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Question about COOLPIX L3 Digital Camera

2 Answers

...transfer a movie from my camera to my computer??? Camera is a nikon coolpix l3. The movie should be transferred automatically when you transfer the images from the sd card. There should be a folder ...


Question about Coolpix 4300 Digital Camera

1 Answer

Nikon Transfer and View NX will replace Picture Project as our new Image Transfer and Browser applications. These applications support the same Nikon products as Picture Project.COOLPIX P4, COOLPIX P3


Question about Coolpix S51c Digital Camera

1 Answer transfer folder and when try to transfer the pictures the folder remains empty. Also I am not able to view any thumbnails when the nikon transfer program is preparing to transfer. Just get a ... transfer opens automatically so it must recognise that it has been connected somewhere. no thumbnails appear on nikon transfer and so theres nothing available to transfer, although i have a ...

Question about COOLPIX P80 Digital Camera

1 Answer

...Nikon transfer program with no problem, and first time had no problem loading photos. Second time the transfer prompter did not come up on the screen. My manual said something about having a fully ...

Question about Coolpix S220 - Aqua Green 2.5" LCD Digital Camera

1 Answer

...thru a google search, unplugged the camera from the computer, turned the camera off, plugged it back in and then turned it back on, the camera icon finally showed up in the Nikon transfer ...

Question about Coolpix L11 Digital Camera

1 Answer

...from I WANT L 11 SOFTWere to transfer photo from camera to pc You can get the current versions of Nikon Transfer and other Nikon software at ...

Question about COOLPIX L100 Digital Camera

1 Answer

...Nikon Transfer software and am using the usb port connector. All I get is "the camera is busy" and zero program showing up in the dialog box where you select "always use this program". I am running ...

Question about COOLPIX S52c Digital Camera

1 Answer

...Nikon Transfer program, The program won't recognize the device (Nikon Coolpix S52C). When I plug my I Phone in, the Nikon Transfer program recognizes the I Phone and I can transfer the ...

Question about COOLPIX S70 Digital Camera

1 Answer

...Nikon Transfer was installed. So before you can transfer pictures to a computer you have to install software. If the software was not in the box with the camera, I'm sure you can get it for free with ...

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