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OMG a 16 year old desktop gee, why own this?
came with windows 2000, then 2001 XP. both Dead OS. bad news that. why post at all lacking what OS your run of the many./
your ATT guy probably never seen anything this old
for sure 1st tier helpers.... "a look by him and OMG what is that thing)

what adapter, of the many?
wifi, 3/5G wireless, or Ethernet wired.
it came new with zero wireless anything.
wired only and slow. 100GB only.

we cant guess network unless a tiny hint added like wifi or?
looks like it came new with a relic NIC eithernet port slow.
there, and modern OS do not run now on that chip
im reading your relic service manual now for you.

the RJ45 on the rear , is Ethernet (wired)
you connect a CAT5/6 cable to that and to your router.
and it just works, that is if the Intel driver is loaded.
Integrated Intel PRO/100+ Management Adapter

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I suggest replacing the fans with new fans. Fans do expire and they need to be replaced.

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its and HP why not post to HP.,com ? there is no COMPAQ now.
no OS stated, what operating system. is it , we cant guess that ever.! and matters #1 , always.
you do know all OS are now DEAD up to and including VISTA.
right> that means all PLUG and PLAY actions are now dead
due to Microsoft cut the cord XP (for example) 3 long years ago.

at HP.,com if you looked youd see most compaqs now have zero support, its called RETIREMENT, (me , i scrap them all)
its only worth $5 used, at Goodwill stores. why waste hard earned cash on this? find one newer there for $20?
some even RAN IBM OS2, operating system gawd hope not you.,
or XP or Windows 98
why even post lacking a clear statement as to what OS.

learn rule 1 on OS.
the drivers must match your OS.
if not they fail.
there are tricks to run older drivers yes, but there is ZERO guarantees that that works.

so got HP PC, with no install disk, that be why it can work
in all cases. see why?
answer well, you can buy them now, cept from horder/scalpers online. and many of those nasty sources are all virus infected.
or worse.
most the 10 years old PC support at HP are gone
but not this one, the D310 was not deleted, dont tell HP this or its gone tomorrow.. hint , down load it all and the books while its still there. (yah)?

i guessed XP for you, why must I?

this page is 15 years old.
it dont below there but , thar see be, all fat and ugly.
XP is a virus magnet, why run that.
you will get infected, for sure. on the net. in minutes.
you cant prevent that , now.
XP has no updates, no PnP
no support
and the top reporting site in USA , only 1% of Americans use it now.

For good reasons. it's a HORROR.

XP has no base line internal protections that , started in VISTA.
VISTA is bad too but XP 100x worse.
The only OS to run if running old is W7,
or as id do, run Linux, on this box, for far batter safety.
get Full blown, Ubuntu..

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ok a very very old DT , desk top, ive done this vast times, back long long ago... 17 years old, you use this old of hardware why?

we dont use XP in uSA its VIRUS magnet. horred
and no updates, now, means will get worse each day forward in time. endless...

has built in, SCSI chip. l Ultra160 SCSI and Ultra ATA/100

that ATA means PATA port, not SATA back then.

my wild guess now is that someone put an a new SATA card in the PCI slot, (ive done so vast times)
The BIOS in your machine will never support that.
that means you can not boot to PCI SATA. for sure.b
but wait, the better SATA card works just like a new Adaptec
ultra160 card that if love.
the new SATA card has what is called a BIOS extension ROM on said card, and a new HOT key to access it.
some are CONTROL +A but each maker of said card ,does as he pleases, so READ THERE MANUAL.
you set it to boot o STAT port and it does if port 0 is bootable drive. SATA.
here ill take you now to and show you hardware that works.
if you showed a photo of your CARD and # id have answered, 10x better. !!!!!
i cant shop for you, nor pick SATA 1 ,2 or 3 for you.
but here

the big trick here is making sure you relic MOBO
supports the current levels of PCI>
like above
32-bit / 66MHz PCI interface compliant to PCI Rev 2.3
(Backward-compatible with PCI 33

Control +F (see page 11)

warning, ive run in to big problems using very old relic
motor-boards that use the very old PCI signals and levels.
and will fail on some newers card
I warned you,
the above reads good. for that. (hope )

now my question why use such old hardware.
when goodwill has truck loads of 10year old pCs for $20
why, love of XEON?
id trash it.
find a use desktop with SATA ports, ALL DO now, or scrapped.

