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Question about 1999 Discovery

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1999 land rover discovery series 1 vehicle starts rightup first thing in the morning but once it gets hot it will not restart until engine cools of when operating engine isn't overheating any help ...


hi i have a land rover freelander 00.back door wont open or tailgate windoe wont go down,the rest of the doors work. help try a hard restart, if that doesnt work then you need a new rear window motor.


tailgate wont open, micro switch sounds like its working, emergency open deosnt work either i cant open the tailgate on my discovery 3. the micro switch sounds like its working but does not open there

i have a problem with a 1996 4.0 discovery when it warms up it runs very badly.All of this problems iniciated when the Discovery overheated and spilled all the water, the overheating problem got fixed

...engage the lock to release it. any suggestions gratefully received_many thanks Bungle I'm assuming tailgate lock. This is caused by a lack of lubrication (ts a hostile environment - loads of ...

landrover disco 55 plate rear tailgate wont open can hear it work but wont open pop rear land rover logo off tail gait latch and works handdle back and forth with some spray lube. should open up.

Question about 2004 Discovery

1 Answer

idle is not right and abs tc lights are on You are posting two different problems all in one little sentence. Problems like these need a number of symptoms and under what conditions they occure to ...

Going onto to exit ramp slight upgrade red shifter indicator light blinking also M and S in green are flashing stop it for a hour or so then starts back up Hello The Engine and Automatic Transmission

Question about 1998 Discovery

1 Answer

Idle speed is shaking up and down My Discovery1,v8,3.9efi 1998. Idle keeps shaking up and down up and down, the exhaust gas is black. Fuel(gasoline)33liter/100km. The mass air flow,idle speed motor, ...

what are the problems of a faulty transmission speed sensor in a 2002 land rover discovery 2 v gas? we are currently trying to find the problem. the gears in the transmission do not engage when the ...

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