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what CD, of the 100s? of types/formats/file classes, (what's there?)
NO OS stated, XP the virus magnet.
why post lacking this key fact, what Operating system.?
or Linux, that is correct some came with Linux. SUSE
its 7 years old, 2 times a few, but who counts years,
well age matters..
yes, most users of PCs never leave confines of IE,
still running IE5?
well the list you made is near correct:
1: bad Disc or wrong disk. non stated.
2: bad drive.
3: bad driver. (cd/dvd HP driver) get it from HP
4: windows is corrupted. XP or w7 was shipped if windows.
a/v clean or reload XP or do F11 HP recovery to cure this.

First off, no CD stated, there are vast formats for CD
the first that must work are:
1: CD-DA a store bought CD..
2: any install disk, CD, with files on it , do yo see files"?
3: do you have the HP driver loaded for the CD drive?
4" was your, CD home made say burned CD-R ( recorded?)

if XP is Service PACK 3 loaded? it must be.
your PC came new with many CD/ DVD drive options even the LightScribe.

the software is here.

Compaq Presario... | 44 views | 0 helpful votes

and old CQ56, super old that.
no oS stated, XP the virus magnet?

who asks for ps bios password or windows login screen.?
did you remove all other usb devices, fur SURE MICE?

id say virus infected.
then bad pad driver,
in device manager, see that pad there, click update
do so , online.
C56 tells me nothing the model has numbers at the end
if still running HP windows,(not hacked with MS disks)
the drivers for HP pad are at HP
but i can look for you lacking that a full model number.
here ill guess to teach you how HP works

CQ56-100us (us means us keyboard there)

ill pretend you said XP 32bit
and land here
then got the driver for XP here called.
Synaptics TouchPad Driver for Microsoft Windows XP Rev. A (get it load and and use only that if i guessed right.

Compaq... | 784 views | 0 helpful votes

so is the KVM (control side, PS2 mouse / kbd>??)
or are all PS2 ports wired to adaptors,? i cant guess this nor what was used before, no history stated.
what was there before, this act?
and what now?
Ill assume worse cases (tossed a coin)
18 (16+2) adapters now. all devices are USB but KVM

what mode fails, both the KVM pushbotton switch and or the hot key commands on the kbd?
Oops no manual button as seen on modern KVM.

KVMs are very complex. the hard part is the vast number of different PC.
USB , PS2, VGA, DVI and HDMI.. yah,..
OK 16 +2=18 x ps2, and 9 VGA ports. it is.
NO KVM does it all, ,, old KVM' do NOT work , on new computers, all folks know this , if they tried. or took readings to learn why it fails.
I bet power to the KVM is dead., no LED./
no manual button ,oops.
pin 4 PS2 reads 5vdc and connected up, same?
we use breakout boxes (DIY) to test ports connected.'

that Compaq is very old and no support now, no books.
why not ask at real HP, maybe some old guy there can dig it lost books>
40 KVM? that what you said, really? (or 40/8=5 kvm)?
my guess is the adaptor does not work or power issues
KVM >>PS2>>>ADapt>>> USB.(server) (usb 1,2,or 3 at server?)
The KVM in most cases, here, steals power from PS2 ports but not this KVM , its better.
i'd bet that adaptor cant do that.
(is the caps lock key working on the KBD and laser LED glowing on said mouse?

ask here, real HP.
lets see tests:
1: pin 4 ps2 5vdc?
2: mouse glows?
3: keyboard led , caps lock toggles? (glows)
4: lost the hot key commands (y/n)

one other problem is the BIOS in the server may not like your adaptor at all. When BIOS scans the keyboard. it expects a ID response if missing or grabled, it drops that device port.

btw, one way to cure this, is run headless server software
end KVM for ever.

i run a LAMP server, that comes in the box, no kvm no any thing on ports. it has a web page to go to and do service that way.
port IP+:12321
modern ways work best.
in a server farm, a keyboard/mouse/monitor on rolling cart
for the super sick servers is best...

the other problem is USB only PC or server
does not scan PS2 ports, it has none
so if the adaption fails, at boot time, all is lost.
(BIOS reports connected devices to the OS)(unstated by you)so if the report fails, problems happen
for sure after the boot.

this device is s business device, now ("Enterprise)
the posts on it are like 10 years ago. all links to books now dead.
infact the compaq server that had them is turned off. (grin)
here is my search there. Why not ask them?

