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Question about 1996 3000GT

1 Answer

...oil passage, the best way to determine a bad head gasket is to do a compression test and a leak down test, it can cost you a bit of money to buy the test equipment but will be a lot cheaper then ...


overheating & brake issues when turbos dumping hi, I have had another engine fitted in my mitsubishi 1994 twin turbo since then, if you have to brake whilst the turbos are dumping the brake pedal goes


1994 mitsubishi 3000 gt v6 w/o turbo leaking oil but not visible around the valve cover. CHECK THE SEAL AROUND YOUR OIL PAN AND OIL PAN SCREW.

oil change. Yesterday, white smoke was coming out of the exhaust. One mechanic told me last week that I need a Drive Shaft Carrier and a Bearing, Top engine mount. Today, I hear from another mechanic

Question about 1997 3000GT

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...oil contaminated. Remove & install exhaust pipe to find rear Turbo leaking. Does all this means the Turbo is dead? Is the car drivable? What should be done? Who can do it without it costing a ...

Question about 1995 3000GT

1 Answer

...oil, failed fuel regulator, if this has failed the fuel pressure may be off causung the injectors to spray too much at start,also with the failed regulator gas may leak in to a vacuum line (I'd check ...

...exhaust? Didn't I just answer this? Coolant leaking into your oil, due to a cracked head, block, or bad head gasket will destroy an engine quickly. This will show with a white, sweet smelling

...turbo and the exhaust is blowing in two places on the pipe from front to rear before it splits into two to ns and os. I need to see diagram and find a supplier who can sell me the part. It is my only ...

Question about 1992 3000GT

1 Answer

...exhaust gases & do some studying Given it is a 1992-- 22 year old vehicle & don't know how old the motor is ! 159 is HC & a lot of unburnt fuel NO may be an egr issue along with ...

...oil in engine on startup. Also exhaust smells like raw gas Raw gas smell may be the culprit of starting noise. Leaky injector(s) could be causing some fuel to enter chambers as you shut off engine, ...

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