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This will only work in windows. Most computers have another video out port other than vga. Check your computer and use that. You may need to buy an adapter.

Compaq Presario... | 122 views | 0 helpful votes

does the appliance have a dchp ip address option or auto ip address option. The IP address is used by the wireless network to identify each computer device in your house.
In your wireless router there will be a dhcp server that will lease out ip addresses to devices automatically.
the ip address would be for your router or usually most used ip addresses .
A subnet mask is usually which is also needed.
Go to your desktop computer and go to command prompt . Google your version of windows and command prompt to work out how to do this.
then type in ipconfig
press enter key
note the default gateway address and the desktop's ip address
you may need to enter the default gateway ip address into the fridge also.
if the desktop was subnet mask
then make the fridge if manually have to set it subnet mask
or subnet mask if it is
the first three numbers are called the network address eg 192.168.0
the last number 1 - 254 are individual address part {router uses this 1 usually } to

Compaq iPAQ Home... | 140 views | 0 helpful votes

download the WLAN driver

Compaq Computers... | 205 views | 0 helpful votes

why are your using DELL any thing on any HP>??? so wrong that.
there is no free anything, (even lunch) for sure not any OS,
no OS stated btw, windows what? (guess at VISTA)
my guess is you want this old dog to run!
an 11 year old laptop.
HP does not sell HP media recovery kits for this old pc. (CD kits)
nor does Microsoft. now. (only w7 and 10)
this PC came with Citrix, OS or windows, VISTA 32 or 64.
Vista is now officially dead at MS, and at HP.(see exceptions)
HP does not sell vista disks, but the drivers are supported here.
as are manuals there, still there, lucky you after 11 years.
hint soon to be gone.! (10 year rule)

Compaq Presario... | 72 views | 0 helpful votes

no PC stated, (model)?
no OS stated, windows what.?

that means the drivers are wrong for this PC and its unstated OS.
you do know compaqs go back to 2001
and hp portables back to 1984,
we can not guess PC models, and they are not all the same.
or means corrupted OS, or virus infected or worse.

the word compaq means little and the name ended in 2013

Compaq Computers... | 42 views | 0 helpful votes

wow, a song where? we can not guess where.
songs have today, infinite sources.
so tell where?

Compaq Pavilion... | 104 views | 0 helpful votes

a 17 year old Laptop , 99.9% now in the dumpster.
are you going to spend cash on this? if yes why?
if it was a horse it be in the glue factory.
a dead laptop
step 1: is remove that old shorted huge battery now.,
step 2: then that 17 year old useless as a brick RTC coin cell.
replace it now. or BIOS will be DEAD.
strep 3 , a working power pack 19vdc,65watts up. and does the PC fan work now?, if not, it needs lots more cash !!!!
ask if you can get this far.?
above can be done for $10 (8buck pack and 2 buck coin)
leave that main battery out , until the PC runs like new.
do not buy a battery main, do not. unless cash dont matter.

if this far, and the power button fails, then we must strip the PC down, to find out who is shorting the power buses !
or fan is bad, or just packed fully in lint , as all are that old.

do the HP hard reset yet,
see line 6 here, to the HP page on , hard power reset.

and then the other tests. after that.

here are the goals
1: power seems to work (the switch)
2: the fan works, and actually blow air, not packed up
3: screen shows text of any kind, like, "hit F10 to enter HP setup"
as seen for 17 years but not todaY?
4:BIOS key works. F10 key works as prompted . and BIOS screens all work.
5: more, get this far say so... lots more its not a toaster

Compaq Presario... | 149 views | 0 helpful votes

thanks but............. and is and Obsolete PC. at HP and MS.
sr1902uk (England?)
  1. what OS? drivers match a OS, XP?
  2. sure some makers of mobo offer drivers that HP ended. sure.
  3. so does the unstated NIC chip maker offer drivers but not for all OS in most cases.
  4. The best way to work on old PC is run the PCI scanner(ask)
  5. identify the chip maker and model (ven=x dev=z)
  6. then we can get any driver, for any OS if the chip maker has one, and many dont. for newer OS. (and ther reverse)
  7. Finding drivers for old PC is not easy, (for me sure) but for most, it's very hard and the risk of getting virus high.!!
  8. ask how to do it, using the scanner , lacking HP support.

