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You have to check battery terminal for looseness, also you have

to clean them carefully to remove any dust of carbon buildup

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Things to check
Remove the spark plugs and read them, they should all have a dry tip and be clean from any carbon, oil or fuel.
Usually if burning fuel properly they will have a brown or whitish looking tint from burned carbon.

If any of the plugs look wet or black or dirty looking different from the others the problem is with that cylinder, change all the plugs and see if that helps, the next lease expensive thing is replacing the plug wires.If your fouling plugs ask your parts store for 1 number hotter plug ( heat range)

Plug Wires;
Open the hood at night with the engine running and see if you find any blue looking arcing around or in the wires, if so replace the wires.

Fuel Injectors
If all above looks good your fuel injectors might be dirty or one might not be working. You could try an injector cleaner mixed in with your gas

A rough idle comes from one or more cylinders not firing as hard as the others or not at all, there are so many causes for this so you have to troubleshoot with the lease expensive fix first.

Another thing is water in the gas, you can pour plain ole rubbing alcohol in your gas tank if you suspect water in your gas. alcohol mixes with the water and makes it burn instead of mis firing.

One more thing that can cause rough idle is your valves, this requires a compression check on each cylinder. If one cylinder has less compression than the rest remove the compression tester and squirt some engine oil in the cylinder then re test, if the compression increases it is bad rings or a bad cylinder bore, if not it is a valve problem.

Oil seals around the piston increasing the compression temporarily while testing but makes no difference in testing if the valves are leaking.

Good Luck,... troubleshooting and patience, or a good mechanic is the solution if you are working with neither

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behind left side of dash

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I installed a qr20in a honda stream an need to connect the electronic excelarator pedal wires to the ecu

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Use Nissan Altima Automatic Transmission Fluid and it should hold about 10 quarts total. I would fill with 9 quarts and start the engine and circulate the fluid. Check the fluid level and add what you need.

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You might want to try and reverse flush the heater matrix. This is the small radiator within the heater. To do this find the two hoses that lead away from the engine compartment to the bulkhead of the car. Undo them both from whatever joints you can find, you will get some coolant loss. Get a garden hose and turn on the water and allow the water to push through the matrix. Do this in both directions ie into both of the loose hoses then reconnect the original hoses top up the coolant, Don't forget to add antifreeze and hopefully a working heater.

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no. typically the whole engine is lowered out with the trans attached then separated.

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Ignore me if I am wrong, but I believe the timing is ECU defined and non-adjustable. To confirm, it has a crank position sensor.

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I know of no reason why you shouldn't do that and I have seen cars with a loose ribbon cable in the boot...

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What year?

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There are atleast 2 fuse boxes in most vehicle's one in the cab typically under the dash somewhere and one in the engine compartment the exact layout of the fuses and relay's in this boxes depends on the make and model of the car but diagrams detailing the layouts can be found in the owners manual. Good luck

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How To Change The Serpentine Accessory Belt On Nissan Maxima Altima Etc

Nissan Drive Belt Tensioner and Belt Replacement 3 5 Front Wheel Drive

There are several videos on how to change out the serpentine belt For more info just do a web search " 2002 Nissan Altima serpentine belt replacement".

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that seems to have been 5 years ago . get a mechanic to check it for you

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VERY interesting ... Rodney2764,

I HAVE seen similar issues before...

Everything else seems to be good. I would be
thinking about having an EXHAUST shop look
for a loose MUFFLER baffle or collapsing

A rusted or loose part inside can COMPLETELY

It is not a COMMON trouble... but certainly worth
the look (while you are mobile (my opinion...
RATHER than WASTING time & money
buying A WHOLE lot of UNNECESSARY oxygen
( get mistakenly replaced )...

(( from "FREE" code readings )).

((( really difficult to resolve when you are immobile ))).

Hope this helps...

Carnac the Magnificent

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Yes, there is a way to reprogram your car to lock the doors when the gear selector is put into Drive.
Follow this site for a complete step by step re-program of the door locks:

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Blinking means that the problem is so bad that it can damage the engine if you drive it. You need to get a code reader from an autoparts store and read the codes to see what the issue is.

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My 2012 maxima has a light on the display saying 2.5h and I have no idea what’s it means

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Heater core may be clogged. Try flushing it to see if water flows through freely. Also check the heater water control valve for restrictions.

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You just go to the link I attached I'm sure you will get the solution of your problem
2002 Nissan Altima

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