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Battery keeps dieing on 2003 toyota echo automatic battery died on nov 10th, got a new one on the 11th, died while driving down the road today, nov 14th. i have had a belt that has been squealing on ...


2001 xg300 had lots of rain that i drove through, all of a sudden the battery light came on, runs for a bit then dies , boost dont seem to help, also the belt squeeks with or without the ac on sounds ...


There is a very loud squeal until the new fanclutch engages around 3000 rpms. Any suggestions? IDLER PULLEY MAYBE ! OR JUST LOOSE BELT. When that was happening with mine we found out the hard way that

air conditioner unit started squealing and then all the guages quit working and the car eventually died. everytime I charge the battery the car will run as long as I dont use radio, lights, wipers, or

all,dash lights came on-gas,all,then power dies down,lights conitually go dim,car quits running,before this i heard a squealing noise,what is going on w/car Could be a bad alternator diode and it wasn

...side battery terminal off. If it dies asap, your alternator is bad. Hope this helps. Best of luck. Sounds like a loose belt to me. Squeals when cold but as the belt gets warm it gets better

Question about 1995 Cherokee

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dies after I've been driving about 10 minutes. It also is hard starting and takes about 5 turns-belt squeals a couple times then it idles fine. I have put new sparkplugs,air filter,fuel filter

1997 chevy lumina stalls when turning tries to die when turning about a month ago it was making a squealing sound but dont hear that now it just tries to die when turning My first thought would be the

car dies, jump starts but steering is hard car died while driving and making a squealing noise. Jump started, noise went away but battery light warning light on and unable to steer (hard). hard to ...

2005 ford freestar will make a squealing noise then die starts back up then may or may not do it again will make a squealing noise then die at idle or driving speed had intake and idle air control ...

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