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I would best guess it is a bad hard drive that is an older computer and running a deep scan can finish off a dying hard drive. this is 85 percent the cause of your problem ata best guess. you need to have the internal hard drive tested.

good luck

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Since Vista is a very old operating system you’re going to have quite a challenge finding tools that will solve your problem
- In this particular case you may want to go to a local PC repair shop that would have the old operating system discs you’ll need to restore
- From your description it is tough to figure out whether this is a software problem or if there is something physically beginning to fail on your machine but I can tell you from experience that with the machine of that era you have a hard drives that are at least 10 years old

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you have to use either slots as not the same memory slots

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Using another PC, download 3DP Net (http://www.3dpchip.com/3dpchip/3dp/net_down_en.php), put it in a pen drive and run it on the T5026. This program can install most Ethernet adapters even offline. Normally I would go to the manufacturer's website and download the driver from there but I could'n find this one.

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You'll need to replace the Graphics Card with one that supports the OS you are using. Look to eBay for one

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Check to see if unit works with other disks. If it works fine then it is definitely a software issue that is preventing playback of your disk.

Install VLC freeware and see if that plays it back.

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If there is a connection for the SATA drive, the bios should see it. You'll have to go into the bios setup (hit F2 key repeatedly on reboot) and look around until you find the setting. I cannot tell you exactly where it is, as you may have a different bios version. I suggest you plug the drive cable into the "SATA 0)", plug in the drive power plug, and then hook up the main (110 volt) power cord. Don't forget the power for the new drive. I also suggest you try changing ONLY ONE SETTING AT A TIME. Write down where it was, how you got to it, what it was, and what you changed it to. If that does not work, it will be easy to undo what you did, and try another setting. Years of experience has taught me not to make wholesale changes to the bios. Look for something like "Integrated Peripherals"

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It is unlikely that this program deleted your Facebook account but it may be interfering with your ability to access it. Start by removing the program. Remove PC HealthBoost Virus Removal Guide

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It may be because you added a graphics card that is not compatible. It is not your motherboard, unless that card damaged your motherboard.

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Let me break it to you: XP is dead. It's a new century. Download a nice Linux distro to a flash drive or DVD and try it out. Try a couple. Install the one you like. If it doesn't work or is erratic, your hardware is dead. Time for a new machine, anyhow.

I have a 6 year old eMachines sitting right here that I got for free, which is the only reason I still use it.

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E-Machines eMachines Desktop PC Sd card reader ... - Fixya

www.fixya.com > ... > E-Machines > E-Machines eMachines Desktop PC
SD card in the 9 in 1 card reader, but it does not read. please check the SD Card ...SD card readers aren't capable of reading SDHC cards, even though the card will physically fit into the card reader slot. ... E-Machines T5082 PC Desktop.

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E-Machines Branded PCs Are Junk!

Here Is My Advice: Buy A New PC With An Intel Pentium Prossor!

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the system board should be labelled where the jumper pins connect. if you are in the right spot, but the lights dont work, then flip the connection around, because LED lights are polarized, meaning they will not light up unless the + and - are plugged in correctly. Usually, the wire with the COLORING on it is the + and the white, gray, or black wire is the -

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Go to E machines web site and download the mother board diagram

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You have to remove the Hard disc from the scrap. Because all your data's stored in the Hard disc and it easy retrive everything by a expert.

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If your computer does not respond when pushing the power button you may need to have your computer checked out by a computer repair shop.

Possible causes for this issues include but are not limited to.

1. broken or bad power switch
2. Bad power supply
3. Dead or dying motherboard

All these issues can be replaced / fixed. However microsoft no longer supports windows XP and soon most software may fail to work as well. It may be a good time to look at a new computer, most places offer the option of transferring over old data such as images and documents as well.

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To permanently delete your MSN email address, you can follow the steps below:
(Important: We recommend you to backup all the emails, contacts and any other account information that you think you may need anytime in future. Once you delete the account, all the information within the account will be permanently deleted. Also, any emails sent to this address after the account is deleted will be sent back to the sender.)
1.Go to http://www.hotmail.com
2.Enter your MSN email address (the one which you wish to delete) and the associated password in the respective fields and sign in to the account.
3.Go to "Help" section located on the top of the page and type "Close Account" into the keyword section therein. Hit "Enter"
4.It will display a link for closing the account. Click on the link and you will be redirected to a webpage where you can initiate the process of closing your account.
5.Click "Close Account" and then click "Yes". This will close your account permanently.

Hope this will resolve your issue.


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Your machine has 4 DIMM slots. They use PC3200 (DDR400) DIMMS (184-pin). The machine comes pre-installed with 2, 256MB DIMMS providing 512MB of RAM. The largest DIMMs available in the DDR PC3200 are 1GB. If you keep what you have, you can add an additional 2GB of RAM, for a total of 2.5GB. If you are running WINXP 32-bit, this should be more than acceptable. You can replace all four DIMMS and get 4GB of RAM, but a 32-bit OS can only access a little of 3GB of RAM. If you want to come close to maxing out under a 32-bit OS, remove one of the installed DIMMS and add 3 1GB DIMMS. These are old memory and may be hard to find and actually cost more than newer memory.

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The cost of upgrading this machine for that purpose would be more than the cost of a new machine, and the results would be less than satisfactory. Also, if it is running XP, you need to move on to a supported (safer) machine.

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Have you tried going emachines.com? They should have a list of drivers for your computer

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