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...Code p1135 = Air-Fuel Sensor Heater Circuit Response Malfunction This error indicates a failure of his sensor which provided the problem is not caused by bad wiring will need to be replaced. The ...


...has happened: water or corrosion in the O2 sensor connector, loose terminals in the connector, wiring burnt on exhaust components, open or short in the wiring due to rubbing on engine


...Wiring Diagram Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Blue/Yellow Radio Switched 12V+ Wire: Gray Radio Ground Wire: Brown Radio Illumination Wire: Green Radio Dimmer Wire: N/A Radio Power Antenna Trigger Wire: ...

Question about 1996 Avalon

1 Answer the following website. Go down the right side and pick your car from the list. The scroll down to see the color code.

what is code po351 primary coil A /secondary b on a 08 avalon engine light is on and it throws a code of Po 351 and it says primary coil a and secondary coil what and where are these coils Follow ...

Question about 2000 Avalon

1 Answer

air intake Engine ckeck light and code P0110 Code 110 means the signal the computer is getting from the intake air temp sensor is out of range. The sensor and wiring would need to be checked.

Question about 1997 Avalon

1 Answer

You can clear the code, if indeed the problem is fixed, by disconnecting the battery for 30 seconds. If the light reappears, then most likely the abs wiring is not fixed or there's another abs problem

Question about 1997 Avalon

1 Answer

...any type of failure. Code 407 means there may be a problem with the EGR valve or the wiring for the valve. The valve and wiring would need to be checked. The EGR valve is part of the emissions

...code p0315 refers to crankshaft position sensor--variation not learned====causes--engine mechanical fault--wiring have this checked out at a service dealer but the assumption is that the sensor unit ...

how do i find the right color coding to fix the wiring for camshatf sensor toyota avalon 2008 we broke the wiring for camshatf sensor how can we fix it to bact in origibnal wiring? Look at a similar ...

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