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Question about 1993 Sunbird

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...from an Elbow coming out from the Firewall. How do I stop this? Aside from disconnecting your heater hoses, the only fix is to replace the "heater core". The "heat" function of your climate ...


Question about 1993 Sunbird

1 Answer

my 93 sunbird is leaking antifreeze from the firewall on the drivers side The heater core is located there just under the dash in the plastic enclosure. AC parts may also be there. Remove the heater ...


...and steering column opening filler. Raise vehicle and connect heater hoses to heater core. Drain tube to heater case and lower vehicle. Negative battery cable and fill cooling system. Check for

...heater blower motor in a 1993 pontiac sunbird I got the old motor out by basically breaking it as it was no good, I have taken off the bars that go on frame fnear struts, but do I have to remove the ...

how do i replace the heater core for a 1994 pontaic sunbird You will need to pull the dash assembly away from the firewall slightly and remove duct work from heater case on right (passenger)side then ...

Question about 1994 Sunbird

1 Answer

coolent leak towards back of motor check heater hoses,they go from back of motor to heater connections on firewall.if you replace them,split old hose[s] with a razor knife & cut away.pulling or ...

motor running the way it should but it is not blowing hot air in the vents for heat, defrost or the heater. Does the car have A/C? I've seen where the A/C evaporator coil springs a leak and it will be

How to replace heater core in 1992 Pontiac Sunbird You should get a Haynes manual. You have to go on the inside of the vehicle and remove the panels, to get to the heater core. Then you have to jack ...

I need to locate the heater core on my Moms 1992 sunbird and I also need tips on how to go about replacing it it is under the dash in the center of the dash.remove the heater hoses from underneath the

Question about 1992 Sunbird

2 Answers

Need to know how to bypass my heater core for the summer Hi, Take the heater hoses off the heater core at the firewall and join them together with a barbed fitting and a couple of hose clamps. That ...

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