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Is the volume turned up?

Compaq MINI... | 53 views | 0 helpful votes

I suspect that file is malware. If you can download an a/v program to anther computer then install it on CD or USB drive, you can run that program and remove any malware. Restoring the system to a date prior tho the problem can work too.

Compaq Computers... | 106 views | 0 helpful votes

first off, its is NOT 3 years, old, new to you but not new
not in the slightest is it NEW> in fact 2002 monitor !!!! oops get ripped off by fibbing sellers, that it?
and it is bad.
NO PC stated.
NO OS stated
and no photos of bad, screen.
strike 3 you are out, like the 100000 post here like this,
no inputs, and expects magic answer from the blind, SSDD.
the name COMPAQ ended in 2013, 4 year ago.
most CRTS ended in 2013, started in 1981 with IBM MDA.
Monochrome monitors. eeks.
so why not buy a real LCD LED monitor 2010 and newer.
and join the 21st Century VACUUM FREE, and dangerous
19,000 volts free too (1kv per inch) it can kill you,
don't spill drinks in the top ok and live another day.
(PS; worked this from 1965 to 2010,) even NAVY PPI monitors huge. so know monitors well I do.

100% free and Zero steal email from you .

RTM all there is is this RTM and play with knobs.

What is so wrong here, is no PC stated.
monitors this old do not work on modern PC, unless you learn how to do that. (skill sets that)
step one set PC to 800x600, (screen reso)
then plug it and and pray the CRT brain works. still

that is all there is to it.
power on PC set to 800x600 reso
power on CRT.
push left select button (spoon fed)
see no signal on screen, means PC is dead. signals on vGA jack.
see out of frequency, message , see 800 above.
that book stinks btw.
lets find others.

MV9500 right, MV missing on your first post why?
the 9500 , no mV is here.
it does have OSD screen , push select button

degause it,
move screen L/R& UP/DN
and shapes, I call it trapezoid changes.
bright and contrast , no magic here all SOP,

max RESO on this old pig is.15yo
is 1024,x 768 60HZ
over that as most PC do now, this PIG GOES NUTS> fails.

Compaq MV 9500... | 143 views | 0 helpful votes

omg an antique monitor
a relic CRT monitor?????really?
is it really MV320????or a typo.
MV500s are CRT (heavy cathode RAY TUBES)
you model is rare now, no photos of it by
if not a CRT pig.
then it must be a flat screen monitor
the first ones, up to year 2010 used crapppy
CCFL back lamp tubes that are bad now. all are.
(unless never used)
call CCFL fail these ways.
white now yellow
blinks, or is intermittent,or strobes.l

the backlamps CCLF tubes are dead. all do that, or just die .
crt monitors
are junk and a fire hazard, trash it.

CRT fails more ways
sure dim,sure dead.
but it has 3 guns , RGB , red green blue.
the red gun loves to go weak first , red phosphors
are weak (a physics deal)
one trick (long long ago is to up the red gun levels, to compensate.
or lower Green/blue guns.
gun means "electron gun" deep inside the CRT neck

The CRT has even more bad effects, failed.
a huge endless list , if you want.we have it.
with photos


Compaq MV 520... | 42 views | 0 helpful votes

learn now,. that no 1 virus cleaning actions works even 1/2 the time once infected.
its like driving car with flat tire to store to buy a new tire.
impossible or just all bad news end to end.
that is true. even running 10 AV scans can fail. ask any one that had to do this for years, yah
there is only a few real cures. that are 100% effective.
from 100% to least effective order

1: HP magically F11 key, back to day 1 recovery, do that?
2: buy the HP media kit, (above is missing before 2006?) and install your unstated OS fresh.
3: use MS media and spend a week fining lost drivers.
4: remove the HDD and put in on other PC, as 2nd drive.
or better external usb drive case.
and run 10 AV scans on it, the top 10 brands, one is ESET offline scanner.

those are the ropes

the F11 recovery fails if :
A: someone deleted all files on PC and loaded MS OS.
B; the HDD was ever change out.
C: or if super unlucky the virus infected the F11 partitions, too.

you are infected still or has aftermath.
F11 key , and pick startup repair.
if this fails do full recovery
if that fails see step 2 above.

