.
that is a relic PS2, mouse, nobody use those now, and PS2 parts are unique to the makers, eg: HP mouse fits only HP PC.
so.... how can I answer lacking all facts above missing.
why not buy a USB mouse and end the PS2 ERA.
end it. go to goodwill store, buy used mouse USB for $1?

next time tell what PC is there, it has name and model.
then buy real mouse. USB, not PS2.
my 2nd guess
is you do not own any such mouse,
in fact the numbers 143315-B21 , are not on the bottom of your mouse at all and posted to the wrong form.
best is to post at HP, or at least post to your PCs name and model form
mice come in many formos
  1. 9pin serial (super relics) D-shell shape conn.
  2. PS2 HP , or Compaq) green plug, year 2000 junk.
  3. USB (sold in all stores, even walfart has em)
  4. USB + wifi , wireless mice. (dead batteries?)

in each case the PC has model and so does the mouse.
only that matters first, then why it fails 2nd.

143315-B21 (this mouse is 18 years old now)
used back in the days of Compaq EN series Deskpro's 2000 year.
Pentium III era.
if that is your PC and is internet connected? are you?
that old PC has 2 USB ports, and any USB mouse works there.
and upgrade from nasty old PS2, green end plug mice.

next time post to your PCs, name (HP) and model.
like this,
here is one example of posting the EN series PC

Compaq... | 31 views | 0 helpful votes

it is in a particular file or everywhere you are typing? if everywhere u are tping then press (function key ) fn+Numlock key for laptop. it will be correct if it is in a particular file then check the file format and another editor for opening the file.

Compaq Keyboard | 259 views | 0 helpful votes

a 1999 PC LT, runs windows CE?

step 1 is getting the correct driver for that PCMCIA (pc-card)
that matches Windows CE>
supported ended in 2010 , 7 years ago, why use this?

OMG , its so old it has NO USB PORTS !!!
sales ended 2005, 12 years ago on the card.
VISTA, XP,CE and all older OS , support ended long ago.
for sure microsoft Plug and Play severs. are now dead.

this PC has value of $0 at Ebay.
the only hope is endless, all day goggle searched the dard web
and finding CD drivers for PC-cards. and infections as door prize.

Compaq Aero 8000 | 154 views | 0 helpful votes

this thing is obsolete, nobody uses them now,
why not ask HP this, and not fixya, HP made it why ask here.
here is HP.. help pages
the product pages are deleted now, gone. with the wind.
w2000 is also a dead OS, 100% totally dead and not supported.
why not upgrade to w7? that is supported today.?

ask them and get big laugh on relic HP devices.
even the name Compaq died in 2013, (RIP)

Compaq iPAQ... | 112 views | 0 helpful votes

Hit F2 or Delete during boot up and check the HDD configuration. If the drive is not shown it may be faulty.

Compaq Computers... | 91 views | 0 helpful votes

win 10 dont need much larger u can put ram but similar to the u have read the label on the ram u find some numbers like 12600 12800 1333

Compaq Computers... | 123 views | 1 helpful votes

what do you want them to do, say what?
what model, Compaq.
what OS/ XP?
The USB jacks all work if you have a driver for the USB chips
loaded and the correct one to match YOU OS.
no OS stated..
as is usual here. and hopeless to ask lacking that key fact
what OS, what operating system?

this pC has service tag, with full model name and numbers
what it it? old laptop sure.
i googled your data above, I get zero hits.
so is wrong name.

is the PC missing, just messing with a motherboard,
tell the helper what lays before you , clearly and if confused photos can work. here.

