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...stop the horn before you open the door? This problem is caused by a defective door alarm sensor switch, the switch signals the factory security system to not go off, it is attached to the door latch ...


...stop opening and closing my engine got wet and wouldnt start right away I got a oil and filter change thats when my locks started acting crazy Sounds like u have water in the switches, Water is a ...


...stop the engine. Then you need to get the ignition switch by removing the lower steering column cover to access it. Most ignition switches have safety screws which require a special tool to remove ... the air intake and it will stop. Disconnect the battery and replace the switch. I think you only need the tumbler and not the entire switch unit since it is the key that won't operate

...not the L/R brake lights. Replaced the stop light switch and fuse but there was only one set of wires hooked into the switch itself if top light working itis not the switch have you checked the ...

...stop and turn of the car it sounds like they unlock but they dont. They stay locked, I even try to unlock with the switch inside and nothing. I have had to open my windo and unlock with the Key. So ...

Question about 2006 Cobalt

1 Answer

...stop lamp switch controls the on/off function of the stop lamps including the center high-mounted stop lamp( CHMSL). The stop lamp switch get its power from the Body Control Module (BCM). This power ...

Question about 2005 Cobalt

1 Answer the system you will need to cycle the switch to crank and leave it until the security light stops flashing  repeat for 3 cycles then after the last time remove the key then start the car ...

Question about 2006 Cobalt

2 Answers

stop and there was a noise. Normally car stops without a problem. Drove to my destination within the 25 mile speed limit without a problem. A brake light indicator did not come on. Do I have a problem

Question about 2009 Cobalt

1 Answer

2009 Cobalt wipe arm alignment The other day the wipers on my 2009 Cobalt stopped working. I got to the motor/transmission and discovered the nut that help the two in place had all but fell off. I had

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