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If the power shuts off during game play or resets after 30 minutes after the system is turned on then turns off and won't turn back on or the fan isn't working, the system needs to be repaired then. This problem that you have might be the fan thats causing this problem then.

Nintendo... | Answered on Oct 27, 2018

  • Power Light Shuts Off
    If the power shuts off during game play (even as much as 30 minutes after the system is turned on), then turns off and won't turn back on or the fan isn't working, the system needs repair.
  • Nintendo... | Answered on Oct 27, 2018

    There have been a couple of flaws in how the Wii reads Gamecube games, so this could be for a couple of reasons.
    1. Some games simply just cant be read on the Wii, but it is completely determined by the game...not the Wii. This is a flaw found in mostly Gamecube games and sometimes Wii games. I have heard of Super Smash Brothers Brawl not working on certain Wii's. In your case, with Mario Kart Double Dash, it could just be that the game simply cannot be read. If this is true, then there is nothing that can be done. (You can test this by putting the game in somebody else's Wii)
    2. A more common problem is scratches or fingerprints. If this is the case, then get scratch removal at the store. If you don't want to, then toothpaste will sometimes work.
    3. If all else fails...read the instructions booklet.

    Nintendo... | Answered on Sep 03, 2018

    No Game Disc:
    This error can occur when the Game Disc has been removed while the system is on and then the Disc Cover is closed. Follow these troubleshooting steps:
    1. Ensure the game is inserted correctly. With the power turned off on the system, replace the Game Disc in the system, printed side up. Press down gently on the Game Disc until it locks on the center hub. Close the Disc Cover and press the power button ON to see if the game comes on the screen.
    2. Determine if this happens with more than one game by inserting a different game into the system.
    If the error occurs with all games, follow the Multiple Game Disc troubleshooting.
    If the error occurs with only one game, follow the individual game disc troubleshooting

    Nintendo... | Answered on Nov 14, 2017

    well I was playing my super Nintendo console on video 2 and I noticed that it was in black, grey and white then. So I had tried it on video 1 and it was in color. It could be the pieces where you put the av cables in or try buying a new av cable and a new rf switch then. Well the tv could be having issues then. Call a tv repair person and explain the issue maybe they can help. Do not try and fix the tv your self becuase it can cause fatalities I do not think that the graphics piece is dying but you never know.

    Nintendo... | Answered on Mar 22, 2016

    This is an all to often problem. I have had the same problem with my [music] CD's that have skipped tracks. There are many commercial disk cleaners on the market that will get the job done, though since gamecube disks are smaller than typical CD's, you might have to find a special kind of disk cleaner.
    Though, you should know that these cleaners will typically only remove surface scratches, and that any deep scratches that may have made data unreadable can not, and will not be fixed.
    Here is the typical disk cleaner, at a modest price.
    And here is a specific game disk cleaner, at a much higher price.

    Nintendo... | Answered on Mar 05, 2016

    you can clean the disks using tap water and then drying with soft cloth have you tried a lense cleaner to clean the laser on the cube get a good brand one not a cheap one also you can buy a disk cleaner that gently takes the scratches out of cds and gets them as new but you will have to shop around to get one but these work on anything cd dvd games the lot so deff worth having one as lots of people throw out dvds cd and games due to the scratches stopping them working but remember the data on a disk isnt on the plastic it is on the layey the other side of plastic the plastic is their to protect the data getting damaged so removing the scratches does not damage the disk if you have scratches this will affect the disk because the laser cant read through the scratch so polishing these scratches out will make the disk as new not many people know you can do this so consider yourself having privalaged info hope this is some help to you but you might have to ask arround for a disk repair so good luck you could even charge people to repair their disks and games this works for anything on a cd style disk.........................................................

    Nintendo... | Answered on Mar 05, 2016

    The Intec Gamecube screen requires both a 12 volt DC input and the AV input. The larger connection is the AV cable which plugs into the back of the Gamecube console. The smaller round cable is the 12 volt DC input cable that goes to the power source for your screen. The solution is to either get the original splitter cable that splits the DC power to the screen and the Gamecube, or use separate 12 v DC inputs for each device. These original Intec splitter cables are rare and are not cheap, and the only place I have found them for sale is at the NES Repair Shop:


    The only other solution is having separate 12 v input cables for the screen and the Gamecube. And finding the right size (very small) is also a task.

    Nintendo... | Answered on Feb 08, 2016

    take it apart and replace broken parts

    Nintendo... | Answered on Jul 09, 2015

    You can either replace the joystick controller module if you are handy with soldering, or you can send/take it to a repair shop and they will do it. Those are the only two ways to fixing a loose gamecube controller.

    Nintendo... | Answered on Mar 12, 2015

    1. Ensure the games are being loaded properly. With the power turned off on the system, replace a Game Disc (printed side up) in the system, press down gently on the Game Disc until it locks on the center hub. Close the Disc Cover and press the power button ON to see if the game comes on the screen. Try this with a few of your games.
    If Troubleshooting doesn't fix the problem, and it is happening with all your games, then your system will need repair. Check out our convenient repair options.

    Nintendo... | Answered on Nov 26, 2014

    http://www.wikihow.com/Solve-a-Rubik's-Cube-(Easy-Move-Notation) would be a good place to start

    Nintendo... | Answered on Nov 09, 2014

    Some of the early Nintendo GameCube Systems released were prone to overheating, especially if played or left on on for a long period of time. If the problem is merely the cooler fan being congested with dust or pet hair, a simple cleaning will suffice. But if a clean fan and open air does not fix the problem, then there is heat damage done to the chips and you should replace the board (cheaper than replacing individual chips). You can pick up the Gamecube Motherboard CPU and Heatsink (analog type as well as the double digital & analog output) for around $15 to $20 dollars. They are pretty easy to install with just a couple screwdrivers and the bit used to open the Gamcube case. You can find them at nesrepairshop.com.

    The best way to avoid overheating in your Gamecube in the first place is to make sure that your system is placed in the open where the vents on the side are not blocked from receiving free air flow. You should also check these vents periodically to make sure they are not full of dust or other blockage. If there is dust in the vents, you can use a vacuum cleaner with small corner or upholstery attachment to pull it out. But "never" us canned or compressed air as that will inevitably cause problems with circuitry, moving parts or the laser. I also use the additional little Dream Gear Digi fans that easily attach to the side to add additional cooling. These work great.

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    Nintendo... | Answered on Sep 18, 2014

    Power is on..orange light..one button is power one is reset.. it is normal though nothing wrong with your GameCube

    Nintendo... | Answered on Aug 18, 2014

    Turn in GameCube with no disk in console..it will come up to setting menu on tv

    Nintendo... | Answered on Aug 18, 2014

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