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open it up and the mother board manufacturer will be printed on the board
any mother board can be used as a replacement and if it needs replacing update it so that a later chip can be used
it is cheaper to replace the mother board , power supply , memory, chip than to buy a new computer
and hard drives are now solid state and do not have any spinning bits to fail
talk with a computer repair shop and get ideas as to how to proceed
you will probably find that with a rebuild you will save at least 25% off the price of a new store model pc and get a better unit to boot

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take 20 dollar at most and buy a new one

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I have the same problem with my Amicroe. Did you get the back cover off yours? If so, how did you do it?

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search on google "windows xp free download
you can also search on torrent site
or search on sites

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Red light on the box or monitor? Any sign of a beep when the PC starts (Called a POST, confirming the the machine motherboard is at least operational). If not, I'd start with replacing the RAM and go from there. If nothing is coming on the monitor and their is no noise from the box, either your motherboard, graphics, CPU or memory is faulty.

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Test your PSU power supply unit or replace it if your power supply units fan is not working your PSU is faulty

Testing & replacing the PC's power supply

WARNING: Before you start troubleshooting remember that you are dealing with electricity that can KILL. - rules

Test all power and data leads that attach to your hard drive IDE,SATA
the leads from your (motherboard to your hard drive) make sure they have secure dust free connections and are not faulty

if its a 40 pin flat ribbon type it will be the first to fail

make sure all leads that are attached to your drives dvd\cd and floppy have secure connections and are not faulty

even something as small as a faulty electrical fan and its lead can cause you problems
computers need all power and data to continue through every working device and to have an end so any faulty leads will end up with a computer error

Check your RAM.
The RAM is located in the middle of the motherboard.

There are tabs that you can push to release the RAM.
Remove it and put it back in place until the tabs pop out.

Loose RAM can cause your computer not to start properly where you want to see a video signal.
Remove the memory modules from their slots.
Take the opportunity to clean the slots on the motherboards and the memory module connectors.

Use compressed air to blow dust away and clean contacts with a soft cloth.
Do not use a metallic vacuum cleaner if it touches any component it may create a short and cause damage to the motherboard or other components.

Do not use solvent that may attract dust and never poke things like cotton buds in to slots, lightly rub alcohol (Methylated Spirits) on a cloth not to hard let the alcohol do the work on the copper gold or silver tabs and r

Allow the pins to dry.
They will air dry in a matter of minutes.

If reseating the memory did not resolve the issue try swapping the location of the memory. Make sure your graphics card is securely seated with no dust built up or in the socket
if you remove your graphics check the socket to make sure its dust free

Restart your computer then reinstall it this should activate found new hardware wizard

Check the vga lead for secure dust free connection or try another vga lead.

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It might be a video card issue, try swapping out the video card

PC Won Display Image 1 Long Beep 2 Short Beeps

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go to and goto download area
Search for slimdriver it should be free.

When you run the program is looks for missing and outdate driver.
Please before you do that make sure that you back up the comptuer.
SlimDrivers Free

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Much more info needed if anyone is to give suggestions. Do you mean memory as in the RAM of the system or a memory accessory such as a thumb drive?
Does this happen before the Operating System starts or after? If this is happening while the BIOS is loading try unplugging all accessories except the keyboard. If it hangs at the same time as earlier then take out your RAM and reinstalling it if you think this problem has to do with the memory.
Good luck

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that depends on the motherboard, you can use belarc software to tell you about the mother model

Belarc Advisor

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SlimDrivers Free
Please make sure that you backup computer first.

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