Compaq Computers... | 30 views | 0 helpful votes

there is no video card, this is not a desktop (cept my elite book)
your GPU is solder down chip, if its 2008 PC, then it has the solder balls failure. Nvidia failure. is this 2008 PC>? the service guide says 2007 ,so is 10 year old or 9 and has bad GPU chip, as most did.
in DOG years its, 100 years old.... few ever last this long....
this thing is old its not new,
all old laptops are trash, this old, they are like dog years.
no OS stated, so cant help much. lacking that key fact.
is it still running the original XP day1 new? or did you upgrade the OS and if not done right many things will fail, even wifi and video.
what wireless card? is it HP, card? USB card, where did you plug in said card (mini-pci slot inside?) yes i see it in the parts list.
they can go bad but I bet the driver was and is wrong.
the driver must match prefectly and these card that is tricky.
there were many models of cards made. so, yah,
i have special software scanner I use to ID all cards and all chips.
then i can match anything made.
The 9200 is now legacy, at HP , retired and no support this old.
It came with XP new, is that what it is now?
The drivers for all the cards and chips are not at HP now.
so getting all that to work right takes hard work.

here are the black screen steps, are you ready.
remove that old main battery they short, leave it out until its fixed.
power on, does no power on , and fan blows>?
are the vents clear of lint so it wont overheat.
does the HDD spin , heard.
any text on the screen ever.?
if you use a flash light to screen can you see data"?
if you torque the base gently or push ******* the J key
does the screen wake up?

I think its solder balls from hell. but ID have to strip it down
and do tests to prove that.
here is your serv. manual, (site search magic)

here is the solder ball deal. 2007 to 2009

Compaq Laptop... | 270 views | 0 helpful votes

WOW ! NO OS STATE AT ALL, is this the virus magnet XP?or Vista.
Circa 2005 , 12 long years old.... no spring chicken this... not at all.
most are in the land fill or sent to 3rd world as punishment...LOL.
best place to send is N.Korea this PC.

V5000 , ok that is first what is it.
WIFI yes, the pain of wifi, I use it as backup only, and only on CELL phones at home. we run gigalan at home and huge media server,
runs rock solid.
but wifi is a complex topic,not something that leads its self to text box, at all.
Router fine means other PC and cells all connect and work.
so its a PC issues. only only THIS PC.
but WAIT , (that comment on newer)
my guess is the router is wisely set to WPA1 /2 encrpytion (ONLY)
and then you bop in with a old Laptop hat is only WEP only or set to that only.
wep is not secure, so we dont use that TODAY. ever.

my wild guess, 2005 with XP right,?
the 3 years now dead OS, that HP nor MS support. at all
and known virus magnet, and over 700 exploits, (many not fixed)
facts, that.
for my next trick I will attempt to find what cards for wlan is there.
you never said, so will assume it's HP part, day one part.
not modified, as all can be.. see photo below for 1 matchup.

as you saw that XP wireless agent cant see your routers
broad cast, so that means , my guess is the your settings are wrong. or wrong driver loaded. (or bad card below)

if the router is set to WPA only and your agent (client app) is set to WEP
it can't see the WPA router. and for sure never connect .

why not look in your router first, see how its setup ?t.
mine is set to wpa+ (1 or 2)
but I could set it to accept WEP+WPA/1/2/ but id never do that.
i run wpa only. for security max.
so set your client to what you have your router set to.
it is that simple if drivers good. and XP not infected as ALL ARE.

this is what came new on it. (varies by exact model pc no t stated)
it does wep. and wpa
BCM94311mcgp , knowing what is there , IS EVERYTHING.

Compaq Computers... | 101 views | 0 helpful votes

As far as I can tell, the Presario 2100 dates back to 2003. If that really is true, then you are better off replacing it with something newer, since it isn't worth the money it would cost to even replace the keyboard, let alone any other parts that may be necessary.

