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Question about 1999 Town Car

1 Answer

I have 2000 tow car. just recently change sparks plugs,for wee or two i get good gas miles. around 23, 24 miles per gallon on highway, then all off sudden i start getting 18,19 miles per gallon on ...


...a tune up on it? replace the spark plugs, replace the air filter if dirty or has more than 30,000 miles, replace the fuel filter if more than 30,000 miles. clean the PCV system and


...needed replacing, we did that, the check engine light went off after that. we drove car over 100 miles took to be smogged and the computer had not cycled through all the sensors. how many miles ...

Question about 2000 Town Car

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Whats the maximum millege, you should go before, an oil Change, & Filter. 3000 to 5000 miles It really depends on HOW you drive your car. A good rule of thumb is every 3 months or 3000 miles but ...

put a battery in and started the car and the gas gauge doesn't registar or the miles to empty doesnt , trip meter nothing came back it all lighst up but registars 0. how do I get it back???? Thank you

Question about 1994 Town Car

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...100.000 . I have 93,000. Or should I take it to the shop? No where does it say you can go 100,000 miles on any product Spark Plugs ---get changed at 60,000 miles & not over 3 years O2 Sensor--- ...

I have a lincoln town car 2001. The car only has 68,ooo miles. I drove through some water last week on my way home during the tropical storm(Isaac). The car then started making a loud noise. I had it ...

after installing new battery how can i reset gas gauge to tell me how many miles i have left to emty its the gauge above gas gauge that tells you how many miles you have left its just telling you how ...

What is the best antifreeze for a 1995 Lincoln Toewn car Executive w/120,000 miles ? Prestone 50 months/50000 miles warranty is listed as being one of the most popular brands of antifreeze. ----------

my 1986 lincoln town car only has 35,108 original miles on it. I drove it 45 miles and now it won't start. I let the gas get really low and was told to reset a button in the trunk but it still won

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