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the monitor is bad.
its CRT monitor.
only googling find relic schmematics
you do know right the 2nd anode is at 15,000 volts right?
and that is lethal , right>?
zero 2nd chances.

no photos by you, so no answers ever possible on CRTs.
it works like old TVs did, only uses, different cathode drive
called DATA. (no tuner or radios inside, like TV)
the lines are my guess, caps bad in the Horizontal or vertical drivers for the yoke coils.
do not get killed playing with HV ok?

Compaq V700 17"... | 82 views | 0 helpful votes

its and HP, HP owns COMPAQ, all of it. for vast years.

well it can only be these reasons, on this very old PC.
its now not supported
then you post lacking what OS you are running, making accurate answers impossible , so go to GENERIC mode.
my guess the virus magnet called XP with zero support for 3 years./
  1. its infected, with virus, or that virus corrpted the OS.
  2. the wifi car is bad, seen many bad this old, it happens.
  3. BIOS has it turned off, sorry there are no bios books to answer that now, HP deleted them due to too old. after 10 years.
  4. The software for the wifi , is 2 fold, the wifi driver must be good and the driver that makes the amber button must be good.
  5. by good, it must match the OS you run. unstated by you.
that amber means 2 things, im in airplane mode, (no its dead.)
means the driver is dead, or the chip is dead. or....

the chip will be dead if BIOS has it DISABLED in all cases.
was this the real model>???


if you study PCs and for sure study chips in them
you learn fast that the wifi card (or minipci ) or what ever is there can be made by many suppliers. Intel,,Realtek, , Broadcom, and more.
HP (old compaq) used many of them throughout a production run
some runs ran many long years, even 5 years
and they also have wifi+blutooth option cards, got bluetootH?

what is in your PC only HP knows, by SERIAL numbers
I know because I have PCI scanner, that i can run on your PC.
I run the scanner and see the Intel chip and model there

but is here.
lets say , you said W7 32 bit then at you found your page
took me 1min to do that.

yup in fact has lots of chips. used on this PC, see that fact here

why not ask real HP for help.
and not here, we are not HP. not in the least.

after BIOS is on for this......!!!!

there 5 ways to cure this in a savvy shop
1: PCI scaner, tells me in 1min flat all chips inside, (wow)
2: ask HP with your serial number stated.
3: run each wifi driver and see all but one fail. (tedios but works)
4: remove all hatches, find the wifi card, read the name on it, , now you know what it is so the driver match is easy,
5: PNP it. (using the internet)
6: use the F11 key a powerup and reload the whole OS from scratch,and bam it works (bios not off)

keep in mind PNP cant work unless, you have internet.,
wifi dead, is no internet so PNP is dead. easy no?

if you used a ethernet cable from LT to your router, bingo?
and then saw gee i got internet now.
and then did wifi update in device manager you might get lucky.
luck happens, but with XP , rare.

im sure the DM , device manager shows the wifi dead.

why not post saying OS first.
then ask for wifi fix help
and have and ethernet cable in your and first.
or other pc to get drivers.
there is no other way.

looks like 5 chips used on 1 PC.
see? see that ?
its always a problem this

I neversweat this.
I use this tool to find my wifi chip, run scanner then use Database lookup seen there to find true chips name, Boardcom 1234 or ?

last and not least and the most hard of all are BIOS BOOKs.
wifi is not simple at all is it, its the most hard topic of all.
for sure connecting.
im reading you hp BIOS pages now, in the manual, called HP Setup by HP, using the hot key ESC.

first turn off this.
LAN Power Saving (select models only) (means off on battery)
if on and pC is on battery , the wifi is shut off, if this is present.

read page 99 see that wlan, on off, BINGO
under built in device options in BIOS screens
WLAN Power Saving (select models only)
in the HP service guide bingo

Compaq Presario... | 439 views | 0 helpful votes

key board dead , correct. ? even the caps lock key will not toggle its led.
my guess is you bought a clone keyboard from china, on fleabay
and its dead. as many are, some are wired wrong.
the ribbon cable on mine fits to a special connector that likes to break easy, is your broken this locking jack there?
is it plugged in upside down?
why did you buy a keyboard. was the other dead.
when did the keyboard fail. list week last year, or never
i bought it for cheap with dead kbd....
there is no HP drivers, HP retired this old PC, after 10 years.
so what makes you sure your non HP drivers are any good.?
NO OS stated, not even a clue. XP?
what I'd do , us boot to a Knoppix v7 live boot(dvd/usbstic)(linux)
if the keyboard fails NOW, then its bad KBD. or the jack cable or connector there, (or inserted wrong) or damage. there.
buffer chip is blown up with ESD events. (electrostatic discharges)

is the keyboard dead in BIOS
on ours we hit ESC or F10 and BIOS screens pop
power on hammer ESC or F10 or what the screen tells you to hit.
the go in to BIOS screens, now test the keyboard.
using say the arrow keys to navigate the BIOS menus
if the ESC and F10 key are dead that is a bad keyboard.
what must work here is the electronics.
  1. correct keyboard, some clones will never work.
  2. cable not damaged
  3. cable not upside down
  4. connector there not damage the lock not broken,(easy)
  5. the MOBO buffer chip not ESD damaged.
  6. BINGO BIOS now works by key commands

Compaq Presario... | 130 views | 0 helpful votes

Had same issue. Using device manager uninstall the wi fi chip and reboot. When computer restarts you will then be told that there are networks available - select your network, enter your password and it should work!!

