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Question about PowerShot A720 IS Digital Camera

1 Answer florescent light. Before CCD image sensors, video camera used tubes and aiming them at the sun or bright objects would burn the tubes permanently so cameras have come a long way, but by the ...


Question about PowerShot A80 Digital Camera

1 Answer screen or a computer screen? Camera screens can sometimes be the culprit, depending on lighting. Also, make sure you are not shooting into the sun, that can do weird things to an image


Question about PowerShot A470 Digital Camera

1 Answer

...sun (for taking pictures of an eclipse for instance), some parts of the sensor will get burnt. In this case you will get oddly colored dots all over the pics in the same places. Parallel lines are ...

...or reset? If the sensor has been exposed to the sun for a period of time unfortunately it will mean a new camera. I believe the price to replace a sensor is pretty close to getting a new

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