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...I had a similar problem and Hyundai replaced the radio under warranty. Apparently there is a problem with these radios. Jack ...


radio is fine and battery stays charged..Good for a couple days than radio wont work again and battery drains...very strange!!!! the radio is pulling down the battery, check to make sure it is install


Radio display lights stay on after power is cut from engine and key is removed from ignition. Radio buttons fail intermittently the radio sounds as if they are connected to a constant power supply as ...

Question about 2005 Santa Fe

1 Answer

radio stays on after key is removed if radio just fitted then the ignition live (for the radio on/off) and the permanent live (for the station pre sets) have been fitted the wrong way round

Question about 2005 Santa Fe

2 Answers and it will turn off. The clock light is still on. same thing is currently happening to me.. please tell me theres a solution. does it turn offf later .its not or even close to drain battery if ...

Hyundai Sonata and now the ABS and Parking Brake lights stay on, and the radio and air blower will not work. Checked all of the fuses and they are all good. Everything else functions properly. need to

Hyundai i30 2013 model. Can not turn the radio / clock off. No key in ignition but radio continues to play. Turn the radio off (push button) and the digital clock displays. Worried about flat battery.

I have a 2007 hyandia elentra when i taje the keys out the ignition the radio stay on and the click light is this normal? radio will probably turn off as soon as you open the door

...the radio and clock light stays on is this normal? For a few minutes yes. Look in your owners manual and it will guide you through how to reset lights and different functions thru the radio

battery will not stay charge inless radio and heat is on change alternator would need a little more clarity on what you mean by stay charged. However if you mean that the battery runs down and dies ...

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