Compaq Evo... | 210 views | 0 helpful votes

all that to say the built in keyboard is dead.?

please tell what it does and does, not do...
lets stick to simple first. notepad wins SIMPLE hands down.!
try usb standard keyboard yet?
it must work .
this helps prove what's failing,
i take it a mouse works USB and then built in pad right?
if not the OS is corrupted.

or the run box.
you click start button, and then click run or search
and the keyboard is dead.
i think there is switch for turning on the screen keyboard (virtual )
that may be turned on, but you'd see that clear as day on the screen.
so in effect there are 3 keyboad.
the screen keyboard.
the main kbd
and a desktop usb keyboard.
which work and not, tell the reason, why.

if all were dead,then the OS is corrupted.

Compaq Computers... | 44 views | 0 helpful votes

Basically "disconnect" WiFi and then reconnect but select which one, in your case yours. You might have to enter a password if you have set up such I should be good to go.
For more detailed and specific information I would need to know more such as operating system device types Etc.

Compaq Evo N600C... | 35 views | 0 helpful votes

its old and old pc have problems, just like cars.
a desktop
NO OS stated, came with VISTA. (a dead OS now)
no monitor stated,?
series 5000 is obsolete, and near worthless.
the unstated monitor is first.
if the OSD screens is dead?, yes then the monitor the monitor is BAD

all monitors 2000 year and newer have OSD
the OSD is the monitors brain inside
you push the menu button on the front and behold , this.
this pc has onboard GPU/VGA chip (unless upgraded to PCI slot VGA)
a key missing fact if true. (but is possible)
if running and old CRT monitor , do tell which one (model number)
here are all simple tests on that monitor.

Compaq Presario... | 88 views | 0 helpful votes

why ask here, and not at hp. how odd that.....
this is not HP its a public chat box.
here is the correct place to ask, (for SURE)

Compaq Computers... | 191 views | 0 helpful votes

double posted why, read other post
there is reason to do 2 posts, 1 problem ever.
no lamps stated, ether,

Compaq Computers... | 131 views | 0 helpful votes

I suggest replacing the fans with new fans. Fans do expire and they need to be replaced.

Compaq Evo D300s... | 63 views | 0 helpful votes

old compaq. LAPTOP,, 14 years old now, Im amazed it even glows at all with CCFL lamps not dead, wow.. its like a musiem piece.
(sorry , grin) (back ground lamps CCFL)
NO OS stated by you , XP, ????? why must helpers beg?

and wifi , (difficult that)
it's not wifi, its just that you use wifi most the time ,SEE? right?
in fact we could remove the wifi module. and prove that.
disabling wifi is airplane mode, (todays jargon) but means the wifi transmitter is now OFF (airplane safe is THAT)

the blue screens tell a lot, and no posted photo of one by you.
BSODs we call those blue screens of *****
XP love to do that. (even with Bill Gates on stage) LOL
BSOD are hard. Im sure it says 2 words, HALT and DUMP !
here is a list of causes.... for sure 14year old relics (legacy junk)

  1. the main battery inside is bad or shorted, remove it run AC , does it, wow, it does, problem solved in minutes flat.
  2. the Inverter is shorted (CCFL card) and bom, BSOD
  3. bad RAM, BSOD XP fast , try 1 stick at a time.
  4. Bad HDD< can corrupte files and XP BSODS in a blink !
  5. any thing shorted, remove all usb devices yet?
  6. remove extra ram. , unplug CD drive?

all techs know rule 1,
is it hardware or software, (this is alway first after #1 above done)
to do that we open the CD tray, insert our free LIVE LINUX CD
and boot to linux
wow it runs for hours ok, proving what, HARDWARE IS BAD
if Linux fails its bad hardware (running period correct disk)
if linux runs i next do a full HDD test, using the great linux program there to do that.

or take that handy dandy, Compac (now HP) 3 disk install disks
set and load disk one, does that run? ok
even full restore. or does it show HDD errors.? oops HDD is bad.

the BSODs are really what.
it means the PC attempted to run and ******* instruction.
in simple terms, it means a program is corrupted.
or tried to do ******* things with memory.
that is why test test the PC with a boot CD to see if the PC is ok.

mr wifi real.
sure this can short, but if it is removed and it still BSODs
its not this card, its other cards, shorted. or not at all. cards.
we call this mini-PCI slot card.