Compaq Presario... | 108 views | 0 helpful votes

windows 7 clean fresh install or what,? is it the ms win7 downloaded ISO new or some old ISO missing all SP and all 350 updates, only the new ISO is ok to use or nothing but bad awaits.
is this web mail if yes, what is the browser (hundreds exist)

what is ymail.? ahhhhhh its yahoo.(With an odd interface)
can i assume you use the ymail web log in and not run a local client email app>? big difference there.
btw ymail is now officially dead. (not for you, but new accounts)
(they are imploding it, like a slow leak in a tire)

ok its a service offered by yahoo mail. no fixya
why not ask them ? directly.
my guess is the yahoo needs its own plugins
so what browser is this, IE11 is the only safe IE, run that?
do not run older IE ever, none are safe,
if fact most web sites are blocking all old IE now, for good reasons. (its not safe)
id use Firefox v56, and dump IE like a hot nasty potato IMO.

then get ymail setup from them ask them.
it is there system and only the make the rules.

searches show:
wiki on this says.
the account for YMail can be made through the usual Yahoo Mail page. When logging in, a user will have to make sure to append the whole email address in the 'Yahoo ID' box,
more wiki, ever do like searching for answers?
Access Issues You can't access your account if you use the wrong password or mistype the password. Sometimes old site data can prevent access.
Clear your browser's cache and cookies and try again. Additionally, Yahoo ended registrations for new Ymail addresses in April 2013. Whenever a Yahoo account is inactive more than 12 months, the company deactivates the account. If your account has been deactivated, you can't reactivate it or set up a new account with a Ymail address.
i have no idea at all if ymail uses active X controls, the dome idea. now.

Compaq Presario... | 60 views | 0 helpful votes

old CQ60s. (had?) have,
staples has real techs? really?
no they are just guessing, for a fact , if they did not do tests.
then they are (guessing or ignorant hacks)
first off CQ60s have a full model number like CQ60-100
never post lacking that, and the OS name like XP, or all answers will wrong.

so big battery out.
new power pack added for $8 new.
power on, fan must blow air, if not blow, clean first.
never seen any 10 year old PC or laptop not be packed in lent
causing overheating so easy.
the fan is first, then make sure the CD eject works
the what is next, the dead coin cell RTC/CMOS battery inside all this old are BAD< how can it be good this old ,it cant (unserviced PCs')
then with that replace and at 2.9v to 3.3v. you see
screens work you see text now. from MR BIOS
MR BIOS always works if the CCFL are not dead.

ever heard of CCFL , they ended just after the great year 2010
and LED was born,
But CCFL black lamps all fail, this old.
all do. as do HDD, Coin cells and all those old huge batteries.
leave the battery out now, big one. until the PC works again.
then get the screens working (hit F10(ESC) to enter setup)BIOS.
seen that hit message for 10 years, right, sure.
the goal on all PCs it to get that HIT text. there.

lets do you a list.
  • big batteries out. NOW , keep those DOGS out !!!
  • AC pack out. (disconnect)
  • hold power button for 10 to 30sec. and release (HP hard reset this is HP magic test on every hp page.....!!!)
  • AC pack new back on PC. laptop
  • power on, fan must blow, if not say so... now. (stop and ask )
  • Power on fan is ok , screen is 100% black no text.
  • got beep codes? or Caps lock led blinking codes?
  • BIOS is dead, hammering the ESC or F10 key as it prompted you for 10 long years, but is BIOS dead now. (no HIT)
  • new coin cell is next per your manual , ask. called by HP the RTC coin cell, search RTC in the service manuals of all HP PC. (real time clock) and if dead BIOS GOES DEAD.
  • Next, the flash light trick if the fan works and no text we do the flash light test, OMG the back lamp is dead !!!
  • the blackscreens of ***** page.
  • did i cover it all?, seems yes, but tell more get more answers.

Compaq... | 26 views | 0 helpful votes

NO PC stated, NO OS STATED, must we guess it all?

the last running CRT monitor on earth fail 17 years old.
how amazing, no:?
lost the manual you did, google finds is if you had tried.
the OSD menu, works. push mon. menu button
turn off the sleep timer
RTM always works why not do that.

read the manual
your MON is so old its before modern VESA spec sleep modes were invented,
so it had this silly feature called the sleep timer, with clock
yes has a clock too, crazy no?

page 6pdf.
tells me it does have vesa mode, sleep off the sync pins
on the same page this old relic,has DDC modes
but only work on moden PC< DDC uses a pin that was never used before on the VGA jack.
that same page also states, DDC2Bi (plug and play) only works on MONItgor jack B..

so note tell me your PC or its video card model if used.
or whaT this is (windows95.)>?'
we cant help much can we.
but you can test your monitor on another PC.
if that fails, the monitor is bad
but you must try both MON, rear VGA ports.

if the PC was dead, i sure can be.
youd have tried another barrowed monitor to prove that.

