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Question about 1997 Cutlass

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...and coolant fumes are coming in through the vents.....HELP what is the i have a bad heater coil and do i need a radiator also ..i dont want to play process of elimination with this


my 99 olds is running hot and the heater isnt getting hot what could this be The termostat stuck in the closed position, needs to be changed. is it leaking antifreeze? if so mine has same problem, ...


Question about 1998 Cutlass

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...the heater core are hot sounds like thelink on the motor is not moved round to hot,get under the dash and move all cables by hand until you get can then cable tie the cable where you need

Question about 1987 Cutlass Salon

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i can smell anti-freeze when my heater is on inside the car? you possibly have a heater core the pass. floor mat wet or damp....most times when a heater core is leaking, you can actually ...

new battery, all fuses good all electrical systems good engine will not turn over Try relearning the key to the ignition,,,turn key on,and leave it on ten minutes,then turn it off,and right back ...

My accelerator cable snapped on 1997 olds cutlass. Is this something i can reaplace myself? How can i replace it? It is something you can replace yourself. You will have to get the new one from the ...

...cable and drain the cooling system. Disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core inlet and outlet connections in the engine compartment. Allowing residual coolant from the heater core to drain. ...

Question about 1999 Cutlass

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need to wire a starter. put 350 chevy 99. pulled the wires back and nothig was right i probably going to need more detail but i'll try first the starter holds the positive battery cable and the feed ...

where is the coolant squirting from on passenger side of 1999 oldsmobile cutlass car runs hot heater doesnt get warm anymore always outting coolant in daily if you mean inside the car on the passenger

1983 olds cutlass speedo will not work. cable from dash spins it looks like it runs into a box and a second cable goes to trannny. How do i check second cable? Where is this box located ? under the ...

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