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...light and power trunk lock share the same switch integrated into the trunk lock, the open circuit(cut black wire) allows voltage to travel into the truck lock when you shift into reverse. Closing the ...


...won't work Backup lights won't work. Fuses and bulbs both good. When I shift into reverse, the trunk opens. Remote and inside trunk release do not work. I just had my car serviced a couple of ...


...light housing and are hidden when you close the trunk. Remove those screws (maybe Torx style), and the you can pull out the tail light assembly from the body and change the bulbs from there. This is ...

Question about 1997 Mystique

1 Answer

REMOVE TAIL LIGHT REMOVE THE TAIL LIGHT THAT IS ON THE TRUNK SECTION is there plastic nuts on the back side of the trunk

...Light in Trunk Parking LightsBrown Light Switch Head LampRed/Yellow Light Switch Hood Pinn/a Factory Disarmn/a Door TriggerBlack/Light Blue Driver's Kick Panel Door LockPink/Yellow Behind Glove ...

Question about 1994 Grand Marquis

1 Answer

...I'm thinking of then there will be a couple of places to remove a nut or screw , and the light slides out towards the trunk lid,, check along the truck lid panel to see if a screw is there ...

Question about 1991 Capri

1 Answer

trunk light doesnt work open the trunk, trunk light doesn't come on. what controls the light? If the lamp is good for sure, the socket has a switch in it that turns on when the lid is up.

How do you stop your trunk from opening when you put your car in reverse? I have changed the battery in the key control. I had to unplug the trunk in order for the trunk would not pop open when the ...

...device is reset by the door locks and the lighting circuit. nothing special happening in the trunk unless the trunk light is staying on and fooling the computer that the trunk has been broken

Trunk light Will not open when trunk is open fuse bulb checks ok Mercury Grand Marquis 2005? Just run a wire from your tail lights to the bulb I did it n work

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