Questions & Answers for: Jeep Grand Cherokee ignition lock cylinder


Question about 1999 Grand Cherokee

2 Answers jeep and this is very common. you need a new ignition lock cylinder. easy repair but you need to buy it from a dealer and bring the key and lock cylinder to a locksmith to get it coded **** ...


Question about 2000 Grand Cherokee

2 Answers

...ignition key will not turn. I have pressed down on brake. steering wheel is not locked. gear shift is in park. take a small hammer and tap the lock cylinder where the key goes in then retry. if this ...


Question about 1993 Grand Cherokee

2 Answers

...ignition lock clinder retaining tab ... Fig. Fig. 4: ... then pull out the lock cylinder from the steering column With the ignition switch still in the ON position, insert a thin screwdriver into the ...

...lock position and remove the key and key cylinder. Step 6 Install your old key cylinder into the new ignition switch assembly. Make sure the contacts in the cylinder and assembly line up. Reattach ...

Question about 1999 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

ignition key lock cylinder (the thing you put your key into). once you've removed the cylinder from the steering colum you should test your key again to see if you can turn the cylinder outside of the

Question about 2001 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

...the internal lock. Are the wheels against a curb or object? if so turn steering wheel to relieve pressure on ignition lock. other wise lock cylinder maybe worn out and will need replaced. Good

Question about 2002 Grand Cherokee

3 Answers

...not the cure. Then you, may have a key cylinder that's broken. the ignition switch is located at the bottom of the steering column. the tumbles inside the lock cylinder are jambed so replace the ...

ignition lock cylinder with the plastic end of a scrwedriver (with the key removed). then insert the key and try to start. Try this several times. If you get it to turn immediately replace the igntion

...ignition cylinder and all or maybe just the one driver's side door lock cylinder. There's really no way one key will work with both your existing ignition and door locks. Another suggestion is that ...

...ignition lock switch when it is stuck in the locked position You will have to remove the steering wheel, lock plate, turn signal switch,  and lock bolt for the cylinder and remove the cylinder, ...

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