Compaq Computers... | 43 views | 0 helpful votes

how'd you do 2012 post then 2017,
some one needs new clock battery , LOL

Compaq Presario... | 57 views | 0 helpful votes

You need to change the user name and password from your grandson to new ones for you.

Compaq Computers... | 36 views | 0 helpful votes

no PC stated at all, ?
(no OS stated? operation system is it windows 95?)
is the jack purple as it must be PS2 keyboard.
Green is PS2 mouse.
so is this a HP PC (unstated) jacked in to a Packard bell PS2 keyboard. possible causes are:

  1. bad keyboard, gee it's a relic how can it be good.
  2. Windows, set to wrong country keyboard setting
  3. Plugged into the Mouse jack green oops wrong. purple good.
  4. Packard bell not using IBM codes for keys and will never work on any PC but the PB PC it came off of.use a real USB keyboard? for $3 and end this?
  5. here are the official IBM PS2, scan codes.below link.
  6. if packard bell used there own key codes then the keyboard is junk on any HP PC, made. (some old makers did
  7. Know that Packard bell is not Hewlett Packard, (one is dead)

[link 1]

i'd advise testing PB keybrd on other PC but who in the world has PS2 PC in year 2017. I cant imagine it.... ever.

Compaq Keyboard | 153 views | 0 helpful votes

Might be worth trying the device manager to see if a driver is lurking on the internet somewhere.

If not it should be possible to update your sound card. Inserting a card into an expansion slot should switch off any integrated audio.

Compaq Computers... | 88 views | 0 helpful votes

Compaq MV 540 (old dog monitors) DEAD 100% DEAD.
OSD dead too. it seems.
built in year 2000, its 17 years old, and you fix things that old
why> why do that, used LCD can be had for 20 bucks.
why slave over any relic CRT like this,,, for a musiem??
using the VGA cable
the monitor will go to sleep, lacking any PC sync lines Vert/horz
by design per VESA rules on that !
step one , use a PC.
set the PC up to do the max resolution on the CRT
some PC cant do that, (new PC)
im reading your users guide now, 1sec, google , hit.
first force the PC to 1024x768 resolution and 60 vert. refresh max.
now the CRT can work an not any of above number higher .
see? use working monitor to do that FIRST.

now plug in the vga,cable last. on the monitor under test.

power led means
green = power ok
amber or yellow are sleep or standby.
so that means, there is no sync.
or if the OSD works (does it>) turn the silly sleep timer off in the monitor. via OSD .

the operators guide, tells you to go to PC safe mode.
this mode sets reso real low. 800x600 and all monitors work there.
no sleep timer inside monitor i can find.,

lots of ways for any CRT to fail even the CRT itself
(loss of sweep)
loss of cathode video drive
the VGA card inside, can fail. killing dead all cathod drive.
the power supplies or regs inside can fail.
the HV can fail. 10,000 volts (dont touch it if long life is good)
some survive, or fly back hit head on wall and crush skull,
seen it and done it so,,, there you go.(ripped gash in arm once)
the 2nd anode is very high voltage, avoid it, and win,.
respect it.

Compaq MV 540... | 34 views | 0 helpful votes

those are blink codes, learn to count them.
if you pulled the CPU i bet you that you used the wrong heat sink compound.
The CPU shuts off all by itself if too hot. your job is to get the fan working and the heat sink working and that thermal compound right.
as the blink codes we are not HP here, ever

Compaq Presario... | 586 views | 1 helpful votes

I love posts that use haywire words...
old Cq61 (310us) is it a 310? for sure, as the service tag shows?
no photo of screens, i can promise you that missing photo
is worth 1000 words !
does it run with them main battery out on line power AC?
it must for as long as you want too.

my guess, besides above test 1 on all laptops
is to
make sure its not overheating. and fan blows, and fan is not packed in lint if the GPU chip overheats it can go nuts. all can,.
we run temp monitor program that lets me see all that.
but im not teaching that now.
this PC has an LED screen so is very good.
but if hit, they break easy, super easy. kids playing thowing things at the screen or dropped PC.

The pC has and external VGA jack to test the PC on any VGA desktop monitor.. (barrow one for a day)

Compaq Presario... | 25 views | 0 helpful votes

what compaq use real models numbers clearly.
panel sounds desktop like.
ever heard of PC repair shop.
we have
1.1 Bilion Computers. on earth now.
guess what , vast numbers of shops with certified technicians
every where, on earth, were there are people.

is the screen dead, ? no text ever, and BIOS dead.
if a desktop the PSU is dead.

Compaq Computers... | 302 views | 0 helpful votes

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