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it will not start i done plugs and engine coils it turns and tries but wont start ello mr,,if u have a spark on the plugs,,u should now start lookin at the fuel, ,does the fuel pump come on wen u turn


Question about 1990 ZXR 400

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kawasaki 300 bayou.cleaned carb, new cdi. starts and idles great but when you try to give it some throttle it just starts popping and back firing. is it spark or fuel? No guarantees but try this. Pull


...kawasaki 400 but try to ride and it dies anybody know problem this is a 1989 zxr also check the side stand switch disconnect it Being a 4 stroke 1st thing to look for is spark plugs.Get them checked ...

my zxr400h will only run with ckoke on but cuts out when i use gas sounds as if you have carb jet problem strip down and check all jets for blockages.anmd Have you tried to run without an air cleaner

my zxr400 will not rev and carbs are clean Are you sure there clean? did you dissasemble yourself? I had similar issue and i 1. removed carbs 2. drained float bowls 3. removed main jets I soaked main ...

...jet ski'' ''how to replace starter in 1993 jet ski 750 ssxi'' Unbolt the electronics box (swing out of the way), take off the box mount plate, and remove the exhaust upper manifold and expansion ...

...Kawasaki needle settings have been checked and corrected etc but still no go, please help I'll need some more information. Does the bike start at all? Does it idle fine, but then dies if you give it ...

Kawasaki Gods give this one a thumbs up, but you may have to re-jet and just to be on the safe side you should give your local dealer's parts/service department a call to confirm. For more information

...Kawasaki 400 when it idles and I open the throttle immediately it just dies and do the same if I rev it up slowly and open it fully. what can be the problem and how can I fix it? thanks, I have ...

jet mixing well nozzle, or the air-fuel mixture screw is adjusted too lean. BACKFIRING is usually caused by a sticky/tight intake valve or a timing issue, 180 degrees out or cam chain off 1or 2 teeth.

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