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Well, depends on if you are doing the work or a shop? You can replace it for around $50 for the injector give or take $20-$50 depending on where you purchase it. Can't be that involved, just release the pressure in the fuel rail at the schrader valve port, remove the fuel rail fasteners and fuel rail should be able to be raised to remove and replace the injector. Youtube has videos on how to do it.
A repair shop will of course will cost more for labor, parts marked up, shop supplies, tax....$200 or more depending on who does the work....dealership= $120/hour labor.......independent shop=$80/hour & up. Hope this helps, please ask more if needed, thanks, Mike

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2002 Ford... | Answered on Mar 01, 2016

What is vibrating or shaking? Sitting still or driving along?

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/michael_2496c4f07ad24453

2002 Ford... | Answered on Mar 01, 2016

A ford dealer will print you one out free of charge. They are available online but in most cases you will have to pay for it.

2002 Ford... | Answered on Feb 05, 2016

A "check gage light" typically indicates a faulty reading on one of the gages located on your instrument cluster. After starting your vehicle, observe your instrument cluster if one of the indicator needles on the instrument cluster remains all the way to the left or "pegs" out all the way to the right, it may be the cause of your fault. The exception is the coolant temperature gage it will take 10 to 15 minutes after which the needle should rise to a normal position. Correcting the "faulty gage light" will depend on which gage is malfunctioning. Once you have figured out which gage is causing the check gage light to illuminate, then we can proceed to correcting the problem causing it.

2002 Ford... | Answered on Jan 30, 2016

If you cant get gas in the tank through the filling point then there is something obstructing it between the fill hole and the tank. Remove the line and find out what is plugging it.

2002 Ford... | Answered on Jan 18, 2016

Could be a number of things , crankshaft position sensor , no b+ voltage to coil pack , grounded 5volt ref. circuit , bad PCM etc.. No Start No Spark No Injector Pulse faulty crank sensor

2002 Ford... | Answered on Jan 16, 2016

2002 Ford Explorer Workshop Repair Service Manual PDF Download

My problem was easily solved. I hope your too :))

2002 Ford... | Answered on Jan 12, 2016

Possible minimum idle airflow off causing a low idle situation. Possible vacuum leak. Check vacuum hoses for splits/disconnection. Check throttle plate for being dirty/gummed up. If dirty clean with carb spray and toothbrush

2002 Ford... | Answered on Jan 05, 2016

4WD Not engaging?????PLEASE HELP???? - Ford Explorer


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Well we got alot alot of snow here latly and I have a 2002 Explorer 4WD with the 4.0l and my 4WD will not engage not even 4X4 auto will...it ... 4x4 light not working/won't engage into 4wd - Ford ...
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? 3:07

2002 Ford... | Answered on Jan 03, 2016

replacing timing chain???...Costs??? - Ford Explorer

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Stock 2002 - 2005 Explorers. ... What is the reccommneded time to replace the timing chain in a '02 Explorer 4.0 ... Costs inc. mechanics labor? Timing chain replacement cost on 2003 Ford Explorer ...
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2002 Ford... | Answered on Dec 15, 2015

check codes, fuel pressure spark, pulse with for injetors

2002 Ford... | Answered on Dec 13, 2015

About 9 quarts if you don't drain the torque converter and 12 if you do

2002 Ford... | Answered on Dec 04, 2015

I would check the fuse for this, highly unlikely both will go out at the same time.

2002 Ford... | Answered on Dec 02, 2015

To find out what is draining the battery do a parasitic draw test . How To Perform Parasitic Draw Test EricTheCarGuy Test to be sure , before replacing GEM module .I would also have the GEM checked for DTC'S - diagnostic trouble codes . I would also check the battery saver relay .
SECTION 417-02: Interior Lighting 2000 Explorer/Mountaineer Workshop Manual DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION Procedure revision date: 06/17/1999 Interior Lighting The interior lighting system consists of the following:
  • dome/map lamp
  • rear dome/cargo lamp
  • overhead console/map lamp
  • RH/LH vanity mirror
  • ash receptacle lamp
  • puddle lamps
  • interior lamp switches
  • interior lamp relay
  • dimmer module
  • battery saver relay
  • generic electronic module (GEM)
Generic Electronic Module (GEM)/Central Timer Module (CTM) Controlled Functions
The generic electronic module (GEM) is equipped on four-wheel drive vehicles with power windows. The central timer module (CTM) is equipped only on two-wheel drive vehicles without power windows.
NOTE: GEM/CTM diagnostics are compatible with the scan tool.
The GEM/CTM incorporates the functions of several different modules into one, and offers diagnostics to easily locate and repair concerns affecting the subsystems that it controls.
The GEM/CTM constantly monitors the systems it controls and reports a concern in the form of a diagnostic trouble code (DTC). A DTC can be retrieved with the scan tool through the communication link.
The scan tool is a menu-driven tester that allows the user to run specific tests. The scan tool can isolate faults in the GEM/CTM subsystems through a symptom-driven diagnostic procedure. Connecting the scan tool to the GEM/CTM communication link will not alert the GEM/CTM. If the GEM/CTM is "asleep" when the diagnostic connector is plugged in, the GEM/CTM must be "awakened". If the communication link cannot be established, turn the ignition to RUN.
NOTE: The GEM/CTM has a sleep function to minimize battery consumption. During the sleep mode, the GEM/CTM turns off all outputs and monitors only the following:
  • door ajar (driver door, passenger door, liftgate, LH rear and RH rear doors).
  • key-in-ignition.
  • key in RUN or ACC.
  • two-step unlock switch (unarm switch).
  • digital TR sensor.
  • illuminated entry request (remote anti-theft personality [RAP] module).
If a change of status occurs at one of these inputs while the GEM/CTM is "asleep", the GEM/CTM will "wake up." When the GEM/CTM awakens, it carries out an internal self-test, and begins normal operation. At this point, the GEM/CTM will have all of its functions operational.
The GEM/CTM will go into the sleep mode immediately after both of the following conditions have been met:
  • key in OFF or key not in ignition.
  • after 45 minutes with no change in any wake-up input.
The GEM/CTM control system has two modes of operation; the normal operating mode and the tester-dependent diagnostics mode.
Normal operation of the GEM/CTM can detect errors. An integral part of normal GEM/CTM operation is continuous diagnostic capability. Continuous diagnostics detects errors and changes the GEM/CTM control strategy. There is no warning lamp for the GEM/CTM; therefore, a DTC concern will direct you to the GEM/CTM. Examples of faults that may be detected during normal operation include:
NOTE: The GEM/CTM can only detect open circuit/short to GRD faults when the GEM/CTM is not energizing a load, and short to battery faults when the GEM/CTM is attempting to energize a load.
  • GEM/CTM continuous self-test (RAM, ROM, EEPROM, A/D checking).
  • output driver monitoring (open circuit/short to ground [GRD], short to power).
  • illogical combinations of input signals.

2002 Ford... | Answered on Dec 01, 2015

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