Compaq Computers... | 38 views | 0 helpful votes

IS THAT A Relic CRT monitors/?? wow.

the PSU is dead if the power button acts dead
no fans right ? no sounds, the 2 or 3 fans do not spin and blow
1: bad PSU
2: or objects plugged into the mobo are shorted,
3: mobo dead (Motherboard)

do the jump test?


Compaq Presario... | 65 views | 0 helpful votes

the Only VMS post on fixya ever.
wow. from the dark ages of DEC. VMS. OS.
sounds like bad drive if it can not be mounted.(or disk bad)
sounds like you are 42 years behind the upgrade curve too...
i used to work on all DEC systems. so know that . 1975
the DS10, is now 18 years old.

here is a relic manual, on that

is this your only DS10, of not try the drive on system #2?
ahh its now called OPENVMS,, amazing thing that is.

open vms was ported to ALph chips. 1992
then 2001 port of OpenVMS to the Intel Itanium architecture
so it's an 17 year old OS.

get HP proliant Server G7 up. and win. for sure.

Compaq... | 193 views | 0 helpful votes

OMG a 16 year old desktop gee, why own this?
came with windows 2000, then 2001 XP. both Dead OS. bad news that. why post at all lacking what OS your run of the many./
your ATT guy probably never seen anything this old
for sure 1st tier helpers.... "a look by him and OMG what is that thing)

what adapter, of the many?
wifi, 3/5G wireless, or Ethernet wired.
it came new with zero wireless anything.
wired only and slow. 100GB only.

we cant guess network unless a tiny hint added like wifi or?
looks like it came new with a relic NIC eithernet port slow.
there, and modern OS do not run now on that chip
im reading your relic service manual now for you.

the RJ45 on the rear , is Ethernet (wired)
you connect a CAT5/6 cable to that and to your router.
and it just works, that is if the Intel driver is loaded.
Integrated Intel PRO/100+ Management Adapter

Compaq Evo... | 33 views | 0 helpful votes

Xp will not install in place of 98. the hardware is too old. Set bios to boot from disk. If you have a rescue disk boot to safe mode and see what the problem is.

Compaq Presario... | 92 views | 0 helpful votes

verizon has discontinued it's webmail service and handed it over to aol. If you did not change it . Verizon closed your webmail.

Compaq Computers... | 182 views | 0 helpful votes

1) Is the battery charged?
2) If OK, plug in power cable and switch the power off and on at the socket.
3) Contact HP using the link below:

Compaq Computers... | 30 views | 0 helpful votes

n800v (carbon dated 16 years old) like record here, on OLD !!!
1: remove the huge battery , no battery this old is good, and most this old are shorted overloading key power circuits.
run only on AC power, even for ever is authorized. LOL

2: replace the RTC coin cell battery now, none this old are good now. period.(it failed 10 years ago , and and now 2nd time sure)
3: the screen this old has CCFL backlamps that are now NO GOOD. (very expensive to fix and why most of this pre 2010 junk PCs are not in the Recycle bin(trash) RIP junk.
4: the fan is dead, all are packed in lint this old, or there is no power to it, see #1

when #3 happens the PC can go totally nuts.
random odd and gross failures of any kind.
even a dead PC. The RTC battery is NOT OPTIONAL ever.

RTC means real time clock chip and NVRAM backup battery.
if dead bad things happen. most die in about 5 to 7 years.
even the Copper tops , say that, makers.

Compaq Evo N800V... | 34 views | 0 helpful votes

Find below the controller components for Identification purpose.
1.Port E1

The Port E1 and E2 connectors is made up of single mini SAS HD connector which can take two mini SAS Hard disk or single SAS Hard disk while the cache module connects to a capacitor pack and cache module connects to a battery
-SAS HD receptacle connector, which can
accept either two Mini
-SAS HD 4x plug connectors or a single Mini
x plug connector.
**The 2 GiB cache module connects to a capacitor pack. The 4 GiB cache module connects to a battery pack

4.Battery /capacitor pack cable connector

smart array 431 raid controller card-0merpufmz0rxpqnykc4eyfz5-3-0.png

Compaq Computers... | 91 views | 0 helpful votes

what PC, non stated , only that old monitor
that monitor is 16 years old today, wow , 99% are dead now
long ago, dead when the CCFL lamps burned out long ago
you be lucky it works at all, a fact.
no the USB port is not sound, but they sell USB speakers and head phones that have its own sound system (CHIP_) total that replaces
the sound in your unstated PC, (but is topic 2 not #1)

lets do sound blind, I cant see your pC can I, no photos
or names or models or what cables are attached can I, now.

