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Press # when handset is not in use and hold for several seconds. Repeat on any other handset experiencing problem. Do not disturb will be off and phone will ring.

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If I get desperate I open the phone with small screwdriver and pry it open. Undo internal battery replace and if that doesn't work I've reset the brains by clearing inside dust and pressing buttons with screwdriver tip to sort of short circuit and reset the brains! I figure it's not working properly anyway it might ! It did.

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El telefono suena una alarma desde la base durante un minuto. Para silenciarlo no responde a ningun comando. El problema es que lo tengo en modo silencio usando # por nueve horas y la alarma se dispara a las 2: 16 am.
Favor envieme algun procedimiento para silenciar.
Funciono sin problemas durante un mes.


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Try Googling (ge)(25899ge3-a)(manual) without parens to get instructions.

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Go to the manufactures' website for help.If you can't do it from the menu

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it can be a broadband problem, it might be the filter on your line that is causing the problem, a hum or strange sounds on the line usell cause a drop in calls but sometimes if the filter has fault it will interfere with calls in other ways.

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My Mom had this same problem.   I found these instructions on Uniden's website (uniden.com) under the "Owner Manuel" section.

Here you go - good luck!

Using the Speed Dial Memory 
Storing Numbers in Speed Dial Memory 
Your cordless phone can store up to ten numbers (up to 20 digits each) in the speed dial 
memory. To store number in memory: 
1) When the phone is in standby, press [memory]. The talk/batt low LED flashes. 
2) Use the keypad to enter the phone number. 
 (To enter a 2-second pause between numbers, press [redial/ 
pause]. Each pause counts as a digit. ) 
3) Press [memory] again. 
4) Select the speed dial location where you would like to store the 
number ( [0] to [9] ). You will hear a confirmation tone indicating 
that the number has been stored. 
• Storing a number to a speed dial location will 
overwrite the any previously stored number without 
• When storing numbers into memory and the handset is idle (i.e., no key is 
pressed) for more than 0 seconds, it will beep rapidly, and then the phone 
will return to standby. 
Dialing a Stored Number 
1) When the phone is in standby, press [talk], and listen for a dial tone. 
2) Press [memory] and enter the speed dial entry ([0] – [9]) that has the stored number 
you want to dial. (If you enter a digit that does not contain a stored number, the 
handset will beep rapidly, and the phone will not dial.) 
Chain Dialing 
The speed dial memory is not limited to phone numbers. You can store any number (up 
to 20 digits) that you need to enter once your call connects. This is referred to as Chain 
Dialing. An example is a frequently refilled prescription number. Store your pharmacy 
phone number in one speed dial and your most frequently refilled prescription number 
as another speed dial. To use, once you ring your pharmacy's automated prescription 
line, simply press [memory] and the speed dial number where you stored your account 
Erasing a Stored Number from Memory 
1) With the phone in standby, press [memory] twice. 
2) Press the number of the speed dial entry. A tone indicates that the stored number is 
erased from memory. 

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buy a new phone

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need a make and model to help here

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perhaps that is why it quit working no electronic equipment I ever had liked water . just buy a different phone for use there

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Search for a contact

Press the open Menu button
Use the arrow keys to select Personal. Press OK.
Use the arrow keys to select Options. Press OK.
Enter the first letter of the name you are searching, e.g. K
The first name found with the letter K is displayed
If you are looking for a name that begins with Kr, also enter the second letter in the search field:
The first name with the initial letters Kr is displayed
Use the arrow keys to find the name
Press OK to select and call the contact

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just go out and buy a new battery for the item
remember battery life depends on the data download usage so if you are a big fan of movies and the like , the battery life will be short

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Put some WD40 on a cloth and rub all the contacts to make sure they are clean. Also clean the inside surfaces of the cradle base to make sure the phone goes all the way in. Contacts are sometimes spring loaded, spray WD40 into them.

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On the back of your internet box,theres a hole,put a writing pen in hole and reset it,all the lights on box will go out,then come back on,happens to me sometimes,I have Mediacom.

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question is are you running a pc and router/ modem on the same land line
if so you will need the line filters to the phone base
the computer data is transferred by the same land line and there is every possibility that the different frequencies is what is causing the static
reference from a uniden trouble shooter ( will be common as the phones use the same medium)
lots of noise or static on the line === possible solutions --check for interference from appliances ( microwave , tv etc ) or wireless devices ( baby monitors wifi equipment etc)
move the handset base away from the source
if you have any device that uses the phone line , add a DSL or telephone line filter to the system

it is possible from the times you state that the interference could be coming form a neighbour or further down the line so the filter may be the option
available from phone shops or places like JAYCAR

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Try resetting the all the handsets by removing all the batteries for one minute. Then, put them back in and try it. This may reset the units. Also, check the batteries to make sure they are still good. You don't mention what kind of handset you have, but I think many of the different brands have built in voicemail. Are you sure you are not using the service voicemail instead of the handset voicemail?

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check power ?
Is Ac - DC converter pack plugged into power point ?
Is the DC plug plugged into the phone ?
does power point work ?

Check correct dc voltage being produced from the AC - DC power pack converter ?

Isolate other phones on other extensinos to see if uniden is cause or not of no dial tone.
You may have another phone off hook and phone line has timed out .

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