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Possible causes of flat foot include:

1 - Genetics. Flat foot has a genetic component and can pass from parents to children.

2 - Weak arches. A person's foot may display an arch when they are in a resting position, but rest flat on the ground when the person stands up.

3 - Injury to the foot or ankle, particularly to the tendons. You may develop flat foot if a tendon has been stretched or thorn, both being severe enough that you should get a foot surgeon London involved.

4 - Nerve diseases, such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.

Often, flat foot is completely asymptomatic. In such cases it requires no special treatment, just be careful to wear good footwear, especially when engaging in physical activity. However, if your flat foot causes you discomfort, you should consult with an expert like Mr. Martin Klinke. The range of treatment for flatfoot includes both invasive and non-invasive options, depending on the cause and severity of the disorder, as well as other factors.

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What make and model sewing machine do you have?

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My guess... it's not reversing entirely. The machine controls fabric direction by changing feed dog height. Try manually moving feed dogs down then back up. See selector lower left front or consult manual.

If moving feed dogs doesn't correct the issue, remove hook, bobbin, and needle plate. Look for fabric debris, thread, and broken needles. Clear area with a vacuum

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The reverse of how you took it apart using the pictures and drawings that you made as you disassembled it.

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Cover? I don't see a cover. If you mean the bobbin cover, refer to the manual or videos

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not sure if this will help you out.PFAFF was founded in Kaiserslautern, Germany in 1862 by instrument maker Georg Michael Pfaff (1823-1893). Pfaff's first machine was handmade, and designed to sew leather in the manufacture of shoes. In 1885, Georg Michael Pfaff opened a sewing machine shop in London. The PFAFF factory was expanded and modernized...
or go to this link. what year was my pfaff sewing machine made Google Search

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There should be several screws accessible from the back side. Typically #2 Phillip's. They will be deep within the visible holes on back of machine. Be sure to make note of any screw(s) that are different length and note locstion.

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Implies low or no top thread tension.

Thread machine with foot UP. Test thread tension by lowering foot and make a long slow pull of thread. Then raise foot and make another long slow pull. There should be marked difference between foot up(no tension) and foot down(set tension as selected).

If no difference, increase thread tension an retest. If still no tension tension discs have debris, thread not captured in discs, or broken tensioner.

Could be top thread not unspooling evenly. Also make sure there is no burr on the needle tip or needle is bent or test with a new needle.

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Likely thread route for bobbin winding is improper... see manual.

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Usually a number 2 Phillip's screw holds the two halves. Look for several holes (sunken) on backside. Note location of any screws of any significant difference in length. Unplug power cord, foot pedal, and remove accessory draw first.

When reinstalling screws, first turn counterclockwise until screw threads sit into existing housing threads, then tighten.

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The first possibility is that the sewing mechanism has been disengaged (as if for winding a bobbin). Hold the hand wheel firmly and turn the disc in the center of the hand wheel back (away from you) until it snaps in. Check if the machine runs. If not, does the needle bar move when you turn the hand wheel; always turn the hand wheel towards you. If the needle bar does move with the hand wheel only, you may need a new motor belt for the machine. The replacement belt is available at several parts stores, including . If the belt is fine, then the motor carbon brush or brushes could be faulty. These are also available at SewingPartsOnline.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Do you have the hoop adapter connected to the embroidery unit when you use the 80x80 hoop? This is an accessory that was in the original accessory kit. The small 80 x 80 hoop will not be recognized without it. See page 5:40 (page 138 of the PDF) of the manual for information on the hoop adapter. If the hoop adapter is connected, you should see a prompt to identify the current hoop on the sewing machine screen. The manual is available from Pfaff here: .

If you do have the adapter in place, please add a comment about any messages on the screen.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Were the base plate pugs into the power leads, you should read about 6-18 is ohms. Open and short is a bad transformer.

Also there are fuses, 2-3 right next to the transformer, small blueish and round are the shapes. They go bad often.

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Try reading the USB memory stick on a PC to verify it functions.

Try formatting a new or different known good memory stick using your sewing machine.

Comment here for further assistance.

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too old to be answered try google or brothers website

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