so sound 101: day: (forget USB for now, ok?)
1: my guess is desktop of some kind, (i use a monitor on a laptop)
2: remove all usb devices now, cept keyboard and mouse.
3: now see rear of PC, see those 3 or more 3.5mm phone jacks.?
sure, see that green round phone jack, that is LINE out.
1.5mm diameter it is, (no set of pins , no USB this)
if you connect ear buds or a real phone jack head phones this works now, (does it , bugs are 1 buck at the dollar store)

eg: click control panel of your unstated windows, click sound
click speakers, mine has many speakers to chose, 7.1, but if old PC it has one speaker click that,. (mine is fancy express sound card,with surround sound, so can yours if you buy the card)
then click tab called,sounds , see asterisk. and test button
this is the best way to test sound first. only this.
This is built in to all windows made. all.
and always works if the sound driver is present.

if the test button fails to work at all. is gray out that is windows way of telling you the sound driver is borked up, missing or corrupted, one of my PC run linux, so.... that be different...

lets say you get this far, ok?
4: lets say a real head phone works on the 1green jack. it must.
forget USB for now, that is advanced stuff that MS does not support but can function good with hard work later.
5: now that monitor or any external speakers sold are all ampified speaker,, no they are NOT just speaker with only a voice coil inside. not at all.
the monitor needs that 3.5mm cable attached,
the amp in the monitor must be accessed, just like real exteral speakers that same do.
on the monitor,here I will read your manual to you now.
so can you why not do that first??????
6:push the menu button on the monitor to get to sound volume/
the FP5012 as a 2watt amp inside that can fail
or someone reset the monitor and the reset puts volume to 0
the jack is named on mon.
1 x audio - input - mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm - 1

why not just by new external speaker kit (amplified for PC)?
spend like $10?

i found your manual, want it? push center button now.
push menu choice (OSD) 5 , for sound volume
bingo? page 15, in dah manual.
omg, its got its own button on front of mon.
its not in the OSD on this monitor as is most.

end stock sound systems.
USB is a totally different and more complex topic,
as all USB devices can be, MS even has a warning on the use of these usb sound devices, ask and can send it to you
in short MS says zero support on them ask your vender for that.

do not run onboard sound with USB sound or they will fight each other, until you learn how to control that, ask. we do it all the time here.
ok here is the V button set, below. if this fails
and buds work, the monitor is BAD.
if the buds fail the PC is messed up, (USB not used)
cost of testing $1 (buds)

v-y5lcaykkf42lwqqbpm0ein5s-3-0.jpg buds means ear buds, sold in just about all stores now.
for nada, get some keep them handy of cheap testing.

Compaq FP 5017... | 62 views | 0 helpful votes

You may try pressing and holding the power on switch for ten seconds after removing power and the cmos battery

Compaq Computers... | 178 views | 0 helpful votes

you have so many posts with computer issues.!
if I had that id go back to pencil and paper. LOL

what mouse, ? a USB mouse or the MOUSE pad.?>
tell what Persario it is, lots of models made.
it has model number for sure use that everytime you post
and tell what OS it running there solutions all depend that.
and what mouse you own.
my guess some Lenovo USB mouse

A Persario name is a desktop and a lamptop
it has no fixed form,, that work
answer for say a desktop, no mouse pad laptop
I guess running windows XP the virus magnet and is infected
or the mouse is bad, try doing this.
1: try that bad mouse a good pc.
2: try a good PC mouse on the bad PC.
see?? hardware is eliminated from the cause.
or if all mice fail ,that is bad Software.
top reason bad mouse driver.
but if XP , the online drivers are gone now.
so tell
what PC this is
what OS this is
and answers can focus way better. ok?

the control panel has mouse icon click that and test the mouse.
it has a click speed test there, try that,?
in device manager is the mouse driver bad>?

Compaq Computers... | 93 views | 0 helpful votes

why not do like all others did back in 2010 upgrade to LED LCD
frankly your lucky it glows at all and not catch fire.
unplug it from the wall
for say 1hr and try again.
lock might happen.
like this, enter the 21 century bold and new, and hope.

Compaq FS 7550... | 39 views | 0 helpful votes

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