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Hi Paul:
I'd start by pulling the spark plug, attaching it to the lead, then spin it over and check for spark.
This will probably be a 2 cycle motor (Check to confirm) so make sure your fuel is mixed correctly.

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This happened on my older Ryobi as well. Turns out it was the fuel lines. The ethnol in the gas made the lines swell up inside.

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The primer does not necessarily need to work for the unit to run. It does have a choke to aid cold starts. However it is a good indication of something wrong in the fuel system. A primer bulb that does not return to shape or does so slowly indicates a clogged screen in the carb. Check the fuel filter and fuel lines. Replace the fuel lines if they are stiff or discolored, rebuild the carb and replace primer bulb.

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Not sure if your model has two throttles or one. It should have a trigger and a thumb lever. Be sure the thumb lever is closed. if that is not the problem your mixer might be to rich. it says 50:1, but use 40:1 and see if that helps

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might find that it's a left handed thread, as they often are.

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Without more information, the best guess is that the piston is probably seized in the cylinder, this will not fix itself by adding oil now. It likely needs a new piston and/or rings and/or cylinder or shortblock assembly. You can google your model number for sources of repair parts. Depends what you find when you disassemble it, if you can get the piston out you may be lucky to get by with a new set of rings and honing the cylinder.
But it will be a batch of work for a $200 blower. May be worth it if you can do it yourself and the parts arent too much. Certainly a shop couldn't do it for less than the replacement price of the whole blower.

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Hi Jeffrey-
I found a youtube video regarding troubleshooting a generator with no spark.

Hope this helps.

I also found a link for the Ryobi Ryi 2300BT Owners Manual.

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Stating the obvious it is running too lean on the mixture screws, you may well need a special tool to do this, but you need to open ( anti clockwise ) the H screw on the carb about 10 minutes on a clock face, this will richen the mixture and aid acceleration.

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Fix Factor: EasyDuration: 25-30 minutesFrequency: As necessaryTools Required: Receptacle for draining fuel, Phillip's screwdriver, ratchet and socket set, Torx drivers, starter rope (or similar object), spark plug wrench or socket, adjustable pliers, long-nosed pliers, shop rags.


Remove the rear cover.2. Remove the carburetor.3. Disconnect the clutch housing.4. Bind the engine.5. Remove the clutch drum.6. Remove the clutch.7. Remove the starter.8. Remove the starter handle.9. Remove the recoil pulley.10. Remove the starter rope.Installing the New Starter Rope11. Install the starter rope.Reassembling the Unit12. Install the recoil pulley.13. Install the starter handle.14. Reinstall the starter.15. Reinstall the clutch.16. Reinstall the clutch drum.17. Reinstall the spark plug.18. Reinstall the clutch housing.19. Reinstall the carburetor.20. Reinstall the rear cover.


Use long-nosed pliers to remove the washer from the shaft.

While applying steady upward pressure to the flywheel, firmly strike the end of the shaft with a rubber mallet until the flywheel breaks free. Several blows from the mallet may be necessary to free the flywheel from the engine assembly.

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check the muffler.see if the spark arrester is clogged

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This is just the return to tank pipe, it does not need to be in the fuel, just in the tank far enough not to leak out the top.

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Sounds like a fuel problem - have you tried using partial choke? At least, this might verify that you just have a fuel problem. The 4-stroke is not as temporemental as the 2-stroke, but worth checking a few simple things : Is there an obstruction in the fuel supply ? Is the fuel tank supposed to be vented - if so, is the vent blocked ? Is there some dirt in the fuel, leading to a blocked jet in the carburetor ? - if so, drain/empty the carburetor, clean sediment & ensure all jets are clear and refill whole system with clean fresh fuel : If the carburetor or any part of it is loose, there might well be an Induction air-leak ( which could impair the engine's intake of fuel ) : And (of course ) - Is the spark-plug badly "gapped" or fouled ? Try to isolate and eradicate in a methodical way, good luck !

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Check all filters going to and from gas tank.One could be partly plugged.Also Air filter.

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06b6b378-bffc-4c24-8f00-10bffdb3a0ac-ekquliymz1b0kl13j1i4m1y0-4-0.png No. 20 is spark plug, hopefully this will help.

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i don't know. [stop - your mower may be under warranty and may qualify for free repairs. check with your owner's manual for a free number to call for information]. before working on it, make sure the battery is removed. consider turning it upside down to inspect the wheel. if there is no physical blockage stopping the wheel from turning, you could try spraying the bolt with WD40 or a few drops of motor oil. if the wheel turns, lubricate it again and do the same to the other wheels. if it does not turn, the wheel will have to be taken off.

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