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Question about 2002 Frontier Crew Cab

1 Answer

gas gauge is off about 1/4 tank--showing more than what's in the tank. Can you help?????? Remove cluster assy. and inspect all screws on the back for tightness. loosen and retighten all screws holding


...gas. Since the gauge went so low when I fill up the gauge takes a long time to move..but it eventually does...My book says after several drives it will reset but it has not fixed itself yet. Also the ...


...gas gauge, odometer, rpm gauge not working 98 nissan frontier speedometer, odometer, gas gauge rpm gauge not working i'm guessing if the wires are fine its the sensors, i havent done odometer ...

gas gauge quit working All of a sudden my speedometer and my gas gauge stop working, gas guage works off and on speedometer not so much If it would of been only your speedometer I would of tell you to

...filled up my 2006 NISMO/Frontier PU. Gas gauge started showing empty and service engine soon light has come on. Any ideas? ground not making good connection to frame by gas tank sending unit ...

Question about 2007 Frontier SE Crew Cab

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...gas hand has moved to full level. How expensive is this to fix. I just now reaching 60960 miles. It would be nice to know why the service engine light came on and is still on. An auto mechanic can ...

...out of work the gas you just bought before you gaot home may well be in someones elses tank and you've been sucked dry and the gauge sender was damaged and tells you about gas that's not in

Question about 2006 Frontier

1 Answer

Gas gauge was just under 1/4 tank, I filled up and the gauge did not register full. after driving for approx 30mins the gauge slowly moved to full. There is a small float in your gas tank something ...

Question about 2001 Frontier Crew Cab

1 Answer

gas gauge not reading correctly It may be your fuel sending unit,here's a link on how to replace.Here's how to remove pump

what would be the posiible problem about my speedometer,temp.gauge,gas gauge and odometer ?sometimes it works normal,and there are times it doesn't work? CK CLUSTER GROUNDS

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