Questions & Answers for: Chevrolet Lumina squeals dies


Question about 1990 Lumina

1 Answer

keeps dying it will start when you driving it dies then takes awhile to start again then it will sit and idol but when you try to drive it dies and you have to wait for it to start again change your ...


when attempting to touch gas it dies, will idle in drive at 10 mph until you stop; then it dies. its a 1991 chev lumina sounds like it is starving for fuel. check fuel filter to see if it is clogged. ...


Question about 2001 Lumina

1 Answer

my 2001 chevy lumina keeps dying, it dies after the temp gauge goes to the half way mark and it will shift funny before it dies, i have replaced the idle air control valve and the fuel filter, and it ...

Question about 1992 Lumina

2 Answers

the car starts fine and runs good but when i come to a stop it will die, but here is the problem it will start right back up but when i put it in gear r,d,1,2, the car will just die again. Your ...

Question about 1998 Lumina

1 Answer

car is sqealing Hi! Its might one the belt that needs change and a squealing sound is one of symptoms.

Question about 1991 Lumina

1 Answer

change front brake pads fairly simple as far as brakes go.jack & secure car,there are 2 3/8'' allen bolts holding caliper,remove bolts lift caliper off may need to pry it a little. using a

car died while stopped at stop sign jump started got home replaced alternator starts with jump then dies removed pos. term. with key off strong spark... While the car is running, disconnect Positive ...

What's your problem?chevy luminia oil light came on the car died and when you try to start it it chugs and dies What's your problem?chevy luminia oil light came on the car died and when ...

1997 chevy lumina stalls when turning tries to die when turning about a month ago it was making a squealing sound but dont hear that now it just tries to die when turning My first thought would be the

HOW T TIGHEN A HARONIC balancer on a 99 chevy lumina my carnis sqealing really loud i was told the haronic balancer is lose and needs to be tighen how do i tighen the haronic balancer They don't ...

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