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...the motor oil on a Porsche Cayenne with diagrams or pictures. Yes is a great site. Buy a 1 year subsciption for less than 20.00USD it is well worth the money if you are a ...


porsche cayenne turbo has oil consumption problem can anyone help me out the most common source is the turbo shaft seals leaking oil. It should burn 1to 1.5 liters of engine oil per 1000 km. acording ...


Question about 2004 Cayenne

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...porsche cayenne 3.2 now have two code p0074 &p0197 the scanner is display air temp sensor circuit-G17:intermittent &engine oil temp sensor-G8:low .how to check this two problem & where is ...

...porsche turbo PROBLEM is in the engine it is making noise in right hand valve/cam cover sounds like a grinding noise. the repair manual is hard to find, now check the quality of engine oil , maybe ...

what kind of oil do i use for my porsche cayenne? VW group supply new cars with 10/40 fully synthetic oil.

2011 porsche cayenne how to reset oil change light Hallo, please visit this video that describe oil change reset for porsche cayenne. it might help

How often should you change the oil on a 2005 Porsche Cayenne S with high miles? Every 5,000 miles is fine.

oil consumption in porsche cayenne turbo 2005 you most likely have bad oil seals in your turbo Replace the turbo seals as oil is pumped to the bearings and if the seals are hard ( from the heat of the

...porsche cayanne turboe valve adjustment Most vehicles including Porshe V8 have hydraulic valve lifters, only early 911's had mechanical lifters as I recall, was a pain to adjust every 20K or so. If ...

Porsche Cayenne S white smoke from exhaust no significant smell to it but seems to be excessive and doesn't stops what could it be ??? Head gasket Sounds like coolant. Check your coolant level and oil

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