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Question about 1993 Sierra K1500

1 Answer duplicate the problem. If the engine sputters worsens with a wire set disconnected that coil is okay. You will find the culprit when the sputter doesn't change with a plug wire set dis


Question about 1992 Sierra K1500

2 Answers

...engine bearings, so make sure you aren't changing the symptom instead of the cause. I have a 91 gmc sierra, it has 103k original miles. My oil gauge will hold fairly steady at 45 when accelerating. ...


...set to long more than an hour or so and i have to prime it again. changed filter,fuel pump if working fine is the regulator going bad? Sounds to me like either your pressure regulator is bad or you ...

...Set timing under the following conditions: Normal operating temperature. Air cleaner installed. A/C "OFF". Transmission in neutral. Disconnect SET TIMING connector (tan/black wire) located in the ...

...set the timing on a 93 gmc sierra 1500 350 ? You can set the timing but the ecm, engine control module will reset it back to specs. So it useless to try. Good luck dont forget to rate you have to ...

set the distrib with the has mark and yes!! the ecm! will always reset the timing that is what is does but if it's pinging or knocking then change the ignition module cause the dwell side of it is out

put your finger in number 1 spark plug hole ,have someone tap the key until compression blows out,check crank marks at tdc, remove cap,rotor needs to point #1 on cap. you may need a shop to set timing

Question about 2002 Sierra C/K1500

1 Answer

...set the timing on 1998 GMC Sierra 5.7 5.0L and 5.7L Engines To Remove: Remove the crankshaft balancer. Drain the cooling system. Remove the water pump. Drain the engine oil. Remove all engine oil pan ...

set timing.. yes.. do you mean the plug on the firewall passenger side that looks like a fuse holder kindof..?? (set timing connector ) (tan /blk wire)did it run good during timing proceedure??? 

set on TDC (Top Dead Center) with the distributor cap removed, and there is a mark or notch on the distributor housing that the rotor should be pointing to when the engine is on top dead center. (Look

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