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Question about 1987 Blazer

1 Answer

speedometer not working the speedometer is not working. is this an easy fix? It all depends, usually there are only three things it could be. 1st, your speedometer cable. If you pull the speedometer ...


needed a jump for 99 blazer. now speedometer has stopped working. Speedometer is elect, does odometer still work?, check fuses, if its not prob the speedo circuitboard.


Question about 2004 Blazer

1 Answer

speedometer wont go back to ZERO, what should i try to fix? If this is a mechanical speedometer, it may have a broken return spring, or debris in the mechanism. Best bet is to find one in a wrecking ...

Question about 2004 Blazer

3 Answers

speedometer stopped working 2004 chevy blazer speedometer stopped working this vehicle has an electronic speed sensor located on the trans i do believe but im pretty sure this is your problem change ...

Question about 1991 S-10 Blazer

1 Answer

my 1987 Chevorelet S-10's speedometer cable is making a huge racket. When I go beyond 10 miles an hour it sounds just like a card pinned to a bicycle and is making a burning smell just in the ...

it should be fine. If you've changed your tires to a larger or smaller size it can also effect your speedometer. If this is the case it can usually be corrected by replacing the speedometer cable with

Question about 1992 S-10 Blazer

2 Answers

my 93 chevy s10 blazer speedometer is no working is electronic i test the plug on the speed sensor and i do not get any power not a good idea to do a voltage test on a computer component, it can ...

my speedometer wont work but everything elsle is fine If your car isn't moving, the speedometer wont work. Make sure you are moving. Seriously, a little more info would be nice.....but to start with, ...

cluster does not show mph but have signal from speedometer sensor to Bcm I have signal from speedometer sensor to BCM but not from BCM to instrument cluster speedometer This one has me stumped, but ...

Speedometer doesn't work every time the instrument cluster light is on. I tried covering up the sensor with no avail If the instrument cluster is off, the speedometer works but at night when it's on, ...

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