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You'll probably have to replace it. There are videos on youtube that can give you instructions on how to replace it, or you can bring it into a qualified computer repair shop and they can replace it for you.

HP ProBook 4530s... | Answered on Aug 29, 2019

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6 year old posts. jacked, to 2019
why no ask HP.com this on THEIR FORUM
the PROBOOKS are enterprise grade, PC and are not allowed to be hacked easy like toy grade PC's are.
(no magic hidden jumpers, no back door passwords)
These passbooks have special chip that stores the PW or TPM chip, you will never hack that.
The PW is not in the NVRAM like on toy computers. old.
so the coin cell trick will not work do you see why, answer, the PW is NOT THERE.
but why even ask here, and not here, , I will now take you to the correct place and exact same topic (wow no?)

ProBook 6470b
here is your answer, and official, the smc.bin file fash the chip file, that only works on YOUR SERIALized PC and nobody elses.
BY DESIGN not by accident.


if stubborn ask them your self, and get hammered with facts.

HP ProBook 6470b... | Answered on May 21, 2019

It sounds as if your laptop is overheating. You need to service the cooling system by clearing any dust and debris from it and also applying fresh thermal paste.

HP ProBook... | Answered on Jul 05, 2018

I wish I could have tested it first but you can still try the Shotgun method.
Your options are.
Contact HP.
Or download these files.
Insert clean USB flash drive.
Then run USB Image tool.
Choose the flash drive then click on RESTORE.
After restore remove flash drive.
Insert flash drive into locked laptop and boot. "If HDD is installed remove before booting."
At C:\OUTPUT type CD.. "Then hit enter"
Type HPBR "Then hit enter"
First thing is to save your settings.
Select #3 re-program.
Press "S" to save system information.
Type HPBR and hit enter.
Since your model is not listed select "SHOTGUN."
After reboot repeat "SHOTGUN" a second time.
Let me know the result so I can update my list.
Some instructions here. "If you cannot boot from USB there are instructions to make a bootable HDD."
More help here.
I must inform you that these services are not endorsed by HP, and that HP is not responsible for any damage that may arise to your system by using these services. Please be aware that you do this at your own risk.

HP ProBook 4510s... | Answered on Mar 08, 2018

hyjacker moneef
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HP Probook 6570b... | Answered on Mar 08, 2018

question #1 did you change the OS from new day 1,
for example upgrading to W10? if yes, HP does not support this.

forget DELL this has nothing to do at all with DELL ever.
Google can't fix machines of any kind, in fact google
gets you like 1 million guesses, or lies and all are at best worse than tossing a coin or guessing your self. a fact.
It is the Disinformation age, and gets worse every day.

what does work, is diagnoses not guessing or reading endless posts by others, most of which lack any facts worth knowing.
like yours what OS is there windows what????????
My first guess is the internal speakers are dead.
As are $1 earbuds dead.. as the next test.
why not tell the helper first, what you are attempting.
? sound tells me zero, tell what you are doing
like this. ( one guy cant watch movies online, 2nd cant play a local sound wave file or mp2 and guy 3 cant get windows sounds working. see?
DO BASICS first , first walk then run, see?
I go to control panel, and click sound
then make sure speakers is tuned on here, first.
then click SOUNDS.
then pick Asterisk, and the test button goes green below.
(this works from windows 3 to now)
if not green arrow that means the driver is missing. (or corrupted winds or virus infected)
if the green botton glow and click it and you hear sounds now
then the driver is working.
if this test passes, the we go to the next level of complexity
the sound player, must work (I use VLC and others)

now the driver, at HP, why not ask at HP and not fixya,
HP has support for you unstated OS.
this exact PC came with Linux or Windows
so my guess #1 is windows, sigh.
then guess #2 is windows 7 64bit
and I land here, in 5 seconds flat. amazing no?
the chip is IDT and is problematic


does device manager show errors in the sound chip?
if yes and you run w7 , all drivers are above,
even for XP and VISTA.

try posting what PC ,ok you did,
the what OS you run, you did not.
then tell what you are attempting to do with sound.
lots of things do sound ,name one that fails. or all.

