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porsche 944 ...smoke, oil, bad engine temp i have an 85 porsche 944 starts fine it shake s little at first but goes away once heated up..jst replaced spark plugs , distributor cap and wireset, i


...oil does porsche 996 take 2004model twin turbo + if iv put 8.5 liters witch i did n it smoked n i drained it all out n added 4 then drove the car to clear the smoke witch it did has it damaged my ...


Question about 1996 911 Turbo 3.6

1 Answer

porsche 993 turbo 1995 oil leak oil coming from intercooler dripping onto turbo then onto exhaust,smoke then rising from under the wheel arch...turbo seals or breather pipe problem or this a

oil change, but it won't hurt to make them aware of the situation. Hope this helps. Actually this is a normal symptom of every Porsche H6 I have owned. I asked the same questions and the dealer stated

...Porsche 911 Carrara 2 Targa. Slight smell of burning oil inside car when driving. Car runs great and no smoke from exhaust. Slight oil leak passenger side of engine. Healeysbyknut ! that oil leak or ...

Question about 2000 911 Carrera

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oil on a 2003 porsche 911 smoke comes out of exhaust--HEAVY Smoke.I drained engine oil again(along with the turbo)put in 9.25 qts of oil,still having heavy smoke. The oil was overfilled this

Question about 1984 911

2 Answers

...Porsche Engine. It stays for abaut 3-4 min. and it is like white Fog can you smell the smoke,does it smell like anti-freez or oil, if anti-freez there would be steam come out or maybe some water out ...

Question about 1983 928

1 Answer

...porsche 928 s2 . when the engine has been running for a couple of mins it starts to smoke from the engine bay , it looks like oil is coming out of one of the gaskets at the top ? help jim if the oil ...

Question about 1999 Boxster

1 Answer

...accelerating We had a bad smoking problem with our porsche. It started just on acceleration then constant. It turned out to be the air oil separator which was able to be fixed at home for under ...

...porsche boxter, plus oil leak. I have a 2002 Porsche Boxter, No power loss and runs great. However, I have a blueish smoke coming out of both vents and inside the car at times. Plus on passenger side ...

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