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you may not be able to master force looks like they are discontinued
cant find any parts supplier for them
may need an engineering shop to make one for you

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Remove the battery and place it somewhere warm and when dry connect it to the charger to ensure it is still ok.

The mower will probably need partially dismantling in order to thoroughly dry the internal electrical/electronic parts with a hair dryer or similar - it can take a considerable time and if you are lucky the water + power won't have damaged the electronics...

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What make and model drill is it, please? You can use the Comment menu to add information to your question, or to ask additional questions.

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Contact Jobmate directly to inquire.

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There are a great many similar items on the market these days at a variety of prices and in spite of the claims very few are truly heavy duty - most are copies of copies from a few manufacturers (usually China) and are label engineered and best suited to the home workshop and occasional user.

A true heavy duty version is very different - very much heavier and with a rack-and-pinion operated tiltable table, a more powerful continuous rated motor and many refinements that suits the machine to continuous workshop use. Such a machine as this would usually cost at least double and most commonly three, four or five times of the common imported type.

The first type has little value as a used machine other than what cash a purchaser can be persuaded to pay for it, in fact if it is bought with the usual accessories; a set of T bolts, a good machine vice and a collection of Morse taper drill bits, the price would more than double, the accessories being worth more than the pillar drill.

The industrial rated tool in good condition does retain a good used value but again it is worth only what the market will pay.

I suggest you peruse a variety of tool catalogues.

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it is possible that a chuck is spun on if it has fine threads. most likely if the chuck is frozen you would have to use spanner on key hole and put the outer ring in a vise. It should loosen up. Sometimes I use a pipe wrench and the large channel locks to spin the chuck open. Most have a screw but it can get rounded over which would require drilling it out.

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You cannot make the magnet stronger... It has reached the end of its life....

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The best grease to use in all applications is Lithium based MOLY grease... it IS Superior to any other greases which are made from clay or soap... So, This grease will make anything it is used in, to work & lubricate Better....

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Usually drill motors have a reverse (left) thread retaining screw located in the center of the chuck. The chuck however is typically threaded in the normal right hand configuration. Once the retaining screw is removed place a 1/4" allen wrench short end into the chuck and tighten, next strike the allen wrench with a soft tip mallot (counter clockwise while holding on to the drill motor firmly. This should loosen the chuck, then simply unscrew the chuck by hand. Good Luck!

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lots of WD-40 double channel locks and strong person. work it a little at a time to avoid damage.

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Short answer, yes. Longer answer, maybe maybe not. IF the Lithium Ion battery is fully charged when you install it, the bike should be able to keep it fully charged. Lithium Ion batteries do not tend to lose their charge rapidly just sitting there with nothing on. It takes a special charger to charge them to begin with. Colder days, you need to "wake up" the batter with a couple hits of the starter or turning the headlight on, automatic with the key on most bikes. They simply won't give full power until you "wake them up". I am assuming you are talking about a replacement motorcycle battery, not some random lithium battery in this case. One problem is the lithium is much more expensive than the lead acid battery, and if you let the voltage fall to even relatively high levels (sometimes as much as 11 volts) it can ruin the battery totally. Lead acid can be much more forgiving. Leave your key on with a lithium, you could kill it beyond recharging. Lead acid batteries this is not the case, and lead acid batteries can be refreshed with fresh acid, once a lithium is gone, it's gone, there's no saving it. I would rethink why you want a lithium battery. It does save weight and often size, but I see no real advantages over the standard battery in use.

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