Compaq Presario... | 49 views | 0 helpful votes

It sounds like either the disk drive is not working properly, or the boot disk you are using has a bad sector(s) and cannot be read.

Compaq Presario... | 130 views | 0 helpful votes

Compatible AC Adapter for Compaq Presario F755US Laptop

I think it has a bad power adapter yielding insufficient voltage.

This system is running Vista which makes it quite dated. However, you can try the replacement supply and see what happens. Or, they coud view Utube on an inexpensive android tablet.

However, you can try the following (I am guessing you do not have the Vista disc):

To boot into the Advanced Boot Options menu, follow these steps:
  1. Restart your computer
  2. Press F8 as soon as your computer starts to boot, but before the Windows Vista logo appears
  3. The Advanced Boot Options menu should now appear
  4. Select the Repair your computer option
  5. Press Enter
  6. System Recovery Options should now be available (You may need to select your time, keyboard and language preferences before the list of tools is displayed)
Some of these options will if operating at all restore your computer to factory defaults erasing data and programs installed after it first came out of the box.

Compaq Presario... | 38 views | 0 helpful votes

compaq Presario CQ60-420US
a very old PC. 7 years is not too bad, on the edge there.

what OS? windows what?
doing what what are you doing.
my guess is this is BROWSER question,
is this IE , 4,5,6,7,9,10,11
only IE 11 (if is MS class) works now, so .... what is yours that?
web sites now block older IE versions a fact.
I use firefox v56, so should you.
back to internet explorer why>
you have browser take over, infections (google bar is one)
its infected, for sure.
get Firefox v56 and run that, or newer.
there are 20 top browers and IE is not in the lest.
IE is dead now at MS. 100% dead. Edge is NOW .

if running XP or Vista and using IE you will get nothing but pain
from now on.

this PC came new with (options day 1)
vista 32
vista 64
W7 32
w7 64
if vista you are doomed.
if W7 ,get IE11 from ms and use that
in fact IE11 is required to do MS updates, or they fail
are you running AV ? antimalware? even defender?

did you upgrade to w10 mid 2015 to 2016?

never post software questions, lacking OS name.
and what browser you use.
or answers will be wrong. I promise.

Compaq Presario... | 38 views | 0 helpful votes

With the computer connected to your network (I assume it's ethernet?) and browser access to internet working, try uninstalling and re-installing cafe world.

Compaq Presario... | 128 views | 0 helpful votes

NO OS stated.
i bet it not 220US (us means usa,what is your 2 letters there)
if it was US Laptop
the books is free at HP to read.

unlock i bet you mean set to non secure AD HOC wifi mode.
and a danger, that is.
first discover how your router is setup., only you can do that
read the manual in it,the go there in your browser and set
the wifi up as you want or set up your pc to match it.
set SSID broard case to like ROVER2. (dog name ?)
the set encryption to WPA2
then set the passphrase. like 1a5!9xaz3k6

the connect all things that way.
dont tell the other 512 your settings, ever.

your pc came with 802.11b/g wifi
im reading your manual now on line it says
shows it came with 3 wifi chips (options)
here is the spec, for 2nd one,(coin toss)
128-bit WEP, 64-bit WEP, AES, PEAP, TLS, TTLS, WPA, WPA2

so if you set the router to wpa2 and same in your PC and it will work.

Compaq Presario... | 89 views | 0 helpful votes

Start out by removing the Hard drive and have it tested. If its bad? replace it with an SSD or 7200 rpm, this will speed-up your Laptop. Also look to see if you can add more RAM, you may only be able to add up to 8GB, but check to be sure. as of XP, Microsoft no longer support it, but if you really need XP? do a Dual-Boot and have XP and 7 or 8.1

Compaq Presario... | 103 views | 0 helpful votes

If you can open up your PC, disconnect the power supply to motherboard plug and try power on again. If still the same replace the power supply. Draw a diagram of connections from the power supply to the mother board.

