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Question about 1999 Millenia

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forgot to put my oil cap back on. now my 2001 mazda tribute lx has a steady knock and at hirer rpms can hear a rattle and metal scraching sound. Any suggustion or webistes on steps to repair this ...


Question about 2001 Millenia

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oil leak 2001 mazda millenia ,,oil leak on the front passanger side could be anything from description im fraid, if i was to tell you that if the top of yur engine is full of oil in the connection to ...


have a 2000 mazda millenia S . How much oil does it need? Do not trust auto zone. they told me it needed a certain amount and after sitting is still not registering on the dip-stick properly normal ...

...the valve covers and now the car wont stay crunk up battery light inside car is on along with the oil light. there is some oil in the car and the battery is not completly dead because the car does ...

Oil leak from somewhere above the oil filter. I have changes the oil pressure sending unit. the only way to realy find an oil leak is to wash the engine down with steem and when its realy clean run up

What type of mtr oil does a 2000 mazda millenia use? recommended oil is 10w30 sg,sh, sj, or ilsac must appear on the label. these are oil ratings that guarantee the oil meets oem standards.

Question about 1998 Millenia

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...and it said, #3 cylinder was miss firing , so i took the #3 srark plug wire off and there was oil all over it , why is there oil in there and how easy is it to fix .. Oil leaked into the ...

... i need help finding the noise. The tapping is most likely your lifters, These makes the noise when oil is broke down or low, Maybe even a weak oil oump, Usually it is still making the niose on accl. ...

Question about 1998 Millenia

1 Answer

lubricant oil on the key such that lubricant enter inside it, rotate key on several position for 10 to 20 times , then follow the above process. hope key will remove, otherwise contact service center

Can i use sae 40 engine oil when servicing my mazda millenia v6 engine and do i need to change my plags,oil filter evry time am servicing my car? change oil filter every time you change oil. if the ...

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