HP ProBook 4520s... | Answered on Mar 04, 2018

did you change OS> did change the OS since bought new?
no OS stated, why does not one person here say what OS is there.???? its half the system. that.
it came new with Linux or windows XP to Windows 8.1
in 32bit and 64bit versions (click control panen, click system)
behold the true OS name and version before your eyes.

its like saying my FORD died, and no model, gee a Model "A:?
here are some facts,
most times.
dead USB is this.
you changed the OS and failed to use the HP driver at HP.com
now 1 usb chip works and the other does notl
my Elitebook does that,
I upgraded to W10 (with zero HP support on purpose)
then USB 3 ports went dead, so had to ID the chip
its a NEC chip the Intel inside is USB2 only.
then the NEC web site had my chip driver.
and now those ports work. See how not saying your OS makes help so hard, this is my example.

first test the ports only with a test mouse (test all ports now)
think small think simple and a mouse is that.
does that fail, i can think of 100s of USB devices that will fail hard in w10, all old things why not tell the helper what you plugged in.
and be web connected are you.?
tell if DM device manager shows any errors at all?

did you first use device manager, to see that device fail plugged in? and then right click it and pick update this driver.
or did DM shows all USB ports dead.? it just 2 clicks to get there.

then it fails, if yes, then MS does not have the driver,
we can go to MS right now and prove that.
if i get the HARDWARE IDs out of your Device manager page and look in the MS data base i can see if it is supported.
case in point old web cams not.
old USB wifi dongles not.
and more 100s not and 100s yes.
that is how it works and goes.

now lets got HP.com
and look first there, they made it , NOT MS.
lets say you said w8.1-64bit OS

and i show.

load all the 4 lines of drivers there.

there are 3 paths here
get the drivers from HP.
get them from MS, automatically PnP or manually (ask now manually)
get them from the USB chip maker, intel or whomever.

if the USB chip really is dead, and the HP driver fails. (I bet not)
then get the hardware IDs.
tell me that and will fetch them for you easy. its really easy if you know how,and all ways how.

if this shows errors , anywhere here, the driver for these chips are wrong.! if you learn how to get the Hardware IDs its 10x more easy.


HP ProBook... | Answered on Mar 04, 2018

Hello, can you be more precise and best describe your problem ?
Maybe add a screenshot.
Antoine Viallon

HP Probook 6460b... | Answered on Jan 07, 2018

what OS? windows, and What windows, XP?
HP sold it with 7 different OS, (xp to w7 ./32/64bit) and linux.
I cant know what you use for sound at all.
the PC has sound chip and 2 speakers and mic.,
external speakers, or sound buds, what? tell what you have first.
4510s tells little.
if you have U
SB headphones there, it WILL mess up.
USB adds a 2nd sound chip set and they clash with onboard set.
in fact buying new headphones with USB sound and boom mic built in
then going in to device manager and disabling the onboard sound
makes the head phones work real well.
its not metal bs. sorry. that is jive.

i the sound test fails, then it failing that you can be sure.

if no bud, or headphones of any kind
and only internal speaker ;.mic is used
then down load the drivers from HP for you sound
is that hard?


HP ProBook 4510s... | Answered on Sep 02, 2017

You have to ask the previous owner of the pc to remove his account off your pc or get his password to manually remove his account

HP ProBook 6570b... | Answered on Oct 14, 2016

You can go into device manager and disable it there.

HP ProBook 6570b... | Answered on Sep 24, 2016

Disconnect power adapter.
Remove the battery
hold down power button 10 seconds
plug in Power adapter
press Power on

HP ProBook... | Answered on Sep 13, 2016

Here is a post about how to hack hp password with Windows Password Recovery Tool, you need it. Don't waste time at unnecessary help.


HP ProBook... | Answered on Aug 06, 2016

You need to format

HP ProBook 6540b... | Answered on Jul 30, 2016

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