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An adjustment need to be made on both of your slides. Depending on the type of slide, the adjustment would need to be done on the lower outside or by inside through the cabinet and under the bed. Making the adjustments are not difficult, getting to the adjustment points may be another story. One important point is to be careful to NOT over extend the slide, this can put excessive pressure on the wall and cause the fiberglass on the exterior to crack. I found out the hard way. Wether the points for adjustment are on the inside or outside, most likely it will be a combination of push bolt with a locking nut. You will need to adjust the lower part of the slide towards the inside to even up the gap. If you can get an actual measurement of the gap, you will want the bottom gap to be just slightly larger; roughly 1-2 mm or 1/16 to 1/8". Once the gap is corrected, now you will have to make an adjustment on the screw drive or worm gear to adjust how far out the slide moves. For an older unit, like my previous 5th wheel, it was easier to remove the anchor bolts from the floor, manually push the slide out to make the slide flush and then re-anchor the drive. However you may end up adjusting, make sure you do everything slow and gradual, keeping everything even.

When I upgraded my bed from a queen to a king, I had to adjust the entire motor assembly to have it centered on the slide for even pressure. While you have your tools out and working on this, take a few extra minutes to evaluate the foam seal gasket around the inside of the slide. If you see any tears or cracks, no matter how small, go ahead and replace it now to save you time and energy later and prevent outside elements from getting in.

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You'll probably have to crawl under and trace where they go. You could possibly put some dye in one of the grey water tanks (ie: the kitchen sink drain or bathroom sink or shower drain) to figure out where it comes from. The black tank is your toilet drain. It always has the larger diameter pipe going to the valve (usually 2 or 3 inch diameter) The grey water tubing is usually 1 1/2 inch tubing.

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If they are blade valves (a T-handle that you pull out and push in) then they are probably your black water (the largest diameter one) and grey water. The third is probably a 2nd black water tank if you have a bath and a half. They often have a separate black water tank.

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It could be part of the DC fuse panel if there is a metal access cover door on it. Otherwise it will be near the battery.

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Contact your local service center directly or online here:

Contact Us Family RV Jayco Inc


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take the camper to a jayco service center and get the correct replacement items for that camper
then it is a matter of removing all the fitting strips to allow removal of the old canvas and the fitment of the new items
a clue her is to when the new canvas id fitted is to leave the camper opened up and to wet the new canvas with silicon fluid and allow it to dry put before folding it away
why , it stops water coming through the canvas when touched in the rain and prevents mould if folded away when wet

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if bulb good check for voltage at socket maybe corroded if no voltage start checking for loose wires

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bad sensor or look to see if light switch for steps is on

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possibly the cable broke on it .

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check for hot wire with cut in insulation either by frame or going through frame probably red or black wire also check lights and plug

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I am guessing this is the link to the manual you are looking for :

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Hi Barry,
I think that you will find that the TV is secured to the wall mount by a number of screws/bolts which pass up through the "shelf" and into holes which are moulded into the base of the TV. Removing them should do the trick. However, make sure that you disconnect from the power outlet. Also, depending on the TV, weight can be a problem. Make sure that the TV is supported while you release it from the wall mount. Get a second person to help.

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Sounds to me like your break-away key has pulled out! Make sure your break-away key is FULLY IN PLACE, and that the break-away switch hasn't simply failed.

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De winterizing is easy. They use a pink antifreeze which is food grade. Make surer the water heater is not by-passed. This is sometimes done using furnished bypass valves so that less antifreeze is needed. You can flip the water heater pressure release after connecting to city water. Water will come out if it is full. Do NOT turn on the water heater until you are certain the tank is full of water so as not to burn out the element. (This is true every time you set up) Run all faucets until you no longer see pink and you are de winterized.

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Get online and contact the manufacturer.

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RV manufacturers dont issue an owners manual per se. There may be a generic one and if so latest should be on their website. They do bundle the manuals for all of the appliances and hopefully you have this or can look up on the internet anyone that you need. Best source is probably the owners forum. Suggest you join and ask fellow owners any questions you might have.


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I get off internet I put model number what it is and search owners manual for it

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Any more they could be in numerous places but look for a brown cover/door usually. Look low, such as under fridge, under bench seats, as well as on wall in bathroom, bedrooms etc.

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Chance s . Are to much water pressure . Install a pressure gauge at your inlet .
One other this you might do # 1. Tun off water go to your hand pump and unscrew your faucet that looks like a jay or hook . This is where your water comes out . Once removed the tab you push will also come loose with a little jiggling . Their is a all thread with a adjusting nut . Just turn it onev time . Put it back together and test .

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