Compaq Presario... | 46 views | 0 helpful votes

if your "F" function keys are a second function of the keys they are on there will be a key, usally located in the area of the lower left corner of your keyboard. If the "F" functions are in color, so will the key that activates them. The idea is that you hold down the Fn key while striking the selected "F" key

Compaq Computers... | 45 views | 0 helpful votes

BIOS does the screen fail in BIOS< no OS running?
power on hit ESC, F10 or what it told you to hit for 11 years.
does BIOS work
that button top left is the standby sleep switch .
if bad , no sure what will happen, but something wrong will.
works on demand all the time or not.

the back lamp is dead, CCFL
all do, on all old screens 2010 and older
the magic year is 2010 as that year LED phased in.
see? use flash light see, that data there? do you'?
no sure what button you are pressing?
an 11 year old Laptop 2006, so CCFL is there
test those.
for sure use a flashlight.(test)
and see if there is data if see that, the CCFL tubes dead, there inverter is dead, or the power to it or out of it is cut.
here is close manual for free.

Compaq Presario... | 115 views | 0 helpful votes

Replacing batteries is really cost-effective replacing the unit is the best choice for a long-term solution although you can go on eBay and assess this yourself. Good luck

Compaq R1500... | 40 views | 0 helpful votes

You probably have to "tell" the TV to see the monitor. In other words, there might be a VCR/DVD/VGA(computer) setting/switch on the TV menu. The TV might not find the computer automatically like a monitor does. Good luck.

Compaq Computers... | 41 views | 0 helpful votes

Open Device Manager and revert to the earlier drivers, or just delete the device. Restart the computer and try other drivers if you're not happy with the current drivers. Don't get updated drivers from Windows Update, always download from nVidia or whatever graphics card you have. HP should have drivers intended specifically for your notebook, which takes their setup into account..

Compaq Computers... | 43 views | 0 helpful votes

Being an Hp (Compaq is their brand name) with Nvidea graphics, the Graphics will have failed stopping the boot process and leaving the motherboard system hanging.
The GPU can be re flowed but replacement GPU is the answer.

Compaq Presario... | 92 views | 0 helpful votes

thats the silly hp loop back deal (and has the F11 key active)
omg its old . 2008 but HP supports it. even on w7 (facts)
good luck with VISTA Microsoft shut down all support on VISTA, you do know that and what that means, right?
cq50-104ca if the PC will not boot, it resets over and over (reboots)
it just means the OS is dead, nothing more.
that means the HDD is bad, in some cases:
  • HDD bad, test it?
  • do the recovery? do startup file fixes?
  • do full recovery.
  • Upgrade to w7 like you should have done back jan2017?
  • ever seem you service book yet, its free, see F11 now.
  • read F11, in the book for full recovery
  • if the HDD is bad (or was) F11 too will be missing, gone!
  • if F11 is gone, then only new install disks work, fresh.
  • or from ISO to USB mem stick installed. if HDD is ok.
now the book you cant find. and was there all along, at real HP
why ask fixya and not HP forum?
the book is here. open it,press Ctrl+F(find) and find F11 and thar
she be, HP magical F11. (seen 2006 to NOW)

Compaq Computers... | 77 views | 0 helpful votes

this model has a 110v or 220v power supply built into it.
Make Sure it the matching required voltage on its case if you plug 220v power point into a 110v rated power supply inside the laptop it will let out lots of smoke and stop working !

The part number is 255135-AA1

suggest search on
3 Prong 18awg AC Mickey Mouse NEMA 5-15p to C5 Laptop Power Cable Cord

Compaq Armada... | 95 views | 0 helpful votes

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