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Question about 1999 Cougar

1 Answer this light is this the shift position indicator like drive, park reverse, neutral? Transmission Selector Lever Removal Raise and support the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Section ...


Selector Quadrant, Tower and Cable needed for 2000 VW Bora!! I'm looking for anyone who can hep me source the following parts for a 2000 VW Bora - Selector Quadrant, Selector Tower and Selector Cable.


Question about 2003 Camry

1 Answer

code p0705 Code relates to error in transmission switch on side of automatic gearbox, as if the selector lever has been moved slightly out of its normal range. This might happen if the selector rod ...

...let me know the outcome. Kia Sedona known for sudden mechanical freeze up of transmission gear selector cable. With engine off, remove engine air intake and air filter box, look for lever on top ...

Question about 1998 Econoline

1 Answer

gear shift lever in column is loose your problem with the gear selector is in the item 25 these are 2 plastic bushings that wear out and cause the gear selector feels loose, you should also check the ...

...up. please rate assistance. thx. Air distribution within the vehicle is determined by the function selector switch position. Two airflow mode doors are used to direct airflow within the heater core ...

Question about 1998 Ranger SuperCab

1 Answer

...Transmission lost reverse . Loss of reverse gear in an automatic gearbox Broken Reverse selector Band Brake material on Selector band is Worn out Selector band needs sever adjustment ...

..."ON" position, the display (D) shows the time. 2) To change the hour indication, turn the indicator selector knob (2) left or right repeatedly when the hour indication blinks. To change the hour ...

...Air flow control is accomplished in the following manner: Primary control is through the function selector knob , mounted on the heater function selector switch, which is part of the heater control

Question about 2010 Taurus

1 Answer

removal selector lever knob Which selector knob? The transmission selector, the climate control selectors, the radio knobs? More information would help us to help you diagnose it.

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