Compaq P 1220... | 62 views | 0 helpful votes

why not ask your ISP (SAT)
what is your SAT provider, we can help lacking a key fact like that.
my guess is you are reading too much, too deep in the text.
if you PC runs ok, then forget that video junk.
forget it.
its and internet connection that works on all PCs.made
it has instructions,
heck most ISP come to you home and connect it. why not you?

s8000 is 16-17 years old.. running what OS.
I bet they dont support your unstated OS, XP?
it came with XP 2001, and needs SP3 to be even useful.
upgading to W7 is super good idea, as XP and VISTA have zero support now.

satellite has a modem box.
this box has a Ethernet jack.
you connect it to the PC and it works
the PC has driver on that simple port that always works and is alive.

its just a simple Cat5/6 cable, most modems come with a short cable, or buy one for $5 25ft long, easy,
it can be up to 100 meters long, too. (metric)

all that matters is that Ethernet jaCK

Then boot PC and the ethernet icon on the tray goes to happy.
and IE 6 runs, and finds every virus ever made.
XP has over 700 exploits and is a virsus magnet, the below is the gate way to H3LL and endless pain.
upgrade to w7 now. or pain is unending later.


Compaq ATI... | 45 views | 0 helpful votes

The reason it worked is because there was an error within the memory and removing the battery removed the error.

Compaq Presario... | 41 views | 0 helpful votes

use wired Ethernet, so it works. easy.
wifi is far more complex.
best is to own the router, you have.
then login to it and set it up for wpa./wpa2
wep off.
and a nice password for wifi so others cant hack it. in the hood.
then use those credentials all all your toys. xbox, PCs and cell.
that is the best way
the access point is covered in you manual for the router
there is AP button there, you push.
the PC in question my guess is the drivers are no good.
missing wrong, or corrupted.
no PC full model stated.
no OS stated
no router stated.
so answers will be weak to wrong,.

Compaq Computers... | 43 views | 0 helpful votes

forget Sony this is not SONY at all its HP./MS and Epson. only.
lost the epson install disk/?
what OS> windows/ what ? XP
the CQ60 is very very old PC notebook.

and then getting the software from EPSON.
matching your OS and the manual to install it
is it USB connected, you never said.
direct or via external usb hub,(bad)
there are many causes.
1: OS corrupted, XP loves to do that
2: XP and vista are now dead, so the driver updates are dead.
2b: that means you must load all the old software by hand.
3: step 2 in the users guide tell you insert CD and install the software. do that, ? re-install all that?

i went to
my guess is they do NOT support legacy products they sold
at all. not even for XP.

print Q (queue)
what error,? only this matters now and printer status lamps.
does the self test pages work?
does the printer status leds show errors, if yes printer its self is bad.
ink problems, etc. jams,
yes xp has bugs in the queue manager, (tricky to fix, can do)
$20 is cheap good rate for help... such a deal !
If more complex it will cost more.
if the queue is jammed, only (no errors there)
then disconnect the printer. usb cable
then click the queue manager and clear the queue out.
then start fresh.
do a simple short text file first. to see it it works.
notepad, edit, hello printer " file , print.
the service manual is here free to read.

Compaq Presario... | 166 views | 0 helpful votes

when a hard drive dies , everything is lost and I mean everything
no recovery disc , files , folders e-mails , operating system --the lot
best move is to install a new sshd unit and change the bios to boot from the external hard drive
when that is done , you will have to down load all of the drivers for everything you use

Compaq Evo N620c... | 128 views | 0 helpful votes

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