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Hi Kelly Ann-
Curious: Does your car's starter work?
I've heard where a bad starter can develop a slight short which will draw down the power stored in your battery. They can test this using a volt meter. If your car is shut off, and no accessories are on (like headlights) there should be no draw from your battery and charging system so the volt meter should show no connectivity (current). If there is a short (somewhere), the meter will show connectivity/current running. With the car not running, the alternator can not charge your battery and eventually the battery will die out. Ask the shop how they determined it's your starter. I'm sure they will offer this explanation.

2001 Ford F250... | Answered on Apr 02, 2014

Greetings: My 97 F 250 has the aluminum wheels. The Aluminum of the rims actually becomes welded to the steel hubs after some time. I have beat on those things with various types of hammers and blocks. I've put a 6' length of 2" pipe between the shackles and wheel in an attempt to pry it of. Tires just absorb all the energy. After hours of frustration I figured out that a standard digging bar will fit between the drum and the wheel. It is tight, but it will fit. Popped both rims off in just a couple of minutes this way. Pry it till it moves, spin the wheel a bit and pry again. You will have to work it all the way around the wheel, but it will come off.
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2001 Ford F250... | Answered on Apr 01, 2014

First of all the first time they replaced the fuse they should have found out WHY it blew in the first place. They dropped the ball on you . Sorry you had to blow so much cash and having such a hard time.. First thing I want you to do is , and it will sound dumb but just humor me, sit down and try to think about every time it blew. What was going on , what were you doing at that EXACT moment, was it sunny or raining. What EXACT fuse is it and where is it located? What we are looking for is a common factor. How much time between them blowing a little while later to you may be two weeks where to me it would be an hour or so. See here is how we find out, we become detectives that's why most guys will never make it as a good mechanics and they will always be parts changers, figure out WHY did it fail and try to fix the problem not the result. When you stat the vehicle did the starter drag some? If it is an alternator related area problem a common thing to happen is for the wires to rub against something or lay against hot exhaust exposing the bare wires to the metal of the engine/frame. This could cause it to short and blow the fuse at different times. Say you went across Railroad crossings and pow it blew. The vibration shook the wires and they made contact shorted and blew the fuse, Rained a lot you went through some deep water and it splashed up made the connection .....blown fuse. Same thing with the battery hot wires you mentioned you had batteries changed. Think about it a MONTH later the fuse blew. I would start looking from the batteries on following the hot wires to see if somewhere they were touching something or loose. See there just sitting here running my mouth and we have a place to start. Batteries hot wires tracing them. You said batteries, so you will have to have a regulating device between the two to allow for equal charging, check all the connection and feel to see if the box or any of the wires seem hotter than anything else. Fuses blow because of the amount of electromotive force (AMPS are greater than the fuse can handle so they get hot and burn into. When they put the new batteries in maybe they moved the hot wire in a position that was further from the point it was grounding to but now because of a months worth of vibration they have slid right up next to the ground and ZAP . Hope you found something in what I mentioned just don't give up . Let me know what you find. Also check the owners manual to be sure the correct size fuse is in there to begin with. Good Luck

2001 Ford F250... | Answered on Mar 24, 2014

Was there any recent work performed on this truck? The symptoms described an issue with either tires, steering components, or drive-train components. Take a look at the tires and look for a bubble in the tread or sidewall, irregular tread wear (cupping), or a bent/damaged rim. After that, take a look at the steering components. Consisting of the wheel bearings, ball-joints, tie-rods, drag-link, and pitman arm. And then I would take a look at the drive-shaft. Chock the wheels, (so it doesn't move) Shift the transmission into neutral, release the brake, and then shift back into park (this will insure that the drive-shaft is free from resistance). Inspect the drive-shaft and look for excessive play at the U-joints and the yokes. Also look for rust trails coming from the U-joint end-caps. Rust trails indicate a failure and it will need to be repaired. Please write back. I'd like to see how you are making out, good luck.

2001 Ford F250... | Answered on Mar 08, 2014

This all has to tie into one relay or fuse. If that is not it then I would check your body computer.

2001 Ford F250... | Answered on Mar 02, 2014

water in your fuel pump .or dirty fuel filter.

2001 Ford F250... | Answered on Dec 17, 2013

More likely a switch problem. If light is supposed to come on automatic with hood up, it is a mercury switch-turns on when in an upraised or different position. You could try replacing that switch, or put in a simple on-off switch, like a toggle switch, in its place.
It would not likely be a separate fuse, but in same circuit as interior lights.
Check if the wire in the hood has power-it should be hot at all times. If you have power going to the mercury switch, the switch is bad.

2001 Ford F250... | Answered on Dec 15, 2013

There's a galley plug behind the accessory mounting bracket in the head this plug has a large O-ring that goes bad needs to be replaced. This galley supply's oil to the injectors and is under high pressure when running. It will make a mess when you replace it and it is a lot of work to get all the stuff off to get to it probably should do the one on the other side while your at it. Also this will make the truck hard to start (gas on a rag will make it start easier either is too unpredictable) after the repair and run rough for a little while as you will be introducing air into the system it will work itself out after a good drive. I believe the plug has a 1/2 inch square drive hole in it.

2001 Ford F250... | Answered on Dec 08, 2013

Passenger side air bag circuit. Have had harness and resistor problems. Will need further diagnostics

2001 Ford F250... | Answered on Nov 09, 2013

Try doing a flush and refill of the hydraulic pump AND the left-right cylinders.
The voltage drop is normal whenever the plow pump is straining.

2001 Ford F250... | Answered on Nov 05, 2013

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