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no PC stated, vast models made, read the service tag?
NO OS stated, XP? w10? what?
this tells the helper the YEAR, after all
a 1 year old PC is not like 20 year old PC.

Is this the windows, (which?) login screen?, you didnt say what screen it was? and if it looks NORMAL there?

sounds like the OS password wrong or the OS is corrupted to me.
getting help lacking what notebook this is , is very hard.

The HP compaq rules on notebook made after year 2006
try power on and hammering the F11 key, to get the recovery going.. (do the startup up repair first)
power on , F11 over and over until...... bingo recovery mode.
but first do you have data to backup, that is first.
some folks do , others don't, so that dictates next step. first really

find the service tag on your Laptop
read it,

see all those words there, do tell.

see the tag here.

local PW fixes here.

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a great post and funny to read about snagging wifi.
lots of kids make a dish at school and use wifi from large distances.
so you are home right,. not in the library , right, and now expect the Libraries wifi to be fast at home , that far away,.
well it will never be fast ever. like that.
if you have a router that is 2 bands, there is no better routers.
the library only runs 2 bands I bet or even just 1.
so why not buy your own internet service,
or rig up this.

you can use a colander from moms kitchen

or other dish shaped objects to make this dish..
they need to be focused. and pointed to the library to work.
even card board, cut to a dish and aluminum foil works,

all this is fun stuff,
but never reliable.
at night they can have there router go off, on a timer.

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Hi Jon. it sounds like the DC power jack needs fixing or replacing.
go to this link and scroll down the page and have a read up.

laptop charger port hole broken Google Search

Compaq Presario... | 145 views | 0 helpful votes

Sorry about this.
Have you tried charging your tab to full capacity first. You need to plug it into ac mains and leave for a few minutes to allow the battery get some charge on/in it.

Secondly, I am persuaded your tablet PC is windows OS (I stand to be corrected on this please).

Was the system board confirmed fully configured/operational with all drivers installed?

Aside of drained battery in need of charge or boost; suspected fault may have to do with getting your tab PC to initialize boot sequence.

Compaq tc4400... | 248 views | 0 helpful votes

Hi , I think your updates download has interfered with DVD driver that was installed in that machine ,I want you to try this look for installation drivers for the DVD/CD ROM and install it . The DVD/CD should work now .

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I would replace the power socket on the computer and purchase a new power supply.

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NO PC stated, why post to lacking that key fact.?
even the mouse/kbd is not HP.
but are posted to Compaq /HP.
its a wireless keyboard, and like ALL things like that
has batteries, or it can possibly work.
the mouse batteries.
The keyboard batteries. are bad. replace them..
and drivers to make the unstated PC work with this wireless module.
if panicked. use a real keyboard, USB, any one you find works
and uses NO BATTERIES to do so, same with the mouse.

that is step one,
step two are the drivers.
if running xp or vista the drivers will not come from Microsoft
as they once did, so getting them will be hard.
NOW ! XP is a dead product.
but again no PC stated, no OS stated, no real help here, full.

Compaq Keyboard | 117 views | 0 helpful votes

uninstall both adobe and the browser / and try again

once you know you have successfully completed adobe update

try same browser if that does not work try different browser

Compaq Presario... | 114 views | 0 helpful votes

BSOD, the black screens of ***** (my fav)
old CQ56-nnnnn, no full model stated of many.
cq56-105SE , is one, what is yours, off the service TAG????????
there are 10 in the series , which one>?

NO OS stated, is this XP/vista/w7/8/10?? must we guess that?
1/2 the PC is the OS !
those caps keys blink a code, not stated by you, only blinks.
what code, is important to any HP diagnosis
it means hard failures. (bad chips, bad hdd, overheated or? RAM bad?)
"nor does heat of any kind" what does that mean, I hope to deity
you dont use and oven or heat gun to heat it up. ever.
heat is the killler of all electronics (lightening #2 (& ESD)
#3 floods.
my guess you ment PC fails hot and old, naturally.
dead cold or let it sit failed self warmed up, it fails.
ok, Ill run with that.

that code for CPU is wrong. I bet.
the codes are supper complex, by year. changed vast times.
guessing is bad. here,
what if the code meant RAM bad.
here ill will attempt to find what BIOS is there (for codes)
by age. 2008 it seem or tad newer , first is 2008 .CG56-100
not knowing real modle number and age is a FAILED post here.
2010 every code changed, (a fact) so I will answer for 2010 year.
only, (just to show I can do it)
did you know the older Pheonix BIOS had up to 50 codes!
yah !

BSOD black 101:
  1. run on AC ok with the bad shorted battery main out? be 1st!
  2. the code what was it, why not tell the code? now.
  3. did you know the CMOS coin cell is dead, code 2 (2010) as all are this old (99% true so, measure it?)
  4. fan spins and not packed in lint as all are 7 years later.
  5. Do the BIOS screens work? F10 key hammered power on.
  6. If BIOS runs does it keep TIME AND DATE? see #3 above.
  7. does the PC boot and run on a Linux CD or usb stick?
  8. do the BIOS memory tests pass?
  9. do the BIOS HDD tests pass?
  10. are there any words ever (text) on the screen ever or logos ever. y/n, if no the pc may have bad CCFL lamps.
  11. Does the F11 key hammered at power on, work? shows the HP offical recovery page?
  12. more tests, when the code is told. (blink codes MATTER)
from your service manual
It tells you (9 years it showed this on screen) ever day ...

