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...trunk and remove the bulb bracket for the burned out lamp from the rear of the tail light assembly by twisting it about 1/8 turn and then pulling it out. Now you can change the bayonet base lamp by ...


Question about 2006 Legacy

1 Answer

...clock wise & the pull the socket out of the light assembly. It looks like you already moved the trunk liner away from the rear of the light assembly so the rest should work. Hope this works


trunk release (the button from the remote) all don't work. The light for the power windows do not light up either. When i press the lock button on the remote it still primes the alarm but doesn't lock

...the tail light on my 1997 Subaru Legacy? I have the new tail light ready to go, but I can't seem to find where the old one is screwed in.  From inside the trunk/tailgate area behind the

Question about 2003 Legacy

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...How do I get at the bulb? In side the trunk behind the light you need to fix is a small access panel. Just open and replace bulb. Very simple and straight forward. Good luck and have a great

...trunk light staying on. These work by a contact switch being opened by coming into contact with a bracket when shut. If for some reason the bracket gets bent or is dislodged then the light stays

Question about 1992 Legacy

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light off to change the bulb I'm not familiar with Subarus, but most cars, the bulbs are changed from inside the trunk, there may be a cover plate, then the sockets plug into the rear of the reflector

what is the green box to the right of the jack in the trunk for? It started to click.. the 3rd brake light relay box

Trunk open indicator light always on Have someone at the trunk press the trunk closed switch. Does the light go off? You may need to realign or replace the switch in the trunk.

...Light Switch DOOR TRIGGER (-) PINK/BLACK In White Connector Behind Fuse Box TRUNK TRIGGER (-) YELLOW/BLUE In White Connector Behind Fuse Box TRUNK RELEASE (5-wire) LT.GREEN/YELLOW At Motor In Tail ...

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