Compaq... | 169 views | 0 helpful votes

posted 2 times, please erase one, thanks.

its a tuby 4:3 monitor, useless for wide video. plays.
1600 x 1200 at 85 Hz
do not exceed this, or boom. 1920x1080 will fail.
no resolution stated by you. and matters big time on all old monitors. (old = poor resolution only)

redux for less....words...
does it fail on all PCs connected, sure
does it fails set to lowest Resolution and 60hz?
RGB BNC only proves the analog side works.
not the digital side.

The VGA needs sync
if the PC is working (is it? on other monitors set to below reso.?)
then the 2 sync lines are active
at 1600 x 1200 , max (cant exeed this, ever)

then if that is true then the OSD buttons now work
do they? this is next.

does the On screen menu button work?
if not? it's a digital failure.....
or power to that section dead. or weak.

only googling finds schematics this old.
nobody fixes these now, for good reasons.
labor costs on it would exceed a new LCD. fast.
we call this throwing good money after bad.

Compaq P110 21"... | 98 views | 0 helpful votes

a UPS that is 18 years old (1999)
first is a new main battery,, always.
the service manual is here.
thera are 17 LED on the panel, that have meanings.
see page 2.9 and read from there....

Compaq UPS... | 86 views | 0 helpful votes

CQ-nnnnn what is nnnnn , may Cq57 made, all different nnnnnn
QC-100,.-200.,300, 400, series
your service tag tells you the full model number.
nor the OS (unstated)
XP, VISTA, W7 or W8?
this is what was used for the full series of production runs.
and they are NOT THE SAME.
tell what BACKLIT means. LEDs dead but at least name ONE>?

Please tell the helper this.
what OS first.?
tell exactly what Backlits (lights) fail, name them.
caps lock or ? what? give examples of what fails and what you are attempting to do..
on my newer HP, there are no keyboard lamps at all
not one but the HP has back panel that glows for that.
but needs the HP software loaded to make that work
only HP software works on that feature, period.

what operating system is this.?

the CQ57-400 is the last series is this it. why must i guess?
support for it is limited to this.

ill guess 400 for you as 1 example
then ill guess w7 32b
then you see this and load all these driver.

now il guess 100

looks like last one made was 2012 (Compaq ended in 2013 at HP)
so has support until 2022. at
load all your drivers for you PC on the HP page.
skip BIOS. (line)

the problem here is HP used 2 processors here.
and AMD
mixing drivers up is problematic. here.
takes skills to do this.
why not ask at HP do this is.
real HP forums.... BINGO?

Compaq Computers... | 318 views | 0 helpful votes

ever heard of wiki,
its all there to read 24/7

id trash it and buy USB Keyboard.
learn to use wiki first.
its depth is endlessly deep on PCs.
look first there,

frankly suprised any PS2 device works in year 2017. really.
must be 20 years old. began 30 years ago
try to move and upgrade, every 10 ,be wise.

Compaq... | 76 views | 0 helpful votes

NO PC stated, 1984 to 2017, 10,000 models, stated.
NO OS stated, XP what? must we guess the OS?
no posted photos, of ugly screens presented by you.
why do that? leave out the #3 most important fact.s
michean, = machine, say "PC runs great, "
no PC stated, no OS stated but it runs great but colors not.

Compaq monitor TFT-5000 ccfl
very very old monitor. 4:3 square screen old.
15 inches sized (tiny)
18 years old in fact, in dog years that be 126 years old,(lol)

in all cases of all PCs made ever,
there can be many causes, no need to guess or for me to list them ALL.
but here is the MACRO view (from afar)

Did it fail plugged in to ANOTHER GOOD PC
no, didnt fail, then,...
1: The PC graphic chip is overheated. ever clean unstated
2: PC has CPU oveheating
3: PC has power supply problems, causing chip to malf.
4: PC video card bad, or if laptop GPU chip problems.
5: PC has corrupted or wrong or virus infected Video drivers.

anyone else with same problem would do tests or through it away, if bad, its has $0 zero dollar street value like this.
ever consider upgrading, to something 2010 or newer. ?
a REAL LED LCD screen. (11 years newer?????)
your screen has CCFL lamps that turn yellow old, and then go dead. yellow make white look yellow.