Open the Setup Utility by turning on or restarting the computer.
While the "Press the ESC key for Startup Menu" message is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen, press f10
if the screen is dead,? totally.

2010; list
1= cpu bad or overheated !
2= CMOS battery dead (Cmos ram fails check sum checks due to Battery is now DEAD, 2-5years old is par on batteries. 10 super max life.(pure luck there)
4= GPU bad or overeated!
5= mobo failure, (bad bad news)
6= bios authentication error (my guess, bios password errors)

6 is UEFI, and only on the most new PC's

the blink codes are key to all PCs made, what was it
and matching that to your EXACT BIOS version
guessing codes is useless, there are vast codes used.
my guess maybe 20 books in 20 years of this PC.Maker. only
HP skips older than 2010 so is a pain. if is.

i google this and landed here, for compaq, (old)

i think that is a match, and seems a hidden legacy page inside, HP. nice.
the blinks are POST catastropic errors, and must be addressed first.

Compaq Presario... | 229 views | 0 helpful votes

I bet you do not need or want any proxy server.
I bet you question really is how to get internet connected, right?
first off what OS is this, XP> we can not see you, your PC nor your OS. (whats connected to PC, nor if it has wifi options)
is this IE11 your browsers , cant guess that either,?

why not use an Ethernet, Lan cable CAT5/6 and plug in the PC to the router and it all works like magic,
that be first.
if the PCs lan jack (ethernet ) is dead. (and other PCs work on your router) do they./
then we go to device manager and look
see that? then see if the lan chip has driver.
network marked, red/yellow or unknown is bad.
if missing the get it from HP.

HP has zero support on old PCs, it's too old, its in fact 16 years old. support ended . 2007 (17-10 = x)
came with 10/100 Ethernet, new (spec sheet says)
slow. that is.
but what chip that is , is very hard to find out this old
why waste time and money on PC worth $5 used.?
it came with windows 2000 or XP new. which is it?
if the driver is good, or the unknown chip there, ethernet
the when you connect to the router the connection made automatically
then running relic old IE 6? you see proxy question
tell it no, and that sets automatic , gate way ip address to your router. and just works out of the gate.

install firefox v56 and its more easy.
to run and not get bogged down in proxy settings.
avoid IE versions below 11, as all OLD IE's, are virus magnets and zero support, use Firefox, on all old PCs, not updated to W7 !!!
IE = internet exploder browsers)

show just getting a connection, only. browsing is a whole other matter, and 20 browsers free are common.

Compaq Presario... | 54 views | 0 helpful votes

krta hun to aavaaj aati hain I asked google translated that,, and it fails ,why?
what language is that, welcome to the ENGLISH only forum..

tell us what works and does not;
this PC is now 13 years old, that be super old
in fact if I saw one run ok that old i'd be GOBSMACKED !

the sound chip on board, can play may files of audio
vast, and for sure with VLC App loaded, vast.

do windows sounds work? in control panel sounds.
does the sound chip in Device manager look ok./?
what OS you run. windows what. XP is now dead. not XP right?

this PC sold here in USA< had XP
XP has 700 + expoits. and is a virus magnet.
and XP has no support, zero
zero on HP
zero at MS.
zero. why in the world run XP, ? time to upgrade it, for sure, if true.

if the sound is 100% dead, all ways,
the look in DM , device manager.
see red or yellow marks on sound chip then the driver is missing.
or unknown, marked chips there. same.
in both cases, all cases, get the driver,
but MS or HP will help after 13 years, 17 for MS.
XP was released in 2001, and is DEAD NOW.

but we can find driver the hard way,but you need to tell
me what sound ship is there, using DM details.
VEN code
DEV code.
then drivers happen.

Compaq Computers... | 29 views | 0 helpful votes

As long as the battery is working, Windows 7 and up will see the battery when connected and treat your PC as if it were a laptop when it comes to power management. You will have an option in settings under Power Management that will allow you to tell the computer how long to stay on when it detects it's on battery.

Compaq UPS T1000... | 37 views | 0 helpful votes

i advise u to make total format to u hard disk drives and make it with out system

Compaq Presario... | 231 views | 0 helpful votes

where is the LED< you never said. (exactly)
monitor or PC, ?
you posted a laptop to a forum called monitors
which is it, a laptop , desktop or only a monitor.?
toss coin, land LT. 2700 (legacy relic with square screen floppy and windows 98 first ones)
take out the battery , the big one, it must run forever on AC power pack or its a hardware problem. (there can be 2 main batteries)
1 bottom and on the right rear, CD out, and battery is its place.
yes, that is what they did then if you have it. I cant see yours.
Next do the HP long reset.
all batteries, out, now. (bottom big, right rear, out)
power pack out. disconnected.,
push the power button from 10 to 30 seconds, this is the HP classic, long reset in every manual they make and on there service page, 1st thing.

