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where is the speed sensor located on the engine ITS ON THE TRANSMISSION HOUSING. There is a vehicle speed sensor mounted on transmission.

Ad not work on my 1996 oldsmobile aurora. what can be the problem? Speed odometer sensor, or the cluster panel itself... where is the speed sensor located exactly? My car is doing the same ...


...speed it will kick in and out and rev then take off also stalls at light after a long run sounds like a possible dirty MAF sensor. it is located in the intake air tube between the engine and the air ...

...output speed sensor is located directly above the passenger side trans-axle shaft. your input sensor is the sensor which tells the transmission when to shift and the output speed sensor tells the ...

...speed sensor camshaft sensor Im trying to see where there located and what do they do VSS or Vehicle Speed Sensor is connected to the transmission on the bell housing and probably has 2 wires leading ...

speed sensor. it sends a signal to ecm then to speedometer etc, OTHER SIGNS: the vehicle may rumble or idle irreguarly when you start it, or it may burn more fuel then normal. also, your car may loose

Question about 1998 Aurora

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...speed sensor. It is what tells your speedometer how fast you are going. When they fail it comes up with that code & your speedometer wont function correctly. Will need to replace vehicle speed ...

...the trans shifts up and down wile this is happening Look for the vehicle speed sensor mounted on the transmission to be bad,this is the most likely cause. Try replacing the VSS vehicle speed

...a 96 olds aurora? It is located on the passenger side above cv axle, a few inches from the output speed sensor. Follow the coolant hose down below and you'll find it ( it may be covered in

...should use and ODB-II scanner to check ABS codes to see if any of the wheel speed sensors are reporting errors.  Often times the connectors right at the sensor get corroded and cause

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