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Question about 2000 Astro

1 Answer

p0121 code, 2000 chevy astro replaced tps, changed out pcm, checked all wiring....code still resets at 48 mph Given that you have replaced the TPS and the PCM, the next step would be to check the ...


how do I replace the tps on my astro van? do i have to remove the engine cover? yes, the cover has to be removed as the tps is attached to the side of the throttle body and is located center to rear ...


code shows throddle position sensor. car will not start .1982 astro tps will not prevent it from starting ...... check spark and fuel pressure..

Question about 1992 Astro Extended

1 Answer

...will pick up speed act like its starving for gas engine is 4.3 clogged air filter, fuel filter, or tps sensor bad (throttle positoioning

95 astro van starts then when you give it gas it stalls check the throttle position sensor or tps first also map sensor.

y have a 1994 Chevrolet Astro he start but i can,t accelerate him check the TPS voltage setting is 1.5 volts

...engine cuts out. When throttle position sensor is unplugged engine runs fine. I have replaced the tps, no change. Check fuel pressure should be 60lbs key on engine off. If less than 60 replace fuel ...

Check engine light on for TPS. replaced TPS and the light comes back on with TPS code. put new pig tail on and checked with volt meter and it is ok . light is still on What year,make,model and engine ...

check engine light on with the TPS code. replaced TPS and pig tail and it checked out OK with volt meter. The light still comes back on with the TPS code What else could be wrong that would make the ...

...driving? I changed the distribuitor, spark plugs, plug wires, distribuitor cap, ignition rotor, TPS sensor, and the map sensor. I checked the fuel pressure, it's 55-60 psi. I connected the

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