next is power pack, if still dead. the goal is getting the F10 key
BIOS to work first. it must work at all times at power on
power button on , hammer f10. and see bios
if fact it told you to press F10 for 16 years now, every day.
2001 laptops have zero value. now. zero. upgrade to 2008 is better, put this one in he trash. go to goodwill store upgrade for $20? (they wont want yours, sorry, its too old)

so do that. is bet but if maniacal. ? H3LL bent to spend $120 or more with a HDD bad, on a $1 PC, here goes.
OS + HDD = $170
if the screen is dead now say so, say totally black screen
what it did before it died, is not important unless the fan is dead is it? (all PC's ran ok before now)
then ask for help,
windows will shut done only if it is corrupted. (self)
hardware has many cause of shut down, about 10 causes.
one is the PC overheated from not cleaning it every year.
the run down. BSOD (black)
big battery out, AC pack only, got that?
this PC has a place for 2 main batteries both out now.

The PC has CMOS cOin cell, not one ever lasts 16 years.
so that be like the first thing id replace (basic service this is)
open bottom hatch cover to see it.

1: fan dead or all vent and to it blocked in lint as all are this old.
1b: fan dead not packed?
see slide show of nasty LT here.
2: coin cell dead, above 2.9v ok, below never. remove it replace
3: power on hammer f10 the screen most show , "hit f10 to enter setup" if not bad screen or far worse (yes 3 billion transistors inside can fail, main board, or shorted modules inside up to 8)
4: now the flash light trick this old dog has CCFL back lamps.
do this.

if that shows DATA, then the CCFL are bad.
if no data now, the problem is more serious

if it still is dead, we replace the power pack
or remove all modules in the PC that can short killing power dead.
any thing inside can short. 4 ways in fact, DC power, data, address or control buses. to find that we pull things, to find it.
ask. im not teaching Fault isolation checks here. but that last link above has it, see key word stripping there (control+F)

if all you wanted was to guess, say so, say no diagnosis guessing.
for that I say it needs to be cleaned of a pound of dust inside and new coin cell and dump the 2 useless main batteries, if both there.

power-rzlrtvwphug01fp4xtvrxrj1-3-0.jpg left is power (both), right is battery failures.
for the coin cell, (its hard to get to on this PC)
read page 63 (pdf) here
the service manual. is here, for free, do not pay scalpers for it.

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Tray alternative boot device using hiren's or something like. And try to check your hard disk for errors. Usually it's hard disk problem

Compaq Computers... | 35 views | 0 helpful votes

compaq presario SR5310F

why down grade from dead, to super dead for 3 years now XP
why do that? XP is a virus magnet. (hint 2, and glowing)
your offical page is here.
on real HP site, (we are not here)

click software
click OS
see what you get. ONLY VISTA support
now I can make it work with 1/2days labor.
but why do that? why ever use XP,
USB only works 1/2 way with XP SP3 added
and PLUG AND PLAY ON XP IS DEAD, making other 1/2 dead. for ever an ever.

if pain is your game, here is how.

drivers. ( my PCI sniffer lets me find (if possible at all) Any driver on earth. (unless reading every chip lid is fun....)

Compaq Computers... | 795 views | 0 helpful votes

XP is dead at MS.
XP is a virus magnet, never ever ever use XP ever.
again, like 99.9% of all other persons on the planet.
we have no idea at all what you are doing
after all where would you get XP , from some hacker pirates?

my guess this PC is 10years old so says the service manual.
this PC only came with VISTA 32 or 64bit.
HP does not support XP nor W7 on it.
that is official.
to reload VISTA, power on and hammer F11 and VISTA magically fresh loads back to day one condition if the HDD is not bad.

where is that XP at?
on MS disc CD or USB stick
on HP media kit disk bought long ago. and now not sold !
on some hackers web site, lots there are, and all full of virus and then you find the COA key is illegall.

Id try to put on W7 and see if some things work.
many things will not. that is what support is all about. that.

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this could be a few things should never hit or knock the the harddrive for any reason.
1,could be dirt inside the fan if its not turning it will shut down so it does not over heat.if this is the reason just blow into were the fan is and try and free it up.or you may have to open it up to clean it.
2,make sure harddrive is pushed all the way into its fittings.
if this does not work let me know.

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Open this website
then choose your make and model for a manual.

Compaq P110 21"... | 28 views | 0 helpful votes

wow a CRT that even glows at all , and you wonder why its dem
the electron gun cathodes get weaker every day of its life.
all CRTs do that, not one or even TVs using CRT
the red gun always goes dim first so we crank it up in the OSD.

if it fails on all PCs, the monitor is bad, a 5 min test. and bingo
then if the monitor is known bad then what.
the OSD screen ever seen that, and the front panel key marked MENU/?
go there and play with brightness, and even the electron gun tuning, the page for that is RGB, Red Green blue.
adjust them so white looks OK.
but if all are dim, that is normal for old CRT,
we only get like 3 folks a year stuck in 1990s... or older.
the labor to fix it is 3 times a new LCD LED display.

land fill time. like the other billion made, and scrapped

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