Compaq Computers... | 41 views | 0 helpful votes

w8000 a very old PC not supported by HP.
windows 2000 support ended like 15 years ago.. W2k. is gone. w2k only runs on very old pcs with very old ACPI
(power controls is that)

this PC is only supported with XP
never 2000.
HP tells you that if you looked.
park the 2000 disk or use it as frezzbee. IMO

id get w7 disk and use that, it might work.
but will cost you a license from MS,
about 5 times the value of w8000

why not just go here, and get used $20 w7 pc
save a bundle of case and grief messing with any legacy junk....avoid legacy junk and win.

a usa answers.... always...

Compaq Computers... | 414 views | 0 helpful votes

a howto,
easy no.. all HP putes have a service manual
and all cover this, (not thin notebooks, they hide head in sand)
the COMPAQ is HP, for sure.
the question is where is it, well its on the mother board.
and can be top or bottom on all Laptops.
some are just hatch cover, access, did you try those first.
400 what, bottle caps, or dollars or Rupies? what?
lappy means you are not in USA but UK or down under or india.
we dont use that word here, notebooks now, or laptop.
this tells me what actions are possible for you , you never told country so cant really help can we, you posted to a CALIFonia from
and you dont have Geek squad do you, LOL !!!!!!

this PC is now officially obsolete.
HP calls that RETIRED, I call it zero support and is that.
or LEGACY, means same, DEAD.

first what is there, only this.

we throw those away here in USA>
it has no value at all now. why not upgrade,
buy a pc with W7 on it, and win.spend cash on things worth cash.
this thing is not. but that is good advice, so now your answer
we use google here, to find relic books
lets do that now.

heads up , laptops can be very hard to service.
ever do one. simple as
hatch off
keyboard off
or total disassembly on some.
on a desktop (hint get one) its always easy

google hits the 1st one, OMG 1st yes,
is your manual. free btw no scalpers pricing nor viruses hacks.

now to to the coin page. coin cell battery page.

pdf page 118
real page 5-30

it says open bottom memory hatch.
gee you did look there first> wow.

Compaq Armada... | 108 views | 0 helpful votes

my old PC CQ60-220us, thanks for full number !!!
what os? VISTA?
those are called flash codes and have meaning!
the screen never once shows TEXT or HP /Compaq logos. right?
nothing to me means just the the TEXT IS GONE
"hit ESC to enter setup" or F2,F10,,etc....
carbon14 dated by me at 2008, ? (MY HP has F1 info page shows day made, a BIOS page F1) The year mATTERS.

steps below. for dead pc. means screen dead, and BIOS keys dead.
  1. take the battery main out, they short, remove it ;after all you can run like that for ever on the line pack, a fact. so do so now.
  2. does it power on, seems yes, does it stay on? (heard and seen)
  3. does the fan blow< spin and not packed solid in lint?
  4. use flash light pointed at screen , turn PC on the use the flashlight see data now? yes, bad black lamps CCFL, ask
  5. beep codes or caps lock flash codes,? write them down and tell the helper what the are? its code. like Morse code.
  6. there are more tests. does the CD eject button work?

my wild guess, (unseen by me) is the CCFL lamps are dead.
the LCD on this PC has lamps for the back lamp that all burn out
at 20k hours of usage. (short lived, if used constantly)

other tests are: ask

  • boot from free linux disk see of screen works?
  • replace coin cell battery they usually don't last 10 years. 7 max.
  • power pack bad and is weak, some fail weak
  • keep in mind black screen failures have many causes.
  • bad power, bad screen, shorts inside the pc, bad RAM.
  • also the GPU chips in 2008 were bad, defective, solder ball failures. making the screen dead or very odd.
here is a black screen page.

HP is the best maker of PC.s (not custom made as I do)
but has best docs.
but they do have 1 weakness, BIOS docs and Beep/blink codes
horrible support there, due to changing the rules 20 times. or more.
HP also modified the BIOS to their needs, making generic lookups
on say Award BIOS useless.. ouch.
The older the PC the worse this gets, books covering that.

Compaq Presario... | 90 views | 0 helpful votes

the system OS unstated by you
is corrupted. reload OS
if the hdd is bad the reload fails.
tell you that fact.
or is infected as most are, not running W10 or Ubuntu 7.

Compaq Evo N800c... | 103 views | 0 helpful votes

CFFL lamps dead, or its inverter, 99% on CCFL tubes. bad.
all screens this old do that, they have short life...
why not upgrade , go to used PC store get any PC there, 2010 or newer, that has no CCFL (has LED back lamps)
and a future. best is one with W7 COA sticker on bottom.

XP aND vista ARE DEAD OS now, not safe at all on the internet
nor does PnP work now, at
why even mess with old tubby CCFL laptops?

carbon14 dated at 1999 , (as old as) its 18 years old.
most are in the land fill, 99% or more.
or shipped to N.korea for CAUSE.

Compaq Presario... | 48 views | 0 helpful votes

Cannot be done since the cmos does not have a boot option from a usb device. Need a bootable cd in lieu.

Compaq Computers... | 66 views | 1 helpful votes

This machine ran Windows 95 making it an older Compaq. The following link describes how on older Compaqs bios was entered. On some machines, there was no hot key for entrance and another method was used. But try the F10, i. e. function key F10 at boot.

Compaq Computers... | 94 views | 0 helpful votes

ask real HP this yet, only then can help.

we are not HP, but the below is. ask there. and make this more easy.

Compaq Computers... | 57 views | 0 helpful votes

This wireless keyboard is super old (a relic )
I'd say 17 years old, XP year 2001 old
and HP ended support on it years ago.
we dont even seen them sold used now on ebay.
if new batteries do not fix it
nor the reset (pairing) button fails.
and worse if your UNSTATED OS shows in device manager its is dead, then it is dead forever.
if you are web connected, are you and PnP fails to find the driver, you are doomed.
HP does not have. it. now.
they did make unified driver for all 100s of models they made but I can not find it, at all now. did last year but not now.
google this (no manuals found either)

HP p5304

see what you see, nada.
it's dead.
buy a wired mouse
or new wireless.
same answer for keyboard side.

also (this is the radio module large version wireless keyboard relics)
The HP models 5187 or 5219crf/urf are 18 years old.(no w10 support)


Compaq Wireless... | 132 views | 0 helpful votes

NO PC stated, just Compaq.
NO OS stated. xp to w7, you did not say from ?what.
this error happens if MS thinks XP is pirated.
The w7 disk words on top tell the real story,
upgrade, but is it a real MS, retail disk.
all the words on the disk tell me what it really is. post a photo?
if the PC is still original. (say HP XP unchanged)
the OS you run is from HP not MS.
that is why MS told you to call HP.
The HP software disk are custom to your PC.
unique. (windows, drivers and key HP apps)

The COA sticker on the bottom (license to use HP windows)
is a HP only license , called OEM.
that is why MS told you to ask HP.

best is to reload the OS.

if the PC was not slammed by others.
means someone put wrong OS on it. or pirated.
or new HDD swapped, or erased hdd.
then the F11 key works.
Restore F11, XP and then upgrade to W7.
Upgrages btw love to fail, its in the CARDS.
vast reasons for it, #1 is XP infections
XP has over 700 exploits, and love to fail
and upgrades as SIDE show fail.

boot the PC by power on and instantly hammer the F11 key the runs the HP Recovery off the original
HP Hard disk partition of same name.

if that is missing F11 feature.
then you have 2 choices
1: get the HP install media from HP. call them.
2; or buy a retail MS windows 7 disk. $120

see below for #2 above
its best to keep restore media on any owned

PC so when the hard drive fails, you are ready.

here is the other way, from MS

most stores sell w7-32bit home.

here is one

also at newegg
and at amazon.
this is retail disk and runs on most PC made.
after using retail disk

better is to buy a used PC with w7 on it
so you get HP support and MS support.

Compaq Computers... | 28 views | 0 helpful votes

If you have a desktop computer but listing it as a laptop with a problem you will get the wrong information back to repair the unit so you need to take this out and resubmit it as the proper unit before anyone can give you the correct information!

Compaq Presario... | 54 views | 0 helpful votes

U have a nasty bug in there. Your best bet is using another computer download the latest malwarebytes program onto a usb stick. Using the hiren disk boot up to the fake desktop, navigate to the usb stick via explorer and run the program and get the latest updates for it at same time. Then run it and clean out the crud that is in the machine causing havoc.When you reboot go back into the program and permanently remove the deleted items that are in the quarantine area.

Compaq Presario... | 13,378 views | 0 helpful votes

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