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Question about Buick Park Avenue

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how to adjust idle on a 91 park ave ultra computer controled there is no adjustment, if your having a problem then you have other issues. TPS, MAF, etc..


...22 on code scanner/replaced throttle position sensor/dont know which relay is for fuel cutoff 22TPS voltage was under 0.2 volts for 4 seconds when the ignition was on What is wrong with car? The ...


95 buick park ave is hesitating when accelrating Check the TPS on the throttle body. When they start to go bad it makes the engine hesitate

Question about 1994 Park Avenue

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how do i replace my tps First by the part. This way you will know what it looks like. Find air filter housing. Follow up towards motor. You should see your throttle cable. Look closely you should see ...

I have a 1991 buick park ave and it idles high when in park and when I'm driving Try replacing your throttle position sensora(TPS). Had the same problem with my 93 park avenue.

i have to replace my iac valve twice a year every year! the computer always codes for the tps sensor, even though i know its fine and has also been replaced 3 times in 5 years. do you have a permanent

Question about 1992 Park Avenue

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1992 Buick Park Ave. Ultra TPS problem Say techs..of older iron...1992 Buick Park ave. Ultra 3800 supercharged. got a code 21..replaced tps..set up closed throttle reading @ .38 of a volt. cant get ...

Question about 1991 Park Avenue

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replace ECM car dies when warm check idle air control valve ok let me know or tps sensor

...would lack power always. cuz it's fuel injected very well might be a bad throttle position sensor. TPS for short. one or the other is my belief. will take awhile for the tps to throw a hard code. so ...

what would cause only 2.5 volts being supplied to TPS at the reference wire? When I check for voltage at the gray wire on TPS I only get half the voltage. I have two different problems show up the two

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