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Question about 1996 Corolla

1 Answer

1994 jeep has a whinning noise My jeep has a whinning noise from the engine what could it be I dont think its the belts it occurs more when I go at slow speeds. check the pullys


...whinning noise eventually shutting tv off. Checked bulb seems OK. Reset TV, turned on and still a whinning noise, but evetually a good picture came on again only to shut down 10-20 minutes later with ...


loud whinning noise when i use gas pedal and slow down ! only when i hit the gas pedal to accelerate and when slowing down.. theres a loud whinning noise... Replace the IAC valve.

Question about 2004 RAV4

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whinning noise My 2004 Rav 4 makes a loud whinning noise when I'm idling. The noise is coming from the rev and goes from a low octave to a higher octave. It tends to go away when I accelerate. Got any

Question about 2004 Silverado

1 Answer

...whinning noise on front end thought tires wasn't tires, any ideas's noise gets louder as truck increases speed. you have a wheel bearing going out. see if it gets quieter if you turn one way or the ...

...whinning noise. Is there another part with the power steering pump we can check? any suggestions to why a new power pump is still whinning after replacing 3 times thinking we had bad pumps. We bleed ...

Question about 2003 Mountaineer

1 Answer

whinning noise there is a noticeably loud whinning when accelerating starting from about 30mph through 70-80mph. The coise stops when you let off the accelerator. It is hard to tell but sounds like it

whinning noise when acceration. Engine accelarates fine but there is also a whinning noise engine or transmission? whinning noise from under the hood when the car accertions and slowly unwhines when ...

whinning noise when turning right or slowing down sounds like a power steering noise in rear end whinning noise in rear end A whinning noise while turning is an indication of a worn bearing. The extra

Question about 2012 CR-V

1 Answer

...whinning noise whinning noise when driving along When you first start the car up it sounds like a power steering whine. Have you checked the fluid level? Also get inspected